Watch two years of violin progress compressed in a 5-minute video

When you take up a new instrument, especially as an adult, it feels like it takes forever to notice any progress, right? How many weeks does it take to get past Twinkle Twinkle Little Star? Yet, seen from an outside perspective, things do not seem so dire: “Violin Noobie” Therese, an adult beginner from Norway. decided to share a video that compresses two years’ worth of progress in five minutes. She first starts with Happy Birthday to You and Silent Night and, gradually, we hear her perform the soundtrack of the Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of The Rings while, towards the end of the two-year mark, she plays an uptempo version of the Super Mario Bros. theme.

It should be worth noting that Therese had taken a total of eight lessons before embarking on that project, and she is mostly self-taught. Now, after more than two years, she finally got a teacher again.


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