20 Best Clarinet Mouthpiece Reviews 2022 (Greatest Mouthpiece Brands for Clarinet)

Best Clarinet Mouthpiece & Best Clarinet Mouthpiece Brands

Best Clarinet Mouthpiece & Best Clarinet Mouthpiece Brands

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The selection of the right Clarinet mouthpiece is instrumental to the success of any clarinet player. A clarinet player needs a good Clarinet mouthpiece to perform optimally. In fact, the first step toward becoming a successful Clarinet player is buying the right Mouthpiece.

Whether you want to buy a new clarinet mouthpiece to boost your sound and playing experience, or you are just trying to replace an old or damaged clarinet mouthpiece, you will discover that there are different kinds in the market. It is worth noting that, your ability to produce quality sound will be adversely affected when you purchase the wrong mouthpiece, in some cases, producing any sound at all may be difficult.

What are the Best Clarinet Mouthpieces to Buy?

2) D’Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, XO

  • Unparalleled Consistency
  • Wonderful Curves
  • Crafted Using Vintage Design
  • Great Value

1) Vandoren CM308 B45 Traditional Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

  • Great and quality tones
  • High Quality
  • Designed by Bernard Van Doren

3) Yamaha High Quality Clarinet Mouthpiece 4C

  • Famous Brand
  • High Quality Phenol Resin
  • Highly Consistent
  • Nice Intonation and Easy Blowing

To choose the best Clarinet Mouthpiece among the great number of mouthpieces in the market, you must be familiar with different parts and take quality time to learn the features of the Clarinet Mouthpiece.

  • Materials

Clarinet mouthpieces are made of various kinds of material. One of such materials is the plastic. A typical student Clarinet uses a plastic mouthpiece, making it affordable and at the same time, durable. A plastic mouthpiece will produce an excellent sound and tone, helping the beginners to create a good tone without any hassle. Apart from the plastic mouthpiece, we have crystal mouthpiece and wood mouthpiece.

  • Mouthpiece Accessories

The Ligature is one of the accessories you should look out for when buying a Clarinet. It has some bit of metal that is shiny; it can be a dark rubber or leather that covers the mouthpiece and holds the reed on. Also, there is another mouthpiece accessory called the table. The Ligature clamps the reed to the mouthpiece at the ligature. There is also the mouthpiece cap. The function of the mouthpiece is to protect the Clarinet.

  • The Tip and the Lay

The Tip of the mouthpiece is a vital part of the Clarinet because it has a profound effect on the ease and the tone quality production. The tip of a Clarinet mouthpiece can be open or close. An open tip will produce a louder tone while a closed tip will give the darkest tone.

  • Baffle and Tip Rail

The Baffle and the Tip rail are located at the point where the reed seals with the mouthpiece during vibration. This area is located at the opposite side of the tip rail. The shape of the baffle affects the brightness and the darkness of sound produced through the mouthpiece. The sounds become brighter as the baffle moves close to the reed. There are large and small baffles, they can also be called high and low baffles.

  • Side walls/Side rails and Chamber

Located on the inside of the mouthpiece are the sidewalls that lead directly to the main chamber of the mouthpiece. The tone and volume that can be produced from a mouthpiece are dependent on the shape and size of sidewalls.

The open space in the middle of the mouthpiece is called the Chamber. Small chambers give a narrower, more focused tone while large chambers give a bigger tone.

  • Window and BreakPoint

The hole located in the mouthpiece where the reed covers when it takes a position on a mouthpiece is known as the window. The reed detaches from the table’s flat surface at the break point.

  • Tenon

The part that fits snugly into the barrel is known as the Tenon. It is called a corked park that is usually narrow. The barrel is located on the mouthpiece. The Tenon fixed each section of the Clarinet together.

  • Beak

The top lip sits on the beak. It is an area located on the front of the mouthpiece. It can also be referred to as the wall of the mouthpiece.

To help you further, we have extensively reviewed the best Clarinet Mouthpieces, stating their features, advantages and peculiarities. You will surely find your best choice among them.

20 Best Clarinet Mouthpiece Reviews and the Best Clarinet Mouthpiece Brands

1) Vandoren CM308 B45 Traditional Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Are you looking for a mouthpiece that will give you a nice, crisp sound? Look no further, the Vandoren Traditional Clarinet Mouthpiece has a lot to offer you. Apart from the outstanding sound quality, the mouthpiece is very easy to play. The Vandoren traditional mouthpiece that is very affordable. Most clarinet players all over the world appreciate the unparalleled quality of this Mouthpiece.

