4 Most Common B Band Pickup Problems Troubleshooting

b band pickup problems
b band pickup problems

B Band pickups are certainly the best thing that you can get to replace some of the parts that you might have broken on the guitar, but also would be highly convenient for you if you are looking to enjoy a more suitable experience with controls on the guitars. B Band pickup is a pickup that also has some controls and you can use it on any of the electric guitars that you might be using to control tones and all the other factors out there that you might need such as Bass, Treble, or even the master volume on your guitar. Moving forward, you also get a digital display on some of the models that allows you to see these preferences as well.

B Band pickups are generally better performing and they don’t lag much when it comes to the performance. However, at times you might be facing some problems with them as well. If you are looking to get one for your guitar, and you are in a confusion about the decision, a few problems that you must know about to make it work for you would be:

Most Common B Band Pickup Problems

1. Installation adjustments

While installing the B Band Pickups is pretty easy and you just need to know which wire goes where that is not a problem that you will ever have to be worried about. The problem lies with adjustment and figuring out where will you be placing the B band on your guitar. Since it comes in different shapes and sizes, you will need to find the most compatible one that fits your guitar, and even so, you might need to make some adjustments or modifications to your guitar for it to fit and work perfectly. That will certainly be the best thing for you to enjoy an overall better experience.

So, you need to be careful about the size and shape, and only get the right model of B Band pickup for your guitars that will fit and you will have to plan the installation in advance to not face any such problems later on.

2. Wiring issues

While the default pickups are designed to work with the guitar, these B Band pickups will certainly need a bit of extra wiring and you will need to have that installed by a professional as well. Even if installed by some professional, the wiring that you get on these guitar pickups from B Band might not fit perfectly and there are always some other problems like connecting the wires properly and more that might have the chances to cause you these problems. Naturally, you will need to make sure that you are checking on that proactively and get the wiring installed perfectly.

Moving forward, it is better if you can get the better quality of wires to get it sorted out, since the wiring that comes with B Band pickups isn’t known to be durable and that might be causing you to face a number of problems that you wouldn’t want on your guitar.

3. Durability

The build quality and the quality of plastic used for B Brand pickups is not that good either, and they are just a temporary solution if you are in a fix with your guitar. So, you cannot expect better durability on it and it might tend to break, catch scratches and more on the pickup that is certainly not something you would want to have on your guitar.

Moreover, the knobs also tend to get loose and they break over time so you should think twice before opting for the B brand pickup if you are looking for a long-term solution.

4. Accuracy

Another major problem that you will come across is the accuracy and you will certainly need to be careful about that on your B-Brand guitar pickup. The knobs are designed just fine, but it is not that accurate as your original guitar pickup and tuner might be and you can expect a bit of lag on it for sure. That naturally means that you will have to be a lot more careful while you are using the guitar pickup and there is no solution for the accuracy and you will just need to make your peace with it.

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