20 Great Violin Lessons in California (Music Schools and Violin Instructors)

Violin Lesson California

Violin Lesson California

The fastest way to learn how to play violins is registering for violin lessons in a music school. There are two options; you can learn and improve your violin techniques by physically participating in the course offered by the music school or taking online violin lessons from any location.

Violin is one of the spectacular string instruments that have continued to be amazing in the music and entertainment scene. The sound produced from a violin is melodious and very enchanting.

Online violin lessons can be taken by people who may not be able to attend physical music lessons. The top options to learn violin techniques online are registering for the lessons on three educational platforms named Artistworks, MasterClass and Udemy.

 Artistworks - Richard Amoroso Violin Lessons

Artistworks Learn Violin Online

On Artistworks, violin lessons are presented by Richard Amoroso, an excellent classical violin master. He teaches students the violin fundamentals, bowing and cross string lessons, and all about the etudes and developing a better repertoire.

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Online Violin Lessons

MasterClass Itzhak Perlman Violin Lessons Review
  • Taught by world-renowned violinist Itzhak Perlman
  • 15 Grammy Award wins
  • Lessons designed for beginners

In this post, we will be writing about excellent music schools and private instructors who offer violin lessons in California. Learning how to play the violin from experienced teachers gives you benefits such as personalized training program, theory, and practical lessons, and understanding the techniques that have made the music instructors so proficient with the violin.

Here are some of the notable music lessons schools and violin instructors in California;

20 Great Violin Lesson in California (Music Schools and Violin Instructors)

1) Join The Band Music Lessons Studio

This is one of the top music schools in California where you can learn how to play the violin. The violin lessons offered at the Join The Band Music Lessons Studio has been modified to make it convenient and valuable to all students regardless of their skill level.

At the music school, students are taught in group training sessions and private lessons when requested. The instructors at this music school create and teach engaging lessons in a friendly manner to help all students experience positive progress. The music school is located at 5928 Van Nuys Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401, USA; you can also find more information on their website – jointheband.com.

2) The California Conservatory of Music

At the California conservatory of music, the violin lessons are suitable for children and older adults. The violin lessons teach the fundamentals of playing the musical instruments, and the music instructors can provide the essential guidance needed for students who aspire to reach a professional level as violinists.

The music school is located at 2408 Brundage Ln, Bakersfield, CA 93304, USA. Lessons begin as early as 10 am, and the timing schedule is flexible to make it convenient for all students to attend. Students are given the necessary guidance and encouragement to practice as much as possible to improve their violin techniques.

3) Musicology

Musicology is one of the reliable music schools in California where you can learn all about the violin and many other musical instruments. The music school is managed by an excellent instrumentalist named Steve, who is patient enough to understand the issues students experience while learning how to play the violin and help them perform better.

Musicology is located at 29700 Rancho California Rd #9, Temecula, CA 92591, USA. They also have a website- musicologytemecula.com, where you can register for violin lessons in California. The lessons are created as a mixture of theory and practical exercises, to enable students to become confident when they play the violin.

4) Riffs Music

In California, Riffs Music School is notably one of the top standard places you can learn how to play the violin. The music school has existed for many years, during which time; the music instructors have established a learning system to teach little children as young as six years and older adults how to play the violin.

The music studio for learning and practicing violin techniques is comfortable, and the staffs are friendly. Past reviews indicate that it is easy to learn in an accommodating environment where students are taught in groups by supportive music instructors.

The violin lessons cover the etudes, bowing techniques, playing violins with the correct hand positions and other fundamental areas students must know. The Riffs music school is located at 40972 California Oaks Rd, Murrieta, CA 92562, USA, and their website address- riffsmusic.com.

5) Nicholas R- Professional Violinists/ Music Instructor

Nicholas offers violin lessons to help everyone who aspires to become a violinist achieve their dreams. He has composed a teaching approach that focuses on the traditional violin techniques that have been successfully used for many years.

The lessons are simplified to make it easy for little children and older students to understand. Nicholas aims to teach violin techniques in a way that is fun and engaging.

Everyone who attends his violin lessons can learn how to play Bluegrass music, Jazz, Film music, and Latin songs. Nicholas can be found every day from 11 am teaching violin lessons at his music studio located on Dickens Street, California.

