ArtistWorks Mike Block Cello Lessons Online Review

Artistworks Mike Block Cello Lessons Review

Artistworks Mike Block Cello Lessons Review

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Music is a very big part of most cultures no matter where you look in the world, while not all music is the same, there is something universal about it. The kind of music that appeals to you will likely help you to choose which musical instrument is going to work for you. The system is a unique website that has a search function that is set up to give the user the ability to decide on their own search criteria. There is also video exchange function available in for students to share their learning processes to the instructors.

Artistworks cello video exchange

All of the instructors that are part of the ArtistWorks network have been checked thoroughly and are all of the highest quality individuals who have a lot of knowledge and experience with their given instrument. The cello is one of those instruments that people come to ArtistWorks to find online video lessons. The lessons only require you to have a reliable Internet connection, whether it is on a mobile device or a laptop.

When it comes to the cello, one of the top listings in their database of cello instructors is a man named Mike Block. He has hundreds of cello lessons on video that are part of the vast library of lessons that can be found on

Artistworks cello lessons

ArtistWorks Cello Lessons Online with Mike Block Review

Artistworks Mike Block

Mike Block is an accomplished cellist with a wide range of abilities that stretch across a vast array of styles. He is both a well-known solo and orchestra cellist that has lent his talents to a number of music industry giants over the years. Along with being a cellist, he is also a music composer and musical director with a long list of accomplishments in that as well.

He has worked with a number of ensemble groups including Yo Yo Ma and Bobby McFerrin, just to name a few. As a solo performer, he has worked with some of the most well-known musical artists in the business like Stevie Wonder, Lenny Kravitz, Edgar Meyer, and Alison Krauss.

He also has a Masters Degree from the famed Juilliard School of Music and he has been a part of the ArtistWorks Network since 2015.

Teaching Background

Mike Block has had a number of teaching positions including from 2009-2012 he was the Lead Teaching Artist at the Silk Road Connect in the Boston and New York City areas. Then in 2012, he was appointed to an Associate Professor position at the Berklee College of Music, which is located in Boston, Mass. He first received his teaching certificate back in 2006 when he got a certification for the Suzuki Method of teaching the cello while at the New York City-based School of Strings.

Music Styles

In the Cello Lessons from Mike Block available at, you will be able to learn a wide range of cello styles. He covers the gamut from classical style music to contemporary and everything in between. Since he is one of the few standing cellists, he also gives lessons from the standing approach as well. No matter, you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, Mike Block covers all range levels of lessons to your end.

Artistworks beginner to advanced cello lessons


Offered Pricing Plans

As part of the network you can sign up for any of the three membership levels and when you go to sign up from the link you will be given three unique options for membership. Each one of the levels has a set of benefits starting with the 3-month plan. The 6 month and 12-month plans add additional benefits for each level. Below is a description of each of the levels, the cost and the benefits that each level brings. Each one of the three levels does offer the paid member full access to all of the cello lessons on video.

The pricing plans are very fair:

3-month plan @ $35 per month

6-month plan @ $30 per month

12-month plan @ $23.25 per month

A unique benefit you will receive by using ArtistWorks is having exclusive access to Mike Block using the video submission function. This means that you can record a video of you playing and submit it for Mike Block to see and critique.

Artistworks cello submit video

My Final Words is a unique type of website that was created in an effort to offer people an online option for learning how to play a wide range of musical instruments. The website is set up as a paid membership site that allows the member to have access to all of the different video-based lessons. For those looking for cello lessons online, ArtistWorks connected with Mike Block and encouraged him to establish an extensive library of more than 100 video-based lessons.

Mike Block has been with the ArtistWorks network since 2015 and since then he has helped thousands of budding artist and musicians looking for a less traditional way of learning how to play the cello that fits better with their lifestyle. By using his lessons on video, Mike Block is able to reach more people and also with the unique feature called Video Submissions to Teacher, a student can send a recording of themselves to be critiqued by him. Students are also able to discuss and share any regarding their cello issues in the forums for better communication.

Artistworks cello community

His teaching styles are as varied as his career has been, which includes working with several ensemble groups to a vast solo career. He has worked with several top performers in the capacity of a music director and he has also been an associate professor of music. With his very wide range of musical ability with the cello, he is has been able to create a very large library of lessons for the cello on

If you are looking for an online teacher for the cello, you will not go wrong trying out ArtistWorks and specifically Mike Block as the instructor you can choose from.

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