20 Great Violin Lessons in Florida (Music Schools and Violin Instructors)

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20 Violin Lessons in Florida

Learning how to play the violin with the guidance of an experienced music instructor makes the process a lot easier. You can learn about the music theory for the violin and how to apply the best techniques during practice sessions. The violin is a popular string instrument; however, there are many aspects to learning about its techniques. An experienced instrumentalist and instructor can simplify this knowledge for easy comprehension.

In Florida, there are many expert violinists who are willing to teach students, at all skill levels, how to play the violin. These lessons are either private, organized in the student’s home, or public learning groups held in the music instructors’ studio located in Florida.

Alternatively, you can take advantage of the online violin lessons which offer convenience and flexibility for people who have busy schedules. The online options for violin lessons can also be used by students at all skill levels or age.

 Artistworks - Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons

Artistworks Learn Violin Online

One of the popular online violin lessons is the course offered by Richard Amoroso on artistworks.com – an online educational platform. Richard’s violin lessons teach students all about the theory and practical aspects of playing the violin.

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Online Violin Lessons

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Learn Violin Lessons Online
  • Taught by world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman
  • 15 Grammy Award wins
  • Lessons designed for beginners

Udemy Online Violin Courses

Udemy Learn Violin Online

Other online violin lessons can be found on Udemy, another outstanding online educational platform.

In the following part of this post, we will be writing about the top violin lessons you can find and benefit from in Florida.

20 Great Violin Lessons in Florida (Music Schools and Violin Instructors)

1) Petrova Jones Music Inc.

Petrova Jones Music Inc.

Many expert violinists developed a passion for the musical instrument at a young age. This is what the Petrova Jones Music School promotes; they offer violin lessons in Florida that can benefit very young children. The violin lessons are also suitable for people with special needs such as autistic children.

The violin lessons can be organized in group sessions or private lessons depending on personal choice. The music instructor has developed a comprehensive program that covers both music theory and practical exercises. The Petrova Jones music school is located at Paar Center 4007 SW Port Saint Lucie Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34953, USA. The music school also has a website-www.petrovajonesmusic.com.

2) Lee Harris Music Lessons

Lee Harris Music Lessons

At this music school, people interested in learning how to play the violin can register and participate in the regular violin classes or the summer camp. The lessons are suitable for children and adults. The lead instructor, Lee Harris, is an experienced instrumentalist, who has included violin lessons among the music learning program.

The violin lessons help students to understand the right techniques that can be used to enhance performance when playing violins. Students are taught music theory, how to read sheet music and the right methods of applying theoretical knowledge during practical lessons. The music school is located at 3132 Fortune Way D32, Wellington, FL 33414, USA. Registration can be done on the music school’s website- leeharrismusiclessons.com.

3) Boynton Beach School of Music and Dance

Boynton Beach School of Music and Dance

All students are welcome at Boynton Beach school of Music and Dance. The music program for violin lessons is suitable for all students including beginners, or intermediate learners.

The instructors teach students in a warm and friendly environment where they can learn about the best finger positions for the violin, the major and minor scales, etudes, and bowing techniques. Students are also introduced to rhythm and notes for the violin as well as how to perform solos or duets in a band.

The music school is located at Suite E2.7-9, 9804 S Military Trail, Boynton Beach, FL 33436, USA, where students can register in person. They also have a website www.boyntonmusicdance.com, where news and updates are posted about the music schools activities.

4) Elizabeth Farrell Music- Lakewood Ranch

The violin lessons offered in this music school are for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Students can enroll online via the website-www.elizabentfarrellmusic.com, or by visiting the school in person. The music school is located at 7365 Merchant Ct #7, Sarasota, FL 34240, USA.

Here, students are taught all about the violin, they learn how to use the best bowing methods, finger positions while playing the violin, and music theory lessons. Students learn and become confident when playing the violin during solo performances or in a duet. The lessons are organized as group sessions or private lessons at the music studio.

5) Universal Rock School- Music Lessons

Universal Rock School- Music Lessons

This music school welcomes adults and young children who desire to learn how to play the violin. The lessons for minors are scheduled during holidays and after school hours. Adults at all skill levels can register and improve their violin skills under the guidance of experienced instrumentalists and instructors. The lessons are basically aimed at the student’s individual needs.