6) Lily F – Professional Violinist/ Trained Music Instructor

Lily was educated at Ohio State University and has had over ten years of experience as a violin teacher and instructor. She is a professional Suzuki Violin Teacher, the program Lily offers is aimed at teaching beginners, intermediate and advanced learners all about the violin and how to apply the best techniques.

Her lessons start from the fundamentals which teach students how to hold the musical instrument, music theory, and practical exercises. Lily’s music studio is located at Stockton Pass road, California. She welcomes all students even those as young as four years old.

7) New Mozart School of Music

This music school was established in 1989; it is reputed as one of the oldest music schools in California to have produced some of the best violinists who have also become music instructors. The lessons offered at this music school are tailored to help students improve their techniques whether they are learning how to play the violin for personal benefits, competitions, exams or in fulfillment of their dreams to become professional violinists.

The lessons are suitable for people of all ages and skill levels. New Mozart School of Music is located at 2100 El Camino Real Suite C, Palo Alto, CA 94301, USA; you can also find the music school online – newmozartschool.com.

8) Cheryl Teach Music

Cheryl Teach Music

The instrumental violin lessons taught at this music school is for everyone; the music teachers’ start giving violin lessons from the fundamentals. You can learn as a beginner, how to hold the violin and play songs using the best bowing methods.

The violin lessons cover the traditional violin techniques and guidance to play songs from other music genres such as folk, classical music, jazz among others. The lead instructor and coordinator of this music school is Miss Cheryl; she has a passion for music and her experience as a professional instrumentalist makes it easy to teach students using the best comprehendible approach.

Cheryl Teach Music is located at 4910 Sonoma Hwy Ste C, Santa Rosa, CA 95409, USA. More details about these lessons can also be found on their website at www.cherylteachmusic.com.

9) Temecula Conservatory of Music

Temecula Conservatory of Music

Temecula Conservatory of Music offers group and private violin lessons to everyone interested in improving their violin techniques. The lessons at this music school will also be helpful if you have aspirations of playing the violin in an orchestra.

At the school, the professionally trained music instructors help the students to understand the basic methods of playing the violin and how to maintain tempo by teaching endurance skills.

Students can learn bowing techniques and shifting methods, as well as playing different music genres. The music school is located at 28910 Rancho California Rd #102, Temecula, CA 92592, USA. You can also find registration details for the violin course at www.temeculaconservatory.com.​

10) Music Lessons

Music Lessons

The violin learning program offered to students at Music Lessons presents a simple, fun, and engaging way to learn all about the musical instrument. The violin lessons are taught by an experienced violinist who has posted practice videos on the music schools website - www.violinconnection.com. 

At this music school, students can learn all about the violin and essential techniques such as improvisation, bowing methods, playing solos and duets, the right finger positions and much more. The lessons are suitable for people who want to join Christian music bands, participate in competitions or take music exams.

11) Joe M. – Experienced Violinists/ Music Instructor

Joe teaches beginners and intermediate learners all about the violin and how to become confident when playing the musical instrument. Joe’s approach to teaching students about the violin involves fun and engaging theory and practical lessons that help students make progress during practice.

The lessons are organized as group sessions where everyone is supported to perform better during practice. Students also learn about the scales and how to read sheet music for the violin. The violin lessons are organized at Joe’s studio on Bellflower Boulevard, California.

12) Pacific Institute of Music LLC

Pacific Institute of Music LLC

The Pacific Institute of Music is located in Folsom, CA, at the following address, 540 Plaza Dr #130, Folsom, CA 95630, USA. It is a renowned music school where everyone can learn the basics of playing a violin and progress to an advanced skill level.

The music school is run by a group of experienced instrumentalists who teach students how to apply the best violin techniques during practice sessions. It is also a great place to learn how to play the violin if you are interested in reading music; the course includes fun exercises and competitions for which winners are given certificates. To register for violin lessons at this music school, please visit www.piom.org.

13) Connie E. – Violinist/Music Teacher

Connie has created a violin course to give her students access to excellent violin techniques which she has developed in over twenty years of experience as a performer and music teacher. The violin lessons are open to everyone, including people with special needs.

