23 Best Banjo Case Reviews 2022 (Best Banjo Gig Bag)

Best Banjo Case, Best Banjo Gig Bag & Best Banjo Case Brands

Best Banjo Case, Best Banjo Gig Bag & Best Banjo Case Brands

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The banjo is an instrument fun to play and a great alternative if you want to play something different than a guitar. But, in order to store it properly and transport it in complete safety, you need a case for your instrument.

How to choose the ideal case for your banjo?

Well, there are quite a few aspects to have in mind before making a final choice. For instance, you need to consider how you will use the case.

What is its purpose?

If you don’t do a lot of traveling with your banjo and you just need a case for its general protection, then a simple case will do. This is also the cheapest solution, as simple cases made for general use don’t offer too many additional features either. Just make sure that the case is padded so that it will offer a decent degree of protection.

But, if you find yourself in airplanes quite often, traveling to concerts and having to take your banjo along, then you will need a reliable banjo case. A fiberglass case with thick padding on the inside will do the trick, as it will keep the instrument safe while it’s being handled in the airport and placed on the airplane.

Still, do take into account the scale of your banjo, the number of strings the instrument has, and its type when choosing a case, as they will indicate toward the best choice that will suit your banjo in the best way possible.

What are the Banjo Cases to Buy?

2) Musician’s Gear Deluxe Hardshell Banjo Case

Musician Gear Deluxe Hardshell Banjo Case
  • 5-ply Wood Construction
  • Reliable
  • Popular Choice
  • Special Compartments

1) Carrion C-2901 Black Hardshell Banjo Case

  • High Quality
  • Strong Protection
  • Highly Rated
  • Complete Safety

3) Protec Deluxe Banjo Gig Bag

  • Tear Resistant Nylex Lining
  • Outside Pockets
  • Great to Carry

You need to be aware that the neck is the most fragile part of your banjo, the one that is most subjected to suffering breaks, especially when traveling with your instrument. Thus, it would be recommended to find a case with solid neck protection for your instrument, especially if you plan to travel with it.

But, if you just need a case that will keep dust away from your instrument, as you don’t plan to travel with your banjo, at least not on long distances, then a simple soft case will do in your case. This type of cases is usually made out of nylon fibers, as they are more resistant when it comes to wear and tear. But, ideally, there should be some sort of padding on the inside, such as foam padding, to protect the surface of the instrument in case of accidental bumps or hits.

Last but not least, you need to determine how much you’re willing to spend on a banjo case.

What’s the budget for making such a purchase?

Fiberglass cases, for example, are the most expensive, but they offer excellent protection while being light weighed at the same time. Soft cases, on the other hand, are situated at the other end of the line when it comes to the price, being the most affordable option.

They are great for basic protection of your banjo, such as for storing at home, for keeping the instrument safe when you’re going to banjo classes, or while attending various musical gigs. But, it is not recommended to use such a case when traveling on long distances, as it is not sturdy enough.

23 Best Banjo Case Reviews and the Best Banjo Gig Bag

1) Carrion C-2901 Black Hardshell 5-string Resonator Banjo Case

This is a case suitable for musicians that have periodic activities with their banjos, providing excellent protection at a very accessible price. It has a professional appearance, having the exterior made out of black tolex and a core made out of multi-ply wood. Thus, it is a resistant case that will serve you well.

The interior features both a foam padding and plush lining, keeping your instrument safe no matter where you go. The brass hardware is solid and chrome plated and with the help if several latches that can be locked, your banjo will be in complete safety at all times.

2) Musician’s Gear Deluxe Hardshell Banjo Case

Musician Gear Deluxe Hardshell Banjo Case

This is a great looking banjo case, with features that can’t be ignored considering its price tag. The exterior is a hard one, made out of plywood and covered with a thick layer of resistant vinyl. The interior features soft plush, which also has a special compartment for accessories.

It is also worth mentioning that the hardware is plated with gold, not just for an elegant appearance but also for a better resistance in time. Plus there are locking fasteners on this case that increase the safety of the instrument placed inside. With this case, you really get a great amount of value.

