The Tiniest Grand Piano Ever

It’s a fact: all our tech devices are getting smaller and sleeker (with the exception of the headphones), so it should come to no surprise that manufacturers are trying to do the same…with musical instruments.

The world’s smallest grand piano, manufactured by Sega Toys, barely measures 9.8 inches in width, by 7 inches in height and 11 inches in depth (25x18x33 cm). Aptly called “Grand Pianist”, it is complete with a small speaker and features 88 keys, an SD port, and several pre-recorded songs—the keys actually move (spooky!) when each song is playing.

Each key is 4 mm wide but, Japan Trend Shop reports, it works just as “a real piano” (we don’t know about that!), and promises to deliver a “natural sound” (based on what we heard, they did keep their promises indeed).

This is the not the first time in recent times that the piano has received a completely contemporary spin: do you remember, for instance, the invention of the Seaboard, a silicon and rubber keyboard that also doubles as a synthesizer, bending the pitch and creating different kinds of swells and dynamics?

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