The Piano Guys Stage Spontaneous Concert for People in a Nursing Home

When you think of an inventive and creative place to perform live, preferably in front of an engaging audience, several options can come to mind. An outdoor amphitheater or a baseball stadium in the off-season seem like great places to engage with an interactive audience. The Piano Guys had a different idea for an unconventional venue, one that would stump most other performers. However, the venue and the patrons illustrate that this choice was one of the best.

This nursing home and its residents were in for a real treat when The Piano Guys brought their energy and fun through music. Extra kudos to the upright bassist also playing kick drum. The sweetness of the response by the retirees in dancing, toe-tapping, and all-around fun had to be the best payoff for these musicians.

Cap it off with the great pitch for their website by a Betty White look-a-like at the very end.

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