3) Protec Deluxe Banjo Gig Bag

You will love this banjo gig bag made out of nylon and a thick padding, which has the option of adjusting the interior so that it fits even the instruments that are smaller, like a resonator banjo. The nylon on the outside is resistant and combined with the 20 mm padding, will provide great protection for your banjo.

The sensitive areas of your instrument, such as the bridge, headstock, and end pins, enjoy extra protection due to reinforcements in the padding. You will also enjoy a padded handle, a rear carry handle for a quick grab, and adjustable straps. Not to mention the 3 outside pockets that provide additional storage space.

4) Superior CD-1535 Deluxe Hardshell 11 Inch Openback Banjo Case

If you like items with character, then most certainly you will love this banjo case. Covered on the outside with black Tolex or excellent quality and featuring golden latches, this case has a sophisticated look. Being a hard case, the core of it is made out of 5-ply wood, so the protection it offers is flawless.

On the inside, your instrument will enjoy a layer of thick foam padding and crushed velvet, of a deep green, which is not just practical but also beautiful. This case is definitely the ideal entwining between looks and high safety standard when it comes to protecting banjos.

5) Gearlux Banjo Hard Case

This is the type of hard case that suits the needs of every banjo. If you want a case that is resistant and comes at an accessible price, you need to check this one out. Offering a plush interior and a hard outer layer, this case will keep your banjo scratch and damage free.

The hardware is chromed and made to last, so no matter how often you will close and open the case, it will still work fine. Also, besides offering adequate space from your banjo, the case has a special interior pocket dedicate to small items, so you can travel with everything you need.

6) TKL 7840 5-String Banjo Case

A classic and clean-looking banjo case, it will suit the needs of almost all standard 5-string banjos. It is a hard case that has a multi-ply wood frame, capable of absorbing even the largest shocks. The seams are reinforced by steel, for increased resistance in time, so they will certainly not fail you.

The interior is padded with soft plush and also features a compartment for small accessories. The elegant synthetic leather on the outside will give it a distinct and professional appearance everywhere you’ll go. If hard cases are the best choice in your case, then it is worth taking this case into consideration.

7) SKB Universal 6-string Banjo Case – TSA Latch, Over-Molded Handle

If you have a 6-string banjo, then this universal case that was designed to suit the requirements of this type of banjos can be the right choice. The case features a molded exterior made out of ABS plastic and protective interior made out of EPS foam and plush lining. To reduce the risks of damages caused by impact, the exterior also presents molded bumpers, equipped with rubber feet, which have as purpose shock absorption.

The case is ideal for transporting your banjo by plane, due to the TSA locks it features, with the help of these locks, you can close the case in a secure manner and allow the easy verification of your case in airports.

8) Gator Cases Journeyman Series Deluxe Wood Case for Banjos (GW-JM BANJO XL)

A good alternative to fiberglass cases are the wood cases, which offer the same degree of protection, keeping your banjo safe from bumps, drops, scratches, and other types of accidents. But, a downside would be the fact that wood cases are slightly heavier.

Even so, you will love the security such a case is provided. Covered with a resistant and elegant material and featuring brass hardware with an antique appearance, this case is a stylish one. The interior has soft velvet in a gorgeous royal blue color and offers a more than generous compartment for smaller items.

9) Jameson Banjo Padded Gig Bag Case with Shoulder Strap

If your gigs mostly take place in the area where you live or you just need a case to help you take your banjo to classes or rehearsals, this bag case equipped with a shoulder strap will do the job. Just have in mind that it was specially created for Jameson banjos, which means that you will have to check its dimensions.

The case is padded for extra protection and it also has an external pouch, secured with a zipper, where you can store small items. It is particularly suitable for music sheets, due to its square shape. This is why it is such a great case for gigs.

10) Gator GL-BANJO XL Lightweight Polyfoam Banjo Case

If you need a gig case that is capable of providing the features of a hard case, then this particular model will give the best of both of them. The exterior of the case is covered with quality nylon, just like a soft case is made.

The interior features velvet, just like hard cases, but it is also backed up by dense EPS foam padding, offering extra protection for the neck of your instrument. Thus, you will get a case that is lightweighed, but sturdy at the same time, without having a bulky appearance.

