Musician Invents a Trombone That Shoots Flames Out Of It

Valentin Guerin, 25, is a French aspiring professional trombonist who came up with a crazy new invention: he calls it the ‘Pyro-Trombone’. Guerin invented the instrument himself and owns the patent.

As mentioned on his personal website: “The idea of ​​Pyro-Trombone comes from a simple observation: the public dislikes trombone concerts,” he says. “We must, therefore, innovate with a show of great musical quality, yes, but also absolutely mind-blowing.”

In this video, Guérin performs Arthur Pryor’s Fantastic Polka, accompanied on piano by Valérie Guérin-Descouturelle.

See Valentin Guerin’s Pyro-Trombone in action!



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