U2 Goes In Disguise To Play NYC Subway Gig

Our collective attitudes on local musicians playing in public places may vary, but how would you feel if you had to chance to see a world-renowned rock band play on the subway?

Jimmy Kimmel wondered that too, so he invited multi-platinum rock icon U2 onto his show to do just that. With members of U2 and Kimmel himself in disguise, the band setup at the 42nd St Subway in New York City dressed as street musicians. Though they started performing their own music, Kimmel tried to solicit for the band for donations, asking subway goers to support local music.

Notice the attitude of those in the vicinity of this spectacle. While the people seem to tolerate the performers early on, everyone’s attitude changed once it was revealed that the musicians were in fact U2. Suddenly it became a party, and everyone got into the music.

This is an interesting experiment by Kimmel, and I have to tip my hat to him. However, there are countless truly impressive and talented local musicians, or street performers showcasing their talents across the world in platforms like this. My encouragement to you is to truly support great talent when you encounter it. Regardless of whether the street performer may one day become a famous entity, great art is worth celebrating.


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