11) Stagg GCA-BJ5 Basic 5-String Resonator Banjo Hard Case – Black

In case you are looking for a hard case that is more accessible than those made out of fiberglass, then you need to check out this option. Stagg managed to create a hard case that offers a great degree of protection, without adding to much extra weight to your instrument when you’ll be using them together.

The inside is covered in soft plush, so that your banjo won’t get scratched, and will feature small compartments that can be used for carrying small items, like extra strings. Covered with vinyl, this hard case is resistant to water and extensive use at the same time.

12) Superior CF-1530W Deluxe Fiberglass 5 String Resonator Banjo Case

If you are looking for an excellent banjo case that is capable of providing an excellent degree of protection, then this is the one you’re looking for. Made out of fiberglass, this case is capable of answering to the requirements of even the pickiest customers.

It is light to carry around while being highly reliable when it comes to the safety of your instrument. Its edge comes with a line of heavy-duty rubber, which helps the case close in a tight and sealed manner, so that water won’t get inside the case. Besides foam padding, the interior of the case is covered in velvet as well, for keeping your banjo in a pristine shape at all times.

13) Road Runner RR1BAN Avenue Series Banjo Gig Bag

This is a soft banjo case, but it is one of a great quality. It is made out of water-resistant polyester, which gives you the certainty that your instrument will stay nice and dry even in rainy weather.

As the size, the case can fit travel banjos, 4 and 5 strings banjos as well, with standard dimensions, so it can be an option in your case if you have one of these instruments.

On the inside, it has a thick padding provided by special interior panels, so that accidents won’t damage your banjo. It is also a practical case, due to several external pockets.

14) Crossrock CRSG106BJBG Padded Gig Bag for Open Back & Resonator Banjos, Backpack Straps, Black/Grey

If you have a banjo with 4 or 5 strings, an open back banjo, or a resonator banjo, do know that this case fits most of these instruments. It is a soft case made out of sturdy nylon, with reinforcements in the area of the pins, bridge, and headstock.

You will love the large zippers that make using this case very easy and the soft padded handle, which provides comfort when carrying your instrument around. The case also features two generous pockets on the outside, secured with zippers, which allow to bring along a wide range of small accessories.

15) Superior C-267 Trailpak II Openback Banjo Gig Bag

This is a soft gig bag made out of nylon, which is more than capable of withstanding years of wear and tear, due to the high-quality nylon that is used, suitable for making luggage as well, due to its resilience. On the inside, the case is equipped with a 12 mm padding that will keep your banjo safe, together with a lining made out of thick flannel, which will prevent against scratches.

For increased portability, you will have to choose between a soft padded handle and straps for carrying the case like a backpack. And the external pockets will give you the practical sense you need.

16) Crossrock CRA860BJBL ABS Molded Hardshell Banjo Case,Backpack Style, For 5-string Resonator/Gibson Tenor Banjo, Blue

Crossrock CRA860BJBL ABS Molded Hardshell Banjo Case

For those of you that don’t want a typical banjo case, allow yourselves to be surprised by this case made by Crossrock. The exterior is made out of ABS of the highest quality, so that you will get a resistant case capable of doing its job for years to come.

The inside has, besides a thick layer of foam, a lining made out of plush as well, providing the adequate level of safety your instrument needs. The case also features a number of 6 latches that keep it close and secured and a molded handle design to make carrying it a comfortable activity.

17) Guardian CG-035-J Archtop Tweed Case for Banjo

A banjo looks best in an elegant case, just like this one made by Guardian. It is one of the few models of hard cases that are actually covered by a layer of tweed on the outside, and not with synthetic leather or tolex as most cases. This definitely gives it a particular look and feeling, suitable for those of you that look to get a special case for your banjo.

The case is made out of 5-ply wood core, so it will certainly not disappoint you when it comes to providing the right level of protection. Plus the interior covered with thick plush lining is just what you need to keep your banjo in a crystal-clear condition.

18) Superior CD-2530 Deluxe Hardshell 5 String Resonator Banjo Case

This is a very interesting looking case, which provides elegance and reliability at the same time. The 5-ply wood core that composes the sturdy exterior, is covered with brown Tolex of the highest quality.

So you will have the looks and resistance at the same time. On the inside, a thick padding made out of foam and crushed velvet, which has a gorgeous emerald green, offer the security your instrument needs against scratches and unwanted accidents.

