20 Great Violin Lessons in Texas (Music Schools and Violin Instructors)

Violin Lessons in Texas

Violin Lessons in Texas

Violins are one of the string instruments that have caught the attention of many people. Watching an expert violinist perform is intriguing. The sounds and versatility of the violin have made it a popular musical instrument many people will love to master.

Learning how to play the violin is now easier to achieve. There are dozens of violinists who are willing to share their knowledge with students aspiring to become better violinists. The violin lessons can be taken by young children and older adults.

The violin can be used to play different music genres, which is in accordance with the needs of many people who want to learn how to play the musical instrument. The music schools and violin instructors in Texas offer different learning options. You can learn in the group session, private violin lessons or invite an instructor to your home for a personalized learning experience.

On the other hand, if your busy schedule will not allow you to participate in the violin lessons organized by music schools and instructors in Texas, you can register for online violin lessons.

Artistworks - Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons

Artistworks Learn Violin Online

For example, on the educational platform- Artistworks.com, you can find Richard Amoroso; he is an experienced violinist and music teacher. Richard offers a collection of interactive lessons to teach students about the classical violin, how to develop repertoire, bowing techniques and all about the scales.

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Online Violin Lessons

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Learn Violin Lessons Online

  • Taught by world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman
  • 15 Grammy Award wins
  • Lessons designed for beginners

Udemy Online Violin Courses

Udemy Learn Violin Online

Also, Udemy, another online educational platform offers violin lessons to everyone who needs a flexible violin course online.

In Texas, we have found some of the music schools and instructors who can teach you how to play the violin.

20 Great Violin Lessons in Texas (Music Schools and Violin Instructors)

1) Greater Austin Music Academy

Greater Austin Music Academy

Many music students will appreciate the learning process used in this music school. It incorporates a musical ladder program that ensures each student learns the fundamentals of the violin as well as building a foundation to learn more about the violin at an advanced level.

The lessons include group classes and practical exercises taught in a warm environment. The music school is located at 2110 White Horse Trail Suite D, Austin, TX 78757, USA. More information about registration for violin classes can be found on their website at www.austinmusicacademy.com.

2) San Antonio Strings

San Antonio Strings

Located in San Antonio, this music school is one of the top choices for young children to learn all about the violin. The lessons in this music school are organized as group practice sessions and private practice.

At intervals, during the course, students are encouraged to perform in groups or solos to test their techniques. The learning process at this music school is targeted at helping the students become more proficient as performers with the violin. This is achieved by following the simplified and accurate instructions to master the right violin techniques.

Students can learn all about the scales, bowing techniques, and the correct posture when playing the violin. Briana and Basel, the top music instructors at this music studio, are excellent violinists who derive joy in teaching others about the magnificent musical instrument. The official website for this music school is www.sanantoniostrings.com.

3) Stringbirds Violin Music

Stringbirds Violin Music

Everyone looking for a music studio in Texas to learn the traditional and Suzuki violin techniques will find the lessons at the Stringbirds Violin Music School helpful. The learning structure includes private and group violin lessons. The curriculum includes lessons about the violin scales, postural guidance, bowing practice, and reading sheet music.

Beginners are taught the fundamentals of the violin to help them understand how the violin is played. The violin lessons are suitable for young children, from the age of five years and older. Adults at all skill levels can also register and improve their violin techniques. The music school has a website– www.stringbirdsviolinmusic.com.

4) Sanoon Violin Academy

This music school located at 3120 Hudson Crossing, McKinney, TX 75070, USA, offers students a chance to learn all about the Suzuki violin technique. The lessons are flexible to enable young children and adults to participate in the music learning program.

Students will learn from experienced violinists and music teachers who handle the summer camp, and group lessons. The students are taught fundamental violin skills such as how to read sheet music, playing the first tunes, correct sitting posture, finger positions, and music theory. The music school’s website –www.sanoonviolinacademy.com offers much information about the violin lessons and learning schedule.

5) San Antonio- Northside Music School

San Antonio- Northside Music School

This is one of the music schools in Texas that offers violin lessons every day of the week. The lessons include private and group violin practice sessions that teach students at all skill levels how to play the violin. Students are taught based on their goals as aspiring violinists.