There are practical sessions and music theory. Students can learn about rhythm, the best bowing techniques, and how to develop a good repertoire with the violin. The violin lessons are organized at the music school’s studio located in Broward, Palm Beach, and in Orlando. The music schools website is www.elitemusicinstruction.com.

6) Ruda’s Violin Studio

Ruda’s Violin Studio

After an initial evaluation, the lead instructor at this music school develops a personalized learning program to help each student learn and improve their violin techniques. This music school is a great option for students who aspire to become professional violinists with an orchestra, or in bands.

You can also take advantage of the lessons to prepare for auditions and exams. The violin lessons are taught in a serene and comfortable studio where all students can learn and practice their violin techniques. The music school is located at 7510 Martinique Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33433, USA; they also have a website-www.violinlessonssouthflorida.com.

7) Tampa Music School

The music school is located at 3625 S Manhattan Ave C, Tampa, FL 33629, USA. Violin lessons at this school are prepared to help students who want to learn how to play the classical violin and other songs such as Jazz, folk, or perform in orchestras.

The violin lessons are for young children and older adults who wish to improve their violin techniques. At this school, students can learn how to perform excellent bowing techniques, tuning the violin, learning about the scales and how to read sheet music. There is a website where information can be found which includes the latest offers regarding violin lessons-www.tampamusicschoo.com.

8) Superior Academy of Music

Superior Academy of Music

The music school is located at 7734 N Kendall Dr, Miami, FL 33156, USA. Here, students have a great opportunity to improve their violin techniques and build an excellent repertoire. The music school is open to both young students and older adults who wish to achieve their dreams of becoming excellent violinists. The lessons include both music theory and practical sessions.

Students can learn and practice the best bowing techniques for different genres of music. At the end of each semester, students are awarded certificates and reports regarding their performance. The music school’s website – www.superioracademyofmusic.com, is a good source of information for all potential students interested in learning how to play the violin.

9) Nicole C. - Music Instructor/ Violinist

Nicole is a multi-talented instrumentalist who finds joy and satisfaction in teaching her students how to play the violin. The violin lessons are beneficial to students who may be interested in playing the violin as a hobby or anyone preparing for music exams or auditions.

During the course, students learn all about reading notations, the correct finger positions, how to incorporate rhythm and improve tunes when playing the violin. Nicole offers private lessons in the students home or online, offering flexible schedules that make the learning process easier for her students.

10) Lakeland School of Music

Lakeland School of Music

At the Lakeland School of Music, the learning program is designed to help students become expert violinists by learning directly from the music instructor. The lessons are either private or group sessions aimed at helping students become more confident with the violin. At the music school, students are taught how to hold and tune the violin properly.

There are lessons to help students understand and read sheet music as well as improve their bowing techniques. The violin lessons are for young children and older adults. The music school is located at 115 W Oak Dr, Lakeland, FL 33803, USA; they also have an address at lakelandschoolofmusic.com.

11) Tampa Suzuki Strings

This music school is located at 7902 W Waters Ave a, Tampa, FL 33615, USA. They have an active website, www.tampasuzuistrings.com, where interested students can find more information about the violin lessons. At the music school, students can learn how to develop a fantastic repertoire and the best approach towards reading music.

There are practical sessions where students can improve their bowing techniques and apply music theory to get the right scales and notes while playing the violin. The lessons are scheduled at flexible times to allow students to participate after school hours or when they are free in the case of adults. Students do not require prior experience to participate and learn how to play the violin.

12) Ramblin Rhodes Music School

Ramblin Rhodes Music School

This is a family owned and managed music school that offers private and group violin lessons. The curriculum used at this music school covers both music theory and practical exercises for all students. During the violin course, students can learn about the notes, rhythm, and scales for the violin.

They are also introduced to the best bowing techniques and correct posture as well as finger positions when playing the musical instrument. Students in this course are taught how to play their first tunes and gain confidence with the violin. The music school is located at 3004 Starkey Blvd, Trinity, FL 34655, USA. They also have a website-www.ramblinrhodesmusic.com.

