2Cellos Cover Muse’s Hysteria at Real Mental Hospital

2cellos psychiatric hospital
When classical music takes on alternative rock, new dynamics emerge that were not on the forefront of the original interpretation. Muse, the world-renowned alternative rock band who blew away the rock realm in 2003 with their Absolution album. The record would go platinum, and feature radio hits like Hysteria, which includes one of the most prolific and sought-after bass lines in modern rock music.

The music video for the rock track has been interpreted and reinterpreted many times, but nothing to the tune of the cover version by 2Cellos. Drawing direct inspiration from the original’s storyline, the 2Cellos’ cover version follows what first appears to be a nurse into a psychiatric hospital, where the two musicians transition between frantic playing of the chorus lines into a more sedate state and back again.

From a purely instrumental perspective, the cover is fascinating. Take away the delirious state that the musicians appear to be in during the video, their performance of the complex pieces within Hysteria are incredible.

True to the original inspiration of the video (Muse’s version was attributed to scenes from Pink Floyd’s The Wall), the ending of this video makes it even better.

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