At this school, students are guided to understand the basics and complex aspects of playing the violin. Lessons are organized in a fun and motivating environment where students work together to improve their violin techniques. The music school is located at 11918 Vance Jackson Rd, San Antonio, TX 78230, USA. They also have a website – www.northsidemusicschool.com.

6) Tempo School of Music, Houston

Tempo School of Music

Violin lessons at the Tempo School of Music, Houston are coordinated by experienced violinists who are also trained, music teachers. The violin lessons at this music school are targeted at teaching students all about the violin. This includes an in-depth insight into music theory and practical violin lessons.

Each student is encouraged to set goals and strive towards achieving their dreams. The music school is located at 13505 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77077, USA. The music instructors aim to make each lesson fun and encourage the students to practice as often as they can. On their website, www.temposchoolofmusic.com, you can find crucial information about registering for a group or private violin lessons.

7) Park Cities’ School of Music

Park Cities’ School of Music

This is a multi-instrumental music school where the teachers are always available to teach young children and adults how to play the violin. The music school is located at 7979 Inwood Rd Ste 113, Dallas, TX 75209, USA. Here, students are taught based on their identified skill levels.

The beginners are guided on how to apply music theory knowledge to start playing tunes with the violin. At the music school, students can choose to learn in group classes or private lessons. The learning schedule has been made flexible to accommodate all students during the regular program or summer camp. The website is www.parkcitiesschoolofmusic.com.

8) Bonduris Music School

This music school is managed by professional violinists who have developed a learning program suitable for students of all ages and adults. The lessons can be leveraged by students as an opportunity to learn from an experienced music teacher. Violin lessons last for a few minutes, and in some cases, up to an hour, depending on the arrangement with the student.

The music school is located at 813 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201, USA. At the end of each violin course, special performances are organized to give students an opportunity to display their violin techniques. The official website of this music school is www.bondrismusic.com.

9) Edelweiss School of Music

Edelweiss School of Music

The friendly environment in this music school has been created to ensure the young children who come and register to learn violin techniques feel motivated and happy during the course. The violin lessons start with the students’ skill levels. Beginners are taught about music theory and other violin fundamentals needed to develop an excellent repertoire.

Students are also taught how to hold the violin, the best bowing techniques and how to apply the knowledge from music theory while playing the violin. The lessons are presented as group sessions or private classes for all students. The music school is located at 813 N Locust St, Denton, TX 76201, USA. They also have a website – www.edelweisssom.com.

10) Coppell Music Academy

Coppell Music Academy

Coppell Music Academy offers everyone an opportunity to take violin lessons following a flexible schedule that is convenient. The violin lessons are presented in group training sessions and private classes. The lessons last from thirty minutes to one hour depending on the students chosen learning plan. The violin lessons are held once a week.

During this time, students at the music school can practice with the musical instruments provided by the school. However, anyone who has their violin can bring them to the lessons. The music school welcomes young children and older adults who have a dream to play the violin at a professional level or as a hobby. The music school is located at 260 N Denton Tap Rd #120, Coppell, TX 75019, USA. You can also find them online at www.coppellmusicacademy.com.

11) Darrell V. – Professional Violinist/Music Teacher

Darrell is a trained music teacher and violin instructor. He has been involved with music for over twenty years. During this time, Darrell has set up violin lessons as a short course for his students. The lessons are aimed at helping people of all skill levels understand how to play the violin.

Darrell’s students include children as young as seven years old. He teaches the best violin techniques to play songs in different music genres such as jazz, rock, gospel and the orchestra, to mention a few. Darrell is also available to help students preparing for violin exams, auditions, or anyone who wants to learn how to play the violin as a hobby in Austin, Texas.

12) Abigail S. – Professional Violinist/ Music Teacher

Abigail discovered her passion for the violin as a young girl. She followed this dream and has been formally trained as a Suzuki violin expert. She teaches students at her home music studio in Austin, Texas and online. Abigail focuses on helping students identify their goals before the violin lessons and achieve them at the end of the course. 

Students who register for this course can expect to become well trained and proficient in the Suzuki violin methods and have violin techniques to play for the orchestra. Students at all skill levels are introduced to a practical approach that can help them improve their violin techniques.

