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CMUSE, Ltd is a global music and entertainment online media company located in London, UK. Our cmuse.org website focuses on music articles and reviews covering genres such as classical, jazz, rock and pop, along with some music fun, music tech, inspiring stories, lists & quizzes. We have a fast-growing music loving audience currently attracting more than half a million visitors per month, primarily from the classical music realm.

Available Positions:

We are currently looking for creative writers to help with our classical music related content (writers who have a passion for classical music and know how to make creative and thought-provoking content that is valuable enough to go viral). This includes high-quality lists, play-lists, fun facts, classical music trivia, music quizzes, how-to’s and other sharable content. We wish to find enthusiastic, diligent and responsible professional writers who know when to use their sense of humor. This is also a great opportunity to build your resume, develop your SEO, and social media skills, make career-enhancing contacts.

Content Writers (Paid):  (Currently Unavailable)

Candidates will work remotely in this role but must have the ability to work consistently. A creative mindset, positive energy and promptness is a must. Candidates must be timely, create compelling content, find content on the verge of going viral, and drive traffic. Those who exceed traffic goals are entitled to incentives! This position demands that candidates are native English speakers or must possess a high degree of mastery of this language. Read More

Guest Contributors (Non-Paid): 

CMUSE is a music publication, hence any topic must have a strong relevance to our website’s aims and must fit into our featured categories. We accept guest posts from authors from various fields, as long as the posts have unique content  and add value to our website. This is an opportunity to be published on a high traffic blog and a chance to work with a great group of writers and musicians. Read More