13) Creative Keys Music School

Creative Keys Music School

At this music school, violin lessons are organized as regular courses and summer school programs for young children who are on holidays. Older students who wish to learn how to play the violin are also welcome at the music school. The lessons are designed to help children and adults understand the basic and advanced violin techniques needed to play the right tunes.

Students are taught about classical violin and how to play other songs. On the website, www.creativekeysinc.com, the testimonials prove that many students have benefitted from the expertise of the music instructors who encourage and help students to practice daily.

14) Randall K. – Professional Violinist/ Music Instructor

The violin lessons taught by Randall cover the essential finger positions while playing the violin. Students are guided on how to know and accurately apply the finger positions to perfect the tune while playing violins. The lessons also cover instructions and practice sessions to help the students become confident in performing solos with the violin.

The violin lessons are for children and older adults. Randall uses a simplified and creative approach to make the learning experience fun and easy to understand. Students are encouraged to practice their violin techniques often to gain confidence and the skills needed to play in the orchestra or music bands.

15) Francisco D. – Professional Violinists/Experienced Music Instructor

Francisco has a Masters degree in Music, with a major in Violin. He is one of the creative and professional violin instructors in Florida who use simple yet effective lessons to help children and adults at all skill levels become more proficient with the violin. His lessons are focused on setting goals and applying practical violin techniques to play songs.

Students who want to learn how to play the violin for fun, or anyone preparing for auditions, or exams can register and learn in this program. The music studio is located in Clearwater, Florida.

16) Music Tech Studios

Music Tech Studios

This is one of the popular music schools in Florida. It is run by a group of professional instrumentalists who offer violin lessons for young children and adults. The violin lessons are targeted at helping students achieve their goals which are defined before the lessons commence.

At each stage of the course, students are assessed to ensure they are progressing towards their music goals. The violin lessons include a combination of music theory and practical lessons. Students are taught the best bowing techniques, how to tune the violin and improve their repertoire.

The violin lessons are suitable for students who need a professional and simplified approach to learn technical aspects regarding playing the violin. The music school is located at 18251 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029, USA. They also have a website, www.musictechstudios.com.

17) Stephanie Y. – Violinist/ Music Teacher

Stephanie is an excellent violinist with special skills in the area of Suzuki violin. She has created a learning program offered at her music studio to help students master the Suzuki violin techniques.

Stephanie incorporates fun and engaging learning methods to teach her students how to understand the essential violin fundamentals and improve their techniques. She holds a music degree from the University of Milwaukee and performance experience with many orchestras. Her lessons are tailored to meet the needs of beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

18) Lucas B. – Trained Music Instructor/ Violinist

Learning how to play the violin following the instructions of Lucas makes it seem very easy. This is his aim; Lucas is passionate about the violin and desires to help every student learn and improve their violin techniques with ease. The lessons are targeted at helping the individual improve their violin techniques based on the different skill levels.

These lessons are suitable for young children and older adults who want to learn all about the violin. Students are taught about the scales, notations, reading music, and how to use the best bowing techniques to produce amazing sounds. Lucas is based in Winter Park, Florida, where he also works as an adjunct violin professor at the Seminole State College.

19) America’s Suzuki Music Academy

America’s Suzuki Music Academy

This is a standard music school located at 6823 Stirling Rd, Davie, FL 33314, USA. It is a perfect starting place for students who want to learn how to play the violin professionally. The curriculum at this music school includes regular assessments to ensure all students are learning and improving their violin techniques. This music school accepts young children and older students who desire to become excellent violinists.

The formal lessons at this music school train students to become professionally positioned to excel in exams, and auditions at higher performance levels. The music school has a website- www.suzukiacademy.org, where new information is regularly communicated to the general public about new and on-going music programs.

20) Jill H. – Professional Violinist/Music Teacher

Jill offers professionally developed violin lessons for everyone who has a dream to learn how to play the musical instrument. She is based in Winter Spring, Florida. Everyone in this region can take advantage of this violin lessons to learn the fundamentals such as correct posture and how to hold the violin, the best finger positions, practicing the pizzicato, tuning the violin and using the best bowing techniques.

Jill has combined music theory, which includes reading music and learning about the scales as well as practical lessons to give her students the best foundation they need to become professional violinists. The violin lessons are designed for young children and older adults.