13) Antonio Strad Violin Lessons

Antonio Strad Violin Lessons

This is an organized setting in San Antonio where you can buy violins, repair old violins and also learn how to play the musical instrument like a pro. It is the home of violins in San Antonio. Many people have registered and benefitted from the violin lessons taught at this music school located at 10288 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216, USA.

The violin lessons are for young children and older adults who desire to become violinists. The lessons are available every day of the week, and at flexible hours to make it possible for more people to participate and learn how to play the violin. Students will learn music theory, how to tune the violin and the best bowing techniques to play their favorite songs. The official website of Antonio Strad Violin is www.stradviolin.com.

14) Leanna L. – Violinist/ Music Teacher/Performer

Based in Austin, Texas, Leanna offers her violin lessons to beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. The violin lessons are tailored to help all her students understand how to play the violin correctly; she teaches music theory and practical techniques such as bowing methods, finger positions, postural guidance when playing the violin and practical exercises. Leanna is patient enough to guide her students through the complex aspects of playing the violin and help them successfully master the right techniques.

15) El Paso Music Learning Corner

El Paso Music Learning Corner

This is another popular music school that has helped many people achieve their dreams of learning how to play many musical instruments such as the violin. The school is located at 6503 N Mesa St, El Paso, TX 79912, USA. They also have a website-www.elpasomusiclearningcorner.com. 

The music lessons have been carefully created for students to join at any time regardless of their skill level. The trained music instructors set goals for violin lessons and help everyone taking the course to achieve the goals. At the end of each violin course, the school organizes performances to give the students a chance to show everyone what they have learned.

16) Bastrop Academy of Music

This music school located at 1109 Main St, Bastrop, TX 78602, USA, has provided a friendly and motivating environment for everyone to learn all about the violin. The lessons are taught by music teachers who have been trained at the University level.

Students are introduced to the violin as a musical instrument; they also learn about the related music theory and practical exercises. The lessons help students develop a repertoire and improve their violin techniques whether they are playing solos or duets. The violin lessons are for everyone regardless of age or skill level, and the schedules are flexible with lessons help every week.

17) Texas Strings Violin Studio

Texas Strings violin studio offers minors as young as seven and older adults a chance to learn all about the violin. The lessons offered in this music studio are aimed at helping the students become confident and play their favorite songs with the violin.

The lessons are a mixture of music theory and practical training sessions. Students learn about the violin, how to read sheet music and apply theoretical knowledge during solo performance or duets. The violin lessons last for about thirty minutes for the beginners while students are given as much time as they want to practice and improve violin techniques.

18) Orpheus Academy of Music

This music school located at 3918 Far West Blvd Ste C, Austin, TX 78731, USA, is one of the top choices for everyone who aspires to become a confident and professional violinist. The lessons are targeted at helping the students learn the right bowing techniques, and how to tune their violins to get the perfect sounds.

During the course, students learn the basics and advanced violin lessons needed for performances in an orchestra, or auditions. The violin lessons are for young and older students; they are given access to the vast library, videos, and tracks for training as well as other materials that have helped the instructors become renowned violinists.

19) String Together Music Studio

This music studio is located at 15714 Huebner Rd, San Antonio, TX 78248, USA. They offer one of the reliable learning platforms for everyone who desires to learn and master the best violin techniques. The lessons offered by the music instructors teach beginners the fundamentals and help them proceed to learn at an intermediate and advanced level as violinists.

There are practical training sessions which help students improve their violin techniques. The lessons are suitable for your students and families or groups that want to learn how to play the violin.

20) Arpeggio Music Academy

Arpeggio Music Academy

Arpeggio Music Academy offers young children a place to start discovering and developing their musical talents with many instruments such as the violin. The lessons are organized in a comfortable studio where students and adults who wish to learn how to play the violin are welcome.

Information about this music academy can be found on the website-www.arpeggiomusicacademy.com, the lessons are taught by formally trained music instructors who patiently teach and guide each student to learn and practice with their violins.

They also learn about music theory such as the scales, etudes, reading and using sheet music, and other fundamental areas every violinist must know. The timing schedule for lessons has been made flexible for convenience and to encourage everyone passionate about the violin to achieve their dreams. The music academy is located at 5139 N Loop 1604 E #101, San Antonio, TX 78249, USA.