Stradivarius Violin Worth £2 Million And It Sounds Just Beautiful

This Stradivarius violin is the violin that has dates ranging back to 1684. This violin has been on the table for the auction this month by the auction company Ingles & Hayday. The bidding or expected price is around £1.3m-£2m for the bidders. Classic FM was very careful while handling this Stradivarius violin.

This violin is truly a masterpiece on its own. It was made and crafted by Antonio Stradivari. He made this violin when he was in his forties. It was almost the start of his career and this creation was par with his later violin creations.

This great violin is made from the maple wood and has a Stradivari’s trademark golden coating that makes it more attractive than the original. Some experts say that it is the varnish that gives a beautiful but a slightly different sound to this Stradivarius violin.

The auction house has said that this Stradivarius violin is one of the finest examples of Antonio Stradivari’s violins. It was one of the key turning point in the development of Luthier’s style. This violin has been played by the world renowned violinists Frank Peter Zimmermann, Alexander Gilman and Suyeon Kim.

Let’s listen to the amazing sound of a £2m violin played by the violinist Samuel Staples.

Source: Classic FM Facebook

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