The product comes with an intermediate tip opening as well as a medium-long facing. Also, it is designed by Bernard van Doren and it is appreciated by many band directors. Clarinets players that are not satisfied with the current sound quality coming out of their musical instrument are advised to opt for this excellent mouthpiece for improved sound production.

2) D’Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, XO

Harnessing the modern technology to produce unmatchable craftsmanship, the D’Addario Reserve Clarinet Mouthpiece is first of its kind. The Mouthpiece is endowed with polished angles, proprietary materials and wonderful curves. Apart from these excellent qualities, this mouthpiece produces an unequalled tone out of the Clarinet.

The mouthpiece is precision-milled and crafted using vintage design. Are you looking for a mouthpiece that will enable you to articulate your music vision? The D’Addario Reserve clarinet Mouthpiece is a great option to buy. The mouthpiece is the product of the collective efforts of craftsmen, professional players as well as engineers.

3) Yamaha Clarinet Mouthpiece 4C

Made of plastic material for outstanding qualities and performance, the Yamaha Clarinet Mouthpiece is worth buying for unequalled musical performance. If you have a son or daughter who plays in a marching band, the Yamaha Clarinet mouthpiece is one of the best mouthpieces to buy in order to improve the tone of their Clarinet. Some of the great qualities of this mouthpiece are the nice intonation and easy blowing. Your son or daughter will blow the instrument without any difficulty.

The features of the Yamaha clarinet are worthy of mention here. The Mouthpiece is made of top-quality phenol resin and it is designed according to the top-grade custom series. The mouthpiece is excellent for intermediate players and it is highly consistent.

4) Vandoren CM60048 Masters CL4 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

With great features like a modern exterior design, a new chamber as well as a specific bore, the Vandoren Masters Clarinet is one of its kinds. The mouthpiece is very easy to blow and is endowed with unique tuning and sound characteristics, making it perfect for beginners as well as young ones that are learning the musical instrument. Due to their unique design, the Vandoren Master Clarinet can only be played with master series Ligatures as well as versatile ligatures like Klassik or leather model of the Vandoren ligatures.

The mouthpiece does not require much air to produce a fantastic, bright and bold sound. It is ideal for all levels of players. This mouthpiece is highly recommended by Clarinet teachers for effective learning of the musical instrument.

5) Yamaha YAC 1267 Standard Series 5C Mouthpiece for Bb Clarinet (YAC 1267)

Are you looking for the perfect Mouthpiece for your daughter’s clarinet? The Yamaha Standard series Mouthpiece will fit your daughter’s clarinet perfectly. It will provide a perfect fit and will boost your child’s musical experience by producing great and quality tones. Also, the mouthpiece works greatly in a band, making it ideal for student who plays in a band.

The Yamaha Standard Clarinet Mouthpiece is not only ideal for beginners; advanced players can also use the mouthpiece. Users who bought this mouthpiece to replace the original mouthpiece that came with their clarinet affirmed that it worked better than the original mouthpiece. Therefore, it you have an old stock mouthpiece and you desire to improve the sound of your clarinet, you should think about buying the Yamaha Standard Clarinet Mouthpiece.

6) Vandoren CM307 B40 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

The Vandoren B40 Clarinet mouthpiece will give you the flexibility and the tonality you desire. Also, you can easily play your musical instrument with this mouthpiece because of the medium opening. If you are the type that easily gets exhausted while playing with the open mouthpieces, the Vandoren CM307 is a great choice.

This comes with many notable features. Some of these fantastic features will be mentioned here. It comes with a wider tip rail that gives out a compact and centered tone. It has a traditional beak and a medium long facing. Are you a beginner looking for an easy-to-play mouthpiece to help you master the instrument faster? The Vandoren CM307 is the mouthpiece that will do the trick.

7) Glory Clarinet Mouthpiece Kit

Do you need a strong Clarinet mouthpiece? The Glory Clarinet mouthpiece is what you should think of. The mouthpiece is an excellent choice for beginners as well as students that are learning how to play the musical instrument. The Glory clarinet Mouthpiece comes with myriads of features that are worth mentioning. Some of its features are Plastic cover, a reed, and a brass Ligature.

