Study with Mozart for Increased Productivity

I’m writing this article as I’m listening to Mozart’s Violin Sonatas, and it’s always such a great creativity booster when I write or read. In many cases, people like to listen to their usual pop music while studying, reading or writing projects, but what if I came to you with a different approach to studying?listening to mozart while working
What if I told you that listening to Mozart’s Violin Sonatas could help increase your IQ by three points in the long term?

When you study with classical music, your brain activity increases exponentially as the cells start moving to the sound of the music, through the right hemisphere of the brain. Since the right hemisphere of the brain controls the creativity, imagination, holistic though and intuition in your brain, the work you’re doing while listening to the music improves. You start concentrating more on what you’re writing, studying or reading and you’re intuition takes the front seat as you start coming up with new ways to logically understand the topic you’re studying or writing about.

You may not immediately notice the improvement in brain function during your first classical music work sessions, but as time goes by, you will find that your ideas will flow more clearly and your ability to write will improve as you find the classical sonnet that works best for you.

That being said, take on the Classical Music challenge and find the music that works best for you. Depending on your current brain activity, you will find sonatas that will improve your brain function while others will decrease it. Take some time to see how you react to each classical music you listen to and asses the best one for studying, reading and writing.

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