6 Best Banjo for Kids Review 2022

Best Banjo for Kids

Best Banjo for Kids

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If there is a banjo for adults, there is certainly one for kids. That’s precisely what we are going to be looking at today.

Banjo for kids and want are the things to know before getting one for Romeo and Juliet back home? Let’s see.

Why is banjo for kids so exciting?

Good question, if you are asking that. The banjo series for kids is one of the most fun instruments you can ever give to your kid. When they are on it learning, it is excellently exciting. The sound that comes out of it is unique, reassuring and one that quickly gets kids ‘addicted,’ assuming you want something much positive for them during their spare time.

The sound is in most cases associated with grassroots, bluegrass, folks and sometimes a touch of country music.

So when your kids take to learning how to play the banjo, you are not just helping them to do positive things, but also developing their creativity and sense of belonging. 

What are the Best Banjo for Kids to Buy?

PlanToys Wooden Banjo Musical Toy Stringed Instrument (6411) | Sustainably Made from Rubberwood and Non-Toxic Paints and Dyes
Banjo Uke Ukulele Banjolele WINZZ Okoume 24 Inches 4 Strings Natural Gloss with Padding Bag
PlanToys Wooden Banjo Musical Toy Stringed Instrument (6411) | Sustainably Made from Rubberwood and Non-Toxic Paints and Dyes
Banjo Uke Ukulele Banjolele WINZZ Okoume 24 Inches 4 Strings Natural Gloss with Padding Bag
PlanToys Wooden Banjo Musical Toy Stringed Instrument (6411) | Sustainably Made from Rubberwood and Non-Toxic Paints and Dyes
PlanToys Wooden Banjo Musical Toy Stringed Instrument (6411) | Sustainably Made from Rubberwood and Non-Toxic Paints and Dyes
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Banjo Uke Ukulele Banjolele WINZZ Okoume 24 Inches 4 Strings Natural Gloss with Padding Bag
Banjo Uke Ukulele Banjolele WINZZ Okoume 24 Inches 4 Strings Natural Gloss with Padding Bag
Check on Amazon

So how can I get the right banjo?

There are some few things you may want to consider when you go out there to buy or order a banjo from the online stores available to you.

First, you have to know about the Banjo Types available in the market.

For instance, we have 4-Strings Banjos, which are perfect for styles like chordal accompaniment, chord melody, single string melody, and tremolo and duo style.

There are two main types of 4-strings banjos. The first is the Plectrum Banjo which you can play like a guitar using picks. The second is the Tenor Banjo possessing a shorter neck and mainly suitable for chordal accompaniment.

So whatever you think will be best for your kid, get it.

5-String Banjos—this is the best banjo for any beginner and your kid because it has excellent design, and its playability level is remarkable.

You can quickly tune the pitch and obtain the sound that makes the banjo a famous string instrument across the world.

The 6-String Banjo is good for more mature kids who want to have a feel and playability of the average guitar. But for kids below the age of 10, we recommend the 5-strings banjos.

Other features you can look for when selecting a banjo include:

Wood material

A banjo made of mahogany wood will provide your kid with a warmer sound while maple will give you a sharp sound clarity. As for walnut wood, it is in-between the two other wooden materials. So think about it.

Case or bag

As a bonus for the kid, you may want to consider if the banjo comes with a case where you can store the banjo and keep it safe from scratch and dirt. A bag will also do the same thing as well, especially if you will be traveling at certain intervals with your kid.


That the banjo is strictly for kids doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be flexible at some point. The idea at the first place is to get the kid interested in learning, and what better way to keep them motivated if the tuners on their banjos don’t work?

So, you might want to consider that when ordering one for your child or loved one. The only kids that may not need to worry about tuning and notes are toddlers, who cannot tune them anyway.

6 Best Banjo for Kids Review

1) Plan Toys Banjo

Yes, I like that: “Plan Toys”. Or don’t you think its time we plan something for the kids? Come on, they need to play as we adults do.

Okay, here is the catch. This is a typical banjo from Plan Toys, a company that specializes in making your sons and daughters happy (better than Father Christmas), and with this banjo, they can make your child entertain you like never before.

This banjo offers a child under 5 years the ability to develop motor skills for playing string instruments. Although it doesn’t come with the kind of reliable fingerboard, the strings, which are made of nylon, can produce different notes when you press, pluck or strum them accordingly.

This kid banjo is as cute as this one looks. The pot and rim area feature a favorite red colour design that will easily draw the attention of the young stars, even if they are initially not interested in it.

The banjo is good in construction, and the four nylon strings will last for a considerable time. Although the sound it generates is nothing much to write home (when looking at it from a teen or adult perspective), it is still pretty much a fun instrument for George and his/her friends in the hood.

The only thing missing in this banjo is the fact that it lacks some level of tuning. Well, your toddler or kid might not care. So, it not much of a big deal.

That said, do not be surprised that by the time your kid start playing this kid banjo, Tom and Jerry from Cartoon network might decide to pay a visit.

2) Banjo Uke Ukulele Banjolele WINZZ

Ailen brings you one of the best kid banjos in the market. From afar, this banjo looks attractive, but we aren’t here to eat the design. Notwithstanding, you have to give credit to the company for such an eye-catching gross finish. The look is brilliant, and the quality of the material is excellent.

The banjo features a solid okoume wood design at the back and sides of the instrument for a great sounding thrill. The neck of the banjo carries the same wooden construction, even as the headstock and its flame maple veneer craftsmanship sum up an incredible string instrument that doubles as a ukulele and banjo simultaneously.

There are four strings on the fingerboard, which in turn features a walnut material construction. The bridge also features the same walnut material design. While the tuners may not be the best, which tends to slip at some point, the sound and soft, rich resonance is a welcome projection from such a compact instrument.

