GoPro Makes Trombonist A Music Superhero

The GoPro camera has revolutionized the way we shoot video. From aerial stunts to sports performance, seeing action from a first person perspective (up close and personal) has forever changed how we view video.

One of the latest viral video sensations is David Finlayson and his trombone. Attaching the camera to the end of his instrument, Finlayson performs a short piece. One of the most interesting aspects of this video is that it illustrates the breathing technique of a classically trained horn player. Finlayson is a performer in the New York Philharmonic, one of the premier orchestras in the world.

Shot exclusively on the GoPro HD Hero in 2013, this video illustrates the dynamic attributes of both the camera and the performer in classical music. The zooming in and out as Finlayson progresses through the song is reminiscent of jibjab videos of a different variety, providing a humorous approach to classical performance not common in other presentations.

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