The heavy-duty latches mounted on the case will allow you to close it tightly, for safe transportation. If you have a 5-string banjo, this vintage-looking case may be just the right one.

19) Stone Case Company STBag-5BJ Banjo Gig Bag

This is a simple, affordable, and easy to use gig bag for your banjo. It will keep the instrument away from scratches, but it is not suitable for transportation other than in your hands, as the case will not provide protection against bumps and hits.

The exterior material is resistant nylon that is capable of taking numerous tearing attempts, so you’ll have this worry off your mind. It comes with long and practical handles, just in case you need to carry more than just your instrument. And, the heavy duty zipper that opens both ways will provide easiness of use and comfort.

20) Stone Case Company STBag-4BJ Padded Banjo Gig Bag

If you need a case that it is easy to handle and carry around, then you will love this option. The exterior is made out of sturdy denier nylon that will not tear easily. The inside is padded with dense foaming with a thickness of 6 mm, so your banjo will face no risks while being transported.

The handle has an anti-slip surface and the zipper can be opened both ways, for increased convenience and comfort. Also, if you want to have your hands free, you can always use the backpack carry straps. So, it is a case with an easy design that is made to be used right away.

21) Reunion Blues Continental Voyager Banjo Case, RBCBJ

This is a soft banjo case that offers protection beyond any expectation. It was designed to be flexible and lightweight, but capable of providing the required level of protection to your instrument while traveling. Thus, it has a unique and modern Flexoskeleton that provides sufficient safety for your banjo, without adding unnecessary additional weight to the case.

The exterior is made out of high-tensile thread, of industrial grade, the reversed zippers are resistant to water, and the seams and edges are capable of withstanding wear and tear. It was one of the first gig bags that was accepted by professionals in the music industry.

22) Gator GC-BANJO-XL Molded Banjo Case

For the few dollars you’re going to pay for this case, you will get great quality. It has the interior protected with EPS foam, and padded with a layer of soft plush, and an exterior made out of ABS of the highest-quality.

The handle is bolted through, so that you will never risk losing your case while transporting it, and the aluminum valance is of heavy duty. The chromed latches can be locked, so that nothing will happen to your instrument during transportation. It is an elegant and secure case that will suit almost any requirements, due to its exceptional quality.

23) HARDSHELL BANJO CASE – Universal Fits Most Standard Size – Travel Heavy Duty NEW

A universal case, like this one, may be just what you need if you don’t have time to look for the particular features of a case that indicate whether it is or not suitable for your banjo. Thus, this case fits most standard banjos, but do check the dimensions before purchasing it.

It has a 5-ply shell, so it is suitable for traveling with your banjo, covered by synthetic leather on the outside. Thick foam is placed on the inside to absorb shocks, while the plush lining keeps the instrument from getting scratched. The latches and hinges are heavy-duty elements, so they will resist to the test of time.

Choosing the Best Banjo Case from the Best Banjo Case Brands

After reading the reviews of all these cases, you probably realize that it is not that easy to find the right case for your banjo. But, it is worth doing research before making your final choice, as the integrity and functioning of your banjo depends on the case you will pick and the way you will use it. So, you need to seriously consider if you’re going to travel with your banjo by car or by plane, because you will need a solid case with proper locks in this case.

2) Musician’s Gear Deluxe Hardshell Banjo Case

Musician Gear Deluxe Hardshell Banjo Case
  • 5-ply Wood Construction
  • Reliable
  • Popular Choice
  • Special Compartments

1) Carrion C-2901 Black Hardshell Banjo Case

  • High Quality
  • Strong Protection
  • Highly Rated
  • Complete Safety

3) Protec Deluxe Banjo Gig Bag

  • Tear Resistant Nylex Lining
  • Outside Pockets
  • Great to Carry

If you don’t plan to travel anywhere, then a soft case will do. Also, decide how much money you would like to spend on such a case, as prices can vary a lot, depending on the materials that compose the case and the features that a case can provide, like additional storage space, pockets, backpack straps, and others.

If you take the time to find the right case for your banjo, you will make an investment for the future that you won’t feel sorry about.