If the strings aren’t jumping, your child should love this banjo, not just for its sound, but also for the comfort of play it offers. The banjo measures 24-inches in size, and at 2.5 pounds, you know you’ve got one great instrument that can stand the challenge while providing the convenience Junior needs to play.

The banjo comes with a case where you can safely keep the instrument and enjoy the rest in it.

3) Savanna SB—060 Travel Banjo with Bag

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From the name alone, you can tell this is going to be one great banjo for Ralph and Mary. Considering that it’s your kids that is going to be using this banjo, there is every need to take precautionary measures, and that’s precisely why the included gig bag make this banjo package from Savannah a great choice.

The Savanna SB-060 is a typical kid banjo instrument. The SB series from the Savannah brand features a Nato neck and resonator that performs beyond expectations. The fretboard features a rosewood design that appears sleek and holds the strings nuts and the tuner head in place.

The rim features a maple wood craftsmanship, which effectively complements the other wooden component of this banjo to demonstrate an excellent quality for such an affordable instrument. The rim’s well-rounded encirclement around the banjo’s body contributes significantly to the great sound and quality of the performance.

Including the bag make this banjo an excellent choice for the ardent traveling musician. Besides, the SB-060 measures 30.5 x 12 x 3 inches in dimensions, making it one of the smallest choices for a stowaway in the bag that comes with it. Weighing less than 9 pounds, this banjo is suitable for any kid to take along on a road trip.

It is a 5-string banjo with standard G tuning. The sound alone is surprisingly high, and the ease at wish you can switch tunes makes it fun for everyone.

4) PlanToys 6436 Banjolele Music Set

“Catch them young,” is a popular phrase; have you heard that before now? Well, if you haven’t, now you have heard, and it’s time to take action and bring that child to speed–all in the arms of a speaking banjo.

Here we have another excellent banjolele from Play Toy, the children company sent by the cosmic order to make children happy while developing their comprehension skills and creativity.

This banjo features solid wood craftsmanship, meaning if your child decides to go rogue on the innocent instrument, the toughness of the wood will come to the rescue. The tuner head and pegs are like something forged under the rock of Gilbrater. They will stand the test of time and tolerate any form of “harmless abuse” from the prying fingers of Leona, the 3 years old banjo strummer living in your home (Got ya!).

Don’t worry, even if little Charlie exterminates the strings, you can change them with ease, cause they are designed to be highly replaceable.

The weight of this banjo is not even up to 2 pounds, which is good for the toddler to handle, so do not let the full appearance of the wood discourage you from buying this beloved kid banjo.

Don’t forget we are approaching Christmas, and now is the right time to surprise that child of yours by buying him or her this nice banjo as a birthday/Christmas present.

Common, give that niece or nephew of yours a surprise package that will stick to his/her memory for a very long time.

5) Gold Tone-BG –Mini Bluegrass Mini Banjo

This is one of the kids' banjo you can recommend for the young “Billy the Kid” in your midst, save this beautiful banjo from Gold Tone.

As the name implies, the quality genuinely sound “golden” and the sound thereof reminds me of the wild piercing mysterious harp dance of the gods of Africa.

When you have a banjo boasting a 10-inch mahogany resonator, you know you’ve got uncompromising quality at hand.

The Gold Tone banjo features an 8-inch maple rim that encircles the banjo’s pot-body, adding flare to the volume and sound quality of the instrument.

The tone ring and its rolled brass design make this banjo an accurate functional kid instrument with excellent quality of the highest order.

Gold Tone designed this banjo to have a truss rod that you can adjust in two ways, together with planetary tuners and bone nuts that keeps the strings in place.

We like the fact that this banjo comes with standard gauge strings, which makes playing its C key tune a memorable one.

However, bear in mind that if you want to change for better tunes, you might have to change the strings for a whole new ones. The tone ring does its job well by contributing to the dynamics and tone range of the banjo.

Whatever it takes, this is one banjo you should not overlook when in searching for the best one for your kid.

6) American Girl Tenny Grant Banjo

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Alright! Here is a banjo for the average American girl (so you may think), but hey, the banjo is for everyone.

Now, ask yourself; “is there a banjo that can play three melodious songs with the press of a single button?” I doubt so, but that is precisely what this banjo is all about.

Tenny’s banjo comes with amazing craftsmanship—from all sides and round about it—this banjo is simply mesmerizing.

Yes, it is an electric and acoustic banjo at the same time. You can conveniently plug it into your amplifier (assuming you have one), and boom! You are off tweaking your way to Jupiter.

Typically designed to meet the inventive mind of the kid, Tenny’s banjo incorporates a well-designed peghead that holds the tuning pegs securely. The nuts hold the banjo strings tightly in place to ensure your child has a perfect note while jamming his or her symphony.

The banjo is very much stylish, and the sound it projects is incredible. It is the type of banjo that passes as a high starting point for your kid.

Both the back and sides of the banjo feature good wooden design, including the fingerboard. While this banjo is fun and easy to play, especially for a children party or mini competition, you will need to buy the amplifier yourself.

Of remarkable interest is the three songs played by the banjo on its amplifier—they are originals. A thumb pick is included for you, and the strap is detachable as well.

Choosing the Best Banjo for Kids

Kids and something that make a happy melody is like seismic twins. They can’t be separated, and that is why you find them everywhere making noises up and down while being excited at it.

Now here is an opportunity to give them something more acceptable, more enduring and positive—something that can convert their noise abilities to being creative, to learn patience and discover the inner power that lies in their personality. The banjo can help kids to tap into greatness within their overall ability.

Get one of these fun instruments today, and let your child or loved one enjoy the beats and tunes that will bring smiles of gratitude to both of your face.