Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter films her performance with a GoPro Camera

Yellow Lounge is a series of events that proposes a winning combination, associating Classical Music with clubbing, and tries to introduce a younger audience to the genre without the constraints of the atmosphere typically associated with venues playing classical music— think classical repertoire, renowned performers and cutting-edge DJ sets. The name “Yellow Lounge” conveys both relax and fun, but, as the “Yellow” part suggests, the Deutsche Grammophon plays an important role as well

So, when Violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter held a two day concert at a Yellow Lounge event in Berlin last May at Neue Heimat, a club in East Berlin,  we sure could expect something innovative and fun. Donning a GoPro camera over her head, she started performing Jamaican Rumba while being accompanied by a pianist.

That’s definitely a rare perspective for those who do not have firsthand experience with the violin.


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