How Background Music Affects Your Productivity

background music at work productivity
There is much discussion about the effects of music on productivity. Do you feel like listening to music while you are studying or working can increase your focus or does it just become a distraction? Does it depend on the individual or is there some sort of watermark or guideline that can help us use music to increase productivity?

Ultimately one’s ability to focus depends on a wide variety of factors, but music can definitely play an important role in the situation. According to an article in The New York Times, if you listen to an uplifting and compelling background music while you are at work, you might find that the positive mood stemming from the song might actually help you to focus on your work and allow you to manage your time in a better way. The music you enjoy makes the work softer, and it makes you feel better about yourself while performing your professional tasks.
On the other hand, if you are forced to listen to music that you do not like in a situation that you do not enjoy, it can actually cause the opposite effect. Military forces notoriously used noise and heavy metal music in order to psychologically distress prisoners before interrogations!
For better or for worse, background music has an incredible effect on the human brain.

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