The color of the mouthpiece is black, it can serve as an extra mouthpiece for those who already have one but want to avail themselves of the unique features of this fantastic clarinet Mouthpiece.

8) Selmer 7711-3 Goldentone #3 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Featuring accurate pitch, balanced response and focused tone, the Goldentone Clarinet mouthpiece is specifically designed for beginners. This mouthpiece is recommended by music educators all over the world because of its exceptional characteristics. It is designed to teach beginners as well as a young musician the best method of embouchure formation and air support. Buyers should note that the Goldentone clarinet does not come with a Ligature.

The mouthpiece comes with a medium facing and it is made of plastic. Learners who want a mouthpiece that will enable them produce great sound from their clarinet should consider buying the Goldentone Clarinet Mouthpiece.

9) Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece

Adjudged as one of the finest student Clarinet mouthpieces that can be found in the market, this unique mouthpiece comes with all the features you need to make a smooth and clear sound. To ensure consistency, either of the Debut student Clarinet mouthpieces is played, tested and hand finished. The product is designed to enhance embouchure and air habit.

The product has a fairly closed facing that enhances sound production. If you are looking for a strong and long-lasting mouthpiece that at student that can use throughout his/her high school days, the debut student Clarinet mouthpiece is in this category.

10) J & D Hite H111 Premiere Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

For those who want to upgrade their Clarinet mouthpiece, the J&D Hite Clarinet is one of the best mouthpieces to consider. The mouthpiece plays easier and better than most clarinets mouthpieces in the market. It comes with an excellent protective cover and it fits the Clarinet Perfectly. Some of the functionalities of this great mouthpiece are sturdy construction, affordable price, and hard rubber quality.

One of the outstanding qualities of this mouthpiece is its ability to produce great sound out of the clarinet. It brings significant clarity to your tones. Are you a clarinet instructor that needs a mouthpiece that will yield an outstanding result? The Hite Clarinet Mouthpiece is one of the best mouthpieces used today for best and most consistent results.

11) Vandoren CM3098 B45 Dot Profile 88 Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Featuring a perfect intonation, accurate and crisp articulation, and unbeatable response, the Vandoren B45 is a mouthpiece that is known for production of the perfect clarinet sound. Many professional clarinet players around the globe prefer this great mouthpiece because of its excellent features. The Vandoren is reed friendly and possesses a nice controllable tone.

Apart from the affordable price, the product is very easy to blow and produces an excellent sound. Other features of this outstanding Mouthpiece are medium long facing, 119.5 tip opening and other technical characteristics.

12) Palatino PW-201-C Clarinet Mouthpiece

The Palatino Clarinet mouthpiece is a good replacement for your old mouthpiece. It is designed to bring out great tunes from your Clarinet. You will be interested to know that the mouthpiece is very affordable and does not sacrifice its sound quality for the price. The mouthpiece performs its duties perfectly.

Another great feature is its durability. The mouthpiece is made of sturdy materials which make the product serve it purpose for a long period of time. Once you get this product, you will no longer be bothered with the replacement of your Clarinet’s mouthpiece.

13) American Plating 2332K Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Do you desire a great Clarinet Mouthpiece that works perfectly? The American Plating Clarinet is designed to help you produce nice sound from your musical instrument. It is an excellent mouthpiece for the price. The Mouthpiece kit comes with a nickel-plated Ligature, high-value plastic mouthpiece and plastic cap. It is one of the outstanding mouthpieces that are available in the market today.

The product is recommended by band directors and music educator around the globe because of its consistency, response and unmatchable quality. It should also be noted that this mouthpiece is ideal for the beginners as well as practicing students. Clarinet players that want to enhance their tone quality should also consider getting this mouthpiece.

14) D’Luca ROS 1206B Clarinet Mouthpiece

The D’Luca Clarinet Mouthpiece is perfect for marching band as well as students trying to learn the instrument. It’s a standard Clarinet mouthpiece that comes with an easy playing medium facing. Also, it features a plastic cap and a String that performs exceptionally to produce great sounds.

It will interest you to learn that this mouthpiece fits most Bb Clarinet perfectly. Therefore, if you have a Bb Clarinet and you are looking for a way to change or upgrade the mouthpiece, the D’Luca Clarinet Mouthpiece is one of your best choices.

The complete kit of this mouthpiece comprises a cap and Ligature, black plastic mouthpiece and a medium Facing.

