3 Best Mendini Clarinet Reviews 2021

Best Mendini Clarinet

Best Mendini Clarinet

There is a reason why Cecilo is regarded as one of the pillars of musical instruments. When you look at their wind instruments, you will discover they have a wide range if excellent choices—some with basic designs for the average musician and some with a premium design for the most advanced and professional player.

Most of the clarinets produced by Cecilo are features skill-level craftsmanship that meets the convenient use of the player concerned—whether beginner, intermediate or professional.

One of the areas in which the company beat the competition from other brands like Yamaha, Lazzaro, Jean Paul, and more, is in the color category. The color options provided by Cecilo far outpace the rest in style, appearance, and functionality.

If you want to look different from a host of others in an orchestra or a symphony, Cecilio is the place to go for your colorful clarinet of all types and sizes. For example, the B Flat series features up to nine different colors that compliment a player’s taste and comfort.

What else is there in Mendini Clarinets?

Apart from the interesting range of clarinets the company offers, there are other areas where the company also performs well and even surpass some of its competitors. One of the features that distinguished Mendini as a brand is its commitment to style and class.

Some of the company’s clarinets arrive with a pair of gloves, which strategically add a touch of panache to your play while also protecting your clarinet’s barrel from being damaged by the oils produced by your fingers.

Lastly, Mendini is among the few brands that give you a truckload of accessories when you invest in their clarinets. Notably, for the beginner/student playing level, the range of accessories in a package of Mendini clarinet is more than enough for the student player to play and master its keys and genre till the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The company also provides warranty coverage for a number of its clarinets. This means, if your selected option gets damaged before the warranty period, you can quickly return it and get another. What else could one have hoped for?

In fact, if you are looking for the best beginner clarinets for sale invade the Mendini brand and grab your choice today.

3 Best Medini Clarinet Reviews

1) Mendini by Cecilo B Flat Clarinet

The reason why the B flat clarinets made by Mendini are popular is that they offer an array of choice and colors to select. While the likes of Yamaha and Jean-Paul remains dominant forces, Mendini by Cecilo provides some of the best range of student clarinets that complete at the highest levels. So what do we have here in this particular B-flat clarinet? Let us see.

Perfectly tuned to play in the Bb key, this B flat Mendini by Cecilo clarinet offers an unbeatable range of style, projection, and playability for the student player. The clarinet is available in nine different colors, making it one of the broadest range of designs in the beginner’s category of the clarinet.

The colors supported are ebonite black, green, blue, purple, white, yellow, sky-blue, red and pink. If you are looking for a clarinet that will make you stand out from the crowd, you have found it.

The body of this clarinet features an ABS plastic construction, with nickels keys. This allows the clarinet to deliver sharp and high resonance with enduring note projection. It also features a 60mm bore neck that conforms to the comfort zone of the player. It is fun to know that your child can even adjust the thumb rest to suit his or her playing comfort.

Now comes the real deal about the B flat from Mendini by Cecilo. It is hard to find a better clarinet package that beat what this brand is offering regarding accessories. The B flat comes in a box laden with accessories. It features items like the ligature and mouthpiece (which are typical for such instruments), but with more details.

The set has a hard-shell case with handles, a shoulder strap with hooks, ten reeds, cork grease, two barrels, a cleaning cloth, gloves, a pocketbook, and a folding clarinet stand.

2) Mendini MCT-SB+SD+PB B Flat Clarinet

The Mendini MCT is another era of the B flat clarinet series from Mendini by Cecilo. The MCT B flat clarinet is a typical student instrument designed to meet the needs of a beginner. Although this model under review features a sky blue color, there are other eight colors to choose if you want your child to stand out from the crowd at school.

Boasting a high quality, ABS plastic body, this clarinet is the perfect choice for your ward and budding musician at home and in school. It features inline trill keys plated with nickel. You can easily adjust the thumb rest for your comfort. As a whole, the clarinet is compact, considering its 10 x 10 x 4 inches range in dimensions. Although the manufacturer stated that this clarinet is sturdy, some real time users have complained that it breaks up too often.

However, there is one thing this clarinet does well: ease of assembling. A hard shell case makes up the package so you can conveniently carry your clarinet to wherever you are going. It also comes with ten reeds stored in a box, a pair of gloves, a cleaning cloth, and cork grease are included as well.

The MCT B flat clarinet also features a stand that you can fold easily when not in use. Lastly, the company includes a pocketbook that you can use as a practice guide on a daily basis. No doubt, this is a complete package.

3) Mendini Red ABS B Flat Clarinet

Another excellent clarinet from Mendini by Cecilo designed for the sole interest of the beginner clarinet. Like the rest of the clarinets on this list, this one also features an ABS plastic design for a sharp sound and high level of intonation. The body dimensions measure 14 x 4 x 10 inches, which is just perfect for student or beginner player.

Mendini ensures that this clarinet is tested first and rechecked by professionals to ensure it works flawlessly before putting it out for sale. That is the reason why so many music teachers and instructors recommend this clarinet for beginners to buy.

The clarinet also comes with inline trill keys that have a nickel-plated design. As a Bb clarinet, this clarinet produces fantastic sound. Two barrels, a cap, mouthpiece, and ligature are some of the accessories that accompany this clarinet. It also features a hard-shell case where you can put the instrument and store it conveniently.

If you are a beginner player, you will need the comfort of a stand to play your clarinet. This model features a foldable stand, one that will enable you to perform and pack-up efficiently without stress. If you are not satisfied with the clarinet, Mendini offers a one-year warranty against any form of manufacturer’s defects.

On this note, you may want to consider this B Flat clarinet when shopping for one.

Choosing the Best Mendini Clarinets

For a company that produces top quality in student clarinets, identifying some of the best becomes paramount. That is, precisely, what we have done now. The numbers of clarinets will be reviewed above contains a number of the best features and quality you can find in any top quality clarinet for a beginner player.

Cecilo is a brand that knows how to do business. They have committed themselves to create affordable and reliable clarinets that meet the needs of every user.

Each of the clarinets we covered in this review is strictly for a beginner. Cecilo wants to give everyone a chance to create music and realize his or her dreams. Did you know that the name “Cecilo” was derived from a Catholic Saint called “Saint Cecilia?” Well, Cecilia is a famous music patron, and that is how the company came to be.

Today, Mendini by Cecilo offers the best in colors and styles when it comes to clarinets for beginners. Choose one above and enjoy the fun this company brings.