What’s The Difference Between Sub 37 vs Sub Phatty?

sub 37 vs sub phatty
sub 37 vs sub phatty

Keyboards are one of the most popular instruments that you can find out there. While the keyboards with hammer action and all wooden bodies are considered to be a luxury and are certainly a class apart, they are not easily accessible or affordable for anyone looking, to begin with, the keyboard. That problem is essentially solved by getting those electric keyboards that will be helping you out through the learning process.

These keyboards are not only easy to master, but they will also be getting you just the right edge of clarity and least maintenance at the same time. However, each keyboard has its distinct features that you will need to know and be careful about them at the same time. It will be allowing you to enjoy the right edge of perfection to use them for any of the needs that you might be having. They are also pretty great to be played in a band.

Sub 37 and Sub Phatty are two such things that will be getting you the right edge of perfection. They are both the best keyboards that you can get. Although, they do have some differences on them as well. If you are looking to get any of these, here are a few things that you will need to know for comparing them both.

A Comparison Between Sub 37 vs Sub Phatty

Sub 37

Sub 37 from Moog music is one of the best keyboard systems that you can get out there. It is one of the best synthesizers that you can use and is built on the award-winning Sub Phatty sound engine. It’s a limited-release, 2-note Paraphonic analog synthesizer that has specifically enhanced to meet the modern music requirements for all the different needs you can be having.

In addition to that, you will also be getting the right features that one might be needing for any of their professional audio design needs. Sub 37 gets you the thick, overdriven bass sound at the same time to make sure that you can get the perfection of utility on it for all the different genres you might be looking to play it for. It comes with a free sub 37 software that is librarian and editor at the same time.

That would be just the thing an audio engineer can need to make it work for all their needs. It has controls for all the levels so you can make sure to have a better experience with any of the audio needs. The enhanced and most advanced panel that you get on Sub 37 would be allowing you to enjoy the better performance for instant access to Duo mode, which would be activating independent performance for oscillator 1 and oscillator 2.


Sub Phatty is a synthesizer, and while it might not have as many keys and all those nodes as you might like to have on a full-sized keyboard, it is the best thing that you can get if you are looking for an enhanced experience with any sort of synthesizer needs you might be having. The Sub Phatty gets you the right edge of perfection with its award-winning design and performance.

Sub Phatty is essentially an analog synthesizer, that combines the classic, hands-on control of vintage instruments for you. Sub Phatty is going to get you the right edge of perfection that you might have been looking for, and it gets the transformative multidrive circuit to ensure the right clarity for you. It has a highly aggressive sound design and performance analog synthesizer that combines all the different features you might be looking to have.

You will get better control with the 25 full-size keys and a 31-knob panel so you can have all the different features to achieve the right power and get all those tones set straight at the same time. In addition to that, each oscillator on the synthesizer is fed into a high-gain mixer to allow you rich and punchy bass.

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