4 Best Yamaha Clarinet Reviews 2022

Best Yamaha Clarinets

Best Yamaha Clarinets

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When it comes to choosing the best clarinet in the market, there is one brand that shouldn’t miss out from your list: Yamaha!

If you haven’t heard the name Yamaha, it means you’re probably new to the world of instruments. And when it comes to the clarinet category, Yamaha remains a dominant brand.

The distinction that set Yamaha from a host of equally competitive brands in the market lies in the company’s years of trusted quality and durability of its products. Take for the instance the Yamaha YCL-255—the best in the student level of clarinets, which is based fundamentally on professional models while being customized to fit the needs of the beginner; the only kind in the entire clarinet instrument market.

The advantage of purchasing Yamaha clarinets

There is a good benefit in investing in the Yamaha line of clarinet instruments. First, all Yamaha clarinets are designed to meet and surpass the standard test. Another good advantage in investing in a clarinet made by Yamaha is the durability involved in the construction.

All Yamaha clarinets are designed to withstand the more rigorous and rugged use by the students playing the instruments. Their body construction and heavy silver-nickel plated design enhances their durability to play and function even in the most intense temperature condition.

High quality is another reason why so many people are buying one or more of Yamaha clarinet series. If you want top quality sound and amazing intonation and projection, then Yamaha clarinet should be your last bus stop.

Alright! That said, here are the best Yamaha Clarinets from the famous YCL series. Enjoy the read and know what to buy after.

4 Best Yamaha Clarinet Reviews

1) Yamaha YCL - 650 Bb Clarinet

The Yamaha YCL-650U clarinet is one of the best from Yamaha line of clarinets. It features exceptional features and qualities that make it outstanding from its peers.

For instance, the YCL-650 produces a professional tone that is consistent and matches its precise intonation rendition.

The body of the Yamaha YCL-650 features a durable granadilla wood construction. It has silver plated key designs as well.

The YCL-650 is a music teacher’s favourite—thanks to its cylindrical bore design that makes it easy to blow and tune. The YCL-650 is the type of clarinet that produces excitement among students. Its natural finish complements the great sound it delivers.

Boasting the popular Yamaha 4C clarinet mouthpiece, together with other accessories like a case and cleaning materials, the YCL-650 is a top contender for a clarinet that delivers serious degree of responsiveness and excellent sound inspiration.

If you have been looking for a modern clarinet that has top quality features, look no further as the YCL-65 from Yamaha has it all.

2) Yamaha YCL-255 Bb Clarinet

Yamaha YCL-255 Bb Clarinet

The Yamaha YCL-255 is a Bb clarinet that is designed to mimic the quality of some of the best professional clarinets making up the very best of Yamaha professional clarinet series. The YCL-255 features an ABS resin body that will last for a very long time. The keys feature silver nickel -plated design, providing a lovely and warmer sound, however sharp at the end. The barrel of the clarinet measures 65mm in length, but the real deal about this model is the adjustable thumb-rest with strap ring for added comfort and ease of accessibility.

As a professionally-inclined brand student instrument, the Yamaha YCL-255 provides excellent balance for the intermediate and professional player while also providing excellent positioning, and precise playability. Another good thing about this clarinet is that it enable players with different hand sizes to have a better feel and improve their playing skills. With the strap ring, players are allowed to hold the instrument in place without putting much effort.

In terms of durability, silver soldered ring and firmer screws give the clarinet a perfect construction. The design mimics the excellent quality of a wood instrument. The YCL-255 also features a new bell design that consists of ABS resin construction which provides excellent response.

Inside the bell lies a resonance chamber that aids the level of projection and intonation in the lower tones. The barrel that accompanies the clarinet is based after the top-quality models associated with most of Yamaha’s clarinets, and this bell helps in producing and sustaining a focused tone.

Another great feature of the Yamaha YCL-255 is the durable Valentino pad that has excellent finish, easy to repair and less sensitive to changes in temperature. So for those looking for an all-around playing clarinet, the Yamaha YCL-255 is just the best and most suitable choice for you. The sound is very great and perfect for the beginner, intermediate and professional player.

3) Yamaha YCL-CSVR Professional Bb Clarinet

The reason why Yamaha is regarded as the best in wind instrument is their commitment to years of excellence, outstanding quality, and unbeatable durability. The YCL-CSVR is a typical representation of the very best of Yamaha years of experience and quality production. The craftsmanship is excellent and the quality is consistent with the greatest of what is attainable in the marketplace.

On this model, the YCL-CSVR features durable pads that consist of a precise seal between tone hole and pads, providing the perfect response throughout the whole range of the clarinet. The barrel design is custom made, and it provides the instrument with a rich and well-balanced response. It creates and projects good tonal colors that elevate the progress you made as you play.

One of the excellent elements of this clarinet is the redesigned 17 keys that offer unbeatable ergonomic and comfortable hand placement. The thicker silver-plating on the keys offers better quality against rust while providing you with a dark and resonant sound quality. With a granadilla wood construction, you can expect the body to last for a long time while excelling in its blue steel springs.

The durable leather pads associated with this model also make it comfortable for play and handling. The YCL-CSVR comes with a mega ligature and 4CM mouthpiece bearing a hard, durable cap design. Your ability to adjust the thumb-rest gives you better balance, focus and hand precise placement while playing.

While the case allows you to safeguard the clarinet from damages and scratches when not in use, the polishing cleaning cloth and microfiber cleaning swab are what you can use to keep the instrument clean from dust and moist. Other included items are the reed, cork grease and a user manual for efficient use.

4) Yamaha YCL-450 Intermediate Clarinet

If you are looking to invest in a wood clarinet, you don’t have to waste all day searching for one; the Yamaha YCL-450N is designed to help you meet your needs. The clarinet features a construction that assists professional and upcoming clarinet players.

This is a top quality clarinet that features the famous Grenadilla wood common with most high-quality and professional models. They have become more popular because of their excellent quality design, perfect control in playability, and an amazing sound and elegant quick-key action that has taking a hold of many musicians who love to play the clarinet.

The Yamaha YCL-450 is designed as an intermediate clarinet to satisfy the playing needs of the advanced player. It comes with a unique bell design that excels in improved intonation and sound projection, especially when you’re playing in the lower register. The YCL-450N also features a new and excellent barrel that enhances the degree of response while producing a focused tone and perfect level of response.

Although this is for the advanced player, the sound projection is surprisingly great and delightful to listen to. Thanks to the design, the barrel also excels in providing flexible performance. The barrel also carries some of the renowned qualities associated with most of Yamaha professional clarinets.

For the player looking to accelerate his or her performance, the Yamaha YCL-450N is the right instrument for you. It is the type of clarinet that is very much suitable for players who are dedicated to the task of developing their playing levels. You are even guaranteed a perfect buy through the 5 years warranty included in this model against any manufacturer’s defects. So be confident that you are buying a clarinet that will stand the test of time.

Choosing the Best Yamaha Clarinets

Selecting the right clarinet for you is not always an easy choice. But with the right information, you can make the choice less difficult. Yamaha is no doubt, the best in the wind instrument category, and the three clarinets reviewed above is just a typical example of what the company represents in terms of quality and construction.

But before buying your instrument, think about what you want. Are you looking for a wood or plastic clarinet? While the formal provide a warmer and more mature tone, the latter produces a sharp and high level of sound. Whatever you think will be best suited for you, go for it.

What sums up the value of your instrument? Is price a major determinant when it comes to value? Think about that. Once done, go ahead and make your purchase today.