15) Universal Clarinet Mouthpiece, Cap & Ligature by East Coast Instruments

Do you need a mouthpiece that will work perfectly for your daughter’s Clarinet? The Universal Clarinet mouthpiece is a product that ticks all the boxes. It is one product you will love to buy over again if need be. The clarinet mouthpiece is nicely packed, and it does what it’s designed to do without any disappointment. Many past users of this mouthpiece described it as a perfect extension that is worth the buy.

The mouthpiece fits all Bb Clarinet and it is perfect for students learning the instrument as well as those learning on their own. The universal clarinet Mouthpiece is one of the best performing ones in the market.

16) Clark W Fobes NOVA Series Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece CF+

The Fobes Nova Clarinet Mouthpiece is perfect for advancing students. It comes with lots of excellent features that can only be found on high-grade, pricey Mouthpieces. The Mouthpiece is constructed with a dense hard rubber for the production of rich and quality tone. They are hand finished and play tested to ensure that the product is of great quality.

The Mouthpiece comes with a Chedeville baffle and it is available in Clarks widely recognized CF+ facing as well as 3L facing. It is worth mentioning that the Nova Clarinet mouthpiece is hand-bored to ensure excellent intonation and response. If you need a mouthpiece that is very responsive and easy to blow, all you have to do is get this excellent mouthpiece to enjoy its wealth of outstanding features.

17) Cecilio Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

Featuring Nickel-plated parts, the Cecilio Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is one of the best Mouthpieces that you will be proud to recommend to others. Apart from the attractive appearance, it comes with several eye-catching features. If you are looking for an affordable mouthpiece, this is one that is a good option for you. However, some buyers complained that the mouthpiece did not work with their kid’s clarinet.

18) George M. Bundy B2043 Signature Mouthpiece

Designed to give you maximum satisfaction, the George M. Bundy clarinet mouthpiece is worth buying for stunning musical performance. The mouthpiece is affordable, and it comes with features that will enable your Clarinet to produce a clear excellent tone. The mouthpiece is made from precast hard rubber, giving it strength and firmness. This is one of the best Clarinet mouthpieces to consider if you desire nothing but a perfect and unique tone.

When it comes to amazing functionalities, the George M. Bundy Mouthpiece easily come to mind. The mouthpiece is engineered for continuous high-quality sound production. Also, it comes with a balanced rail for smooth response. In short, this Clarinet mouthpiece is an excellent kit to buy for the money.

19) Ted Johnson B Flat Clarinet Mouthpiece TJI student

This is a clarinet that is mostly requested by students who are about to start learning the musical instrument. The mouthpiece is also requested by students in the junior high school as well as those in the high school. The product is highly recommended because of its exceptional features. Here is a helpful extension to get for your sons and daughters who attend music classes and also play in a school band.

The Ted Johnson Clarinet Mouthpiece is outstanding because of its unique ability to produce a dark mellow sound and gives a fantastic intonation result. Also, the mouthpiece is very affordable and its quality is of greater value than the price. According to professional clarinet players, band director, and orchestra player, the Ted Johnson Clarinet Player performs better than the Majority of the mouthpieces that come with the Clarinet.

20) Clark W Fobes San Francisco Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece 3L

Do you seek a Mouthpiece with nice control and excellent articulation? The San Francisco clarinet mouthpiece will satisfy your cravings. You will also be pleased to learn that the Mouthpiece does not distort when adjusted to a loud volume. The mouthpiece is made of hard rubber material for strength and durability.

The Fobes San Francisco clarinet Mouthpiece performs it functions satisfactorily. It is one product that you will like to recommend to your friends or neighbor who is looking for the best mouthpiece for his/her Clarinet.

Choosing the Best Clarinet Mouthpieces

With the right information and exposure, buying the right Clarinet Mouthpiece should not be a problem. You must be sure of the type of Mouthpiece you need before making any buying decision.

2) D’Addario Reserve Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece, XO

  • Unparalleled Consistency
  • Wonderful Curves
  • Crafted Using Vintage Design
  • Great Value

1) Vandoren CM308 B45 Traditional Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece

  • Great and quality tones
  • High Quality
  • Designed by Bernard Van Doren

3) Yamaha High Quality Clarinet Mouthpiece 4C

  • Famous Brand
  • High Quality Phenol Resin
  • Highly Consistent
  • Nice Intonation and Easy Blowing

This buying guide is packed full of vital information you need to get the best Clarinet mouthpiece for the amazing musical experience.