Connie, the music instructor, helps her students understand the fundamental violin techniques and other areas such as reading music, learning about the scales and how to hold the violin during a performance. Students can also learn how to play duets or solos with the violin. Connie’s music studio is located at Stevely Avenue, CA.

14) La Quinta Music Lessons

La Quinta Music Lessons

This music school is owned and managed by an adorable couple, Brian and Lara Marriot. They have established a music school where you can get all the support and training needed to learn and perfect your violin techniques.

The lessons offered at the music school teach students basic violin methods for beginners and more elaborate lessons at the advanced skill level. The lessons last for only thirty minutes which makes it convenient for people with busy schedules. The learning program is flexible; students can learn how to play different songs with the violin in a few weeks. The music school is located at 47875 Vía Nice, La Quinta, CA 92253, USA. They also have a website, www.laquintamusiclessons.com.

15) Ann Dunn Violin Lessons

Ann Dunn Violin Lessons

Ann Dunn has over twenty years of experience as a violinist. She has established this music school to allow children and older adults to achieve their dreams of learning how to play the violin. Her approach to offering violin lessons involves teaching and engaging students with fun exercises and group performances where everyone can learn.

Students are taught the simple methods of reading music, and how to maintain the right tune while practicing with the violin. The lessons are suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. This music school is located at 2319 14th St #13, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA. Ann Dunn also reaches out to her students online via the website-www.anndunnviolin.com.

16) Michelle G. – Professional Violinists/ Trained Music Teacher

In her efforts to teach more students how to play the violin like professionals, Michelle studies her students to know how they can learn fast. She strives to make her violin lessons engaging and fun for all students.

The lessons are held at her studio located on Oxnard Street, California. Students interested in learning unique violin techniques such as the Bastien series, Suzuki technique, Hanon, etc. are welcome. The lessons are presented to meet the individual goals of the students.

17) Artem K. – Violinists/ Music Teacher

Artem is based on Los Angeles, CA. his experience with the violin started at the age of six. He has won many awards and competitions and is passionate about teaching others how to play the violin. Artem is skilled in the traditional violin methods and classical violin.

Students are taught how to play the violin using the basic methods; Artem makes it easy for students to learn about the scales, etudes, and how to position the bows and fingers while playing the violin. These lessons are organized at Artem’s music studio located at Sawtelle Boulevard.

18) Dale’s Guitar and Music Lessons

Learning how to play the violin in a friendly and motivating environment goes a long way in helping students develop confidence. Dale teaches his students all about the violin and also offers guidance when they need to buy their first violin.

The lessons help students understand the major and minor scales, how to read music, using the best bowing techniques, understanding the bow changes, shifting and how to develop a better repertoire. Dale’s music school is located at 2253 Geer Rd, Turlock, CA 95382, USA. Violin lessons commence at 10 am, little children and adults at all skill levels can take advantage of this violin course in California.

19) Grace R. – Multi-talented Violinist/ Music Instructor

Grace is based in Los Angeles; she has established a musical studio at El Paso Drive, where her students come to learn all about the violin. Grace helps her students by adopting a personalized teaching method which guides each student to achieve their goals.

The music lessons include practical exercises with a special focus on helping students apply theoretical knowledge to ensure they can produce the best sounds while playing the violin. Grace has a University degree in Music and her best moments are sharing her ideas and music knowledge with students who desire to become violinists.

20) SLO Music Lessons

Parents and their children can register and learn the best violin techniques at this music school. It is located at 3946 Carissa Ct, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401, USA. Scott Conroy, the proprietor, and lead music instructor has found different ways to help his students achieve their dreams by learning the best bowing and shifting methods with the violin.

Students also learn about the major and minor scales, arpeggios, and other aspects of music theory related to the violin. There are practical training sessions to allow students to apply their knowledge and gain confidence while playing the violin. This music school offers students a chance to learn from Scott, who is a prolific performer and known for his outstanding gigs in different parts of SLO County.

Choosing the Great Violin Lesson in California

The even distribution of music schools across California makes it easy for people interested in learning how to play the violin find suitable violin lessons close to their location. The courses are also organized based on flexible schedules to make it convenient for all participants.