9 Pieces Of Songs About Hunger

Songs About Hunger
Songs About Hunger

Hunger’s appearance in music often relates to irresistible instinct, desire and ravenous lust for something unobtainable. From songs about craving your crush to tracks with a vampiric, blood-thirsty twist, our playlist of songs about hunger crosses the genres and covers it all.

Songs About Hunger

1. Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger

Darkthrone’s pioneering black metal track, Transilvanian Hunger, ingeniously embodies the abysmally bleak landscape crowning their title.

Styling their lyrics with dread-inducing sparsity, each souring line artfully mirrors the descent into sanguinary hunger from a vampiric perspective, far removed from modernity’s glossy interpretation;

“The mountains are cold… soul, cold, careful pale, forever at night … Embrace me eternally in your daylight slumber, to be draped by the shadow of your morbid palace, oh, hate living… The only heat is warm blood.”

2. Harry Styles – Hunger

This unreleased Harry Styles demo track is woven with a myriad of food-related lyrics, most notably the striking metaphorical comparison between hunger and emptiness, symbolising the difference between new love and lived-in, burnt-out emotions;

“We had a hunger then, only each other then, couldn’t get enough when we started… now it’s just emptiness, we were in love, we were starving, we had a hunger then.”

Composed around the theme of destructively falling in and out of love, this serene acoustic-based track is for anyone regretting all they’ve lost, whilst knowing deep down it was for the best; “I could never get sick of you, I just bit off more than I could chew … I lost my taste for the good in us.”

3. Florence + The Machine – Hunger

Florence + The Machine’s 2018 single, Hunger, reflects upon self-image and self-love, its title worked into a metaphor for the ruining inability to love yourself; “We all have a hunger.”

This is a track which empowers the audience in their sense of self identity, whilst exposing the paranoia of not feeling pretty enough under the pressure of society’s unachievable beauty standards;

“The way you use your body, baby, come on and work it for me, don’t let it get you down, you’re the best thing I’ve seen … And it’s Friday night and it’s kicking in, in that pink dress they’re gonna crucify me.”

4. Ross Copperman – Hunger

Released as a fragment of The Vampire Diaries soundtrack, Ross Copperman’s cinematic pop track, Hunger, illustrates the burning desire to be with the one you want;

“I’m on fire like a thousand suns, I couldn’t put it out even if I wanted to, these flames tonight, look into my eyes and say you want me, too, like I want you.”

This track aspires to true, infinite love, composed with an array of morbid yet deeply romantic sentiments embodying a vampiric style of adoration; “One look and I can’t catch my breath, two souls into one flesh.”

5. Fergie ft. Rick Ross – Hungry

Fergie & Rick Ross’ 2017 trap / pop collab is rooted in an eerily dominating ambience inflicting a primal sense of fear or power, depending on your predisposition.

This track compares the heartless feeling of hunger with merciless aspiration, making an interesting distinction between attention-seeking behaviour and satisfying the true desire for respect;

“I make they hands go up when I show up, and I blow it ’til I’m full up, girl up in the mirror, only one I fear, you say you the realest, I told you I’m the illest … sick, sick, mmm, hungry, starving, not thirsty, just hungry, ambitious, still hungry.”

6. Temple Of The Dog – Hunger Strike

Temple Of The Dog’s 1991 rock release, Hunger Strike, is a protest song against the capitalist structure and the imbalance of wealth and food across the nation.

Their titling ‘hunger strike’ could refer either to self-inspired protest or forced starvation alike, as the rich gain more than those beneath, leaving the less fortunate in hunger;

“I don’t mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence, but I can’t feed on the powerless when my cup’s already overfilled … And it’s on the table, their mouths are all choking but I’m going hungry.”

7. Eric Carmen – Hungry Eyes

Eric Carmen’s 1987 hit single, Hungry Eyes, is a classic take on love and lust, its lyrics unravelling the long-secreted truth to the woman whose stolen the narrator’s heart, “I’ve been meaning to tell you, I’ve got this feeling that won’t subside, I look at you and I fantasise, you’re mine tonight.”

Clad with a plush 80s atmosphere, this track borders upon outright obsession whilst carrying a pure and heartfelt sense of wonder within both lyrics and synth-soaked harmony; “One look at you and I can’t disguise, I’ve got hungry eyes, I feel the magic between you and I.”

8. Of Monsters And Men – Hunger

This pop track by Of Monsters And Men is about discarding the remnants of a ruined relationship and moving on independently, empowered by your own need to progress and succeed away from the person who’s been holding you back;

“And for the longest time I knew, there was nothing left for us to do … Hungry for the kill, but this hunger, it isn’t you.”

Hunger draws inspiration from the crippling feeling of being love-starved whilst in a relationship, with OMAM’s narrator cycling between thriving and withering to reflect the ever-recurring state of hunger;

“And I grow tall to fill the void, let me go ’cause you are just a shade of what I am, not what I’ll be, but in this quiet company, I forget sometimes just how to breathe, fill my lungs with the sound.”

9. The Distiller – The Hunger

The Distiller’s 2003 rock track, The Hunger, centres itself in the raw and relentless energy of insatiable craving for a lover who’s long-since fled your grasp; “I never knew I’d beg down at your feet, hold on tight, I never knew I’d know much more than this, open sky, the wave of pain, the scent of you is bliss.”

Hunger is laced with a similar theme of blood-lust and vampirism, hinting at an unbreakable bond between partners made evermore tragic by the macabre, unloving ending; “Hold onto the memory, it’s all you’ve got, I know you’ll be there to soak up blood lost.”

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