Review: Trevor Hall’s Chapter Of The Forest

trevor hall chapter of the forrest
Three years ago I was introduced to a long-haired songwriter who meshed Christian stories with Eastern religion through an acoustic­ folk styled reggae backdrop. It was an interesting musical experience, and it involved having some time away from work. Sometimes we need to remove ourselves from distractions to fully appreciate the beauty presented to us. This songwriter is Trevor Hall, and his one­ of ­a ­kind sound changed the way I connected with some music. It hit me on an emotional level that was both profound and fun, namely songs like The Lime Tree, 31 Flavors (killer love song), and House (one of the best songs about heaven).
Hence, I’ve followed his subsequent releases, including Trevor Hall’s experiment with a more upbeat pop sound on Everything Everytime Everywhere album from 2011. This one took a little longer to grow on me but it’s still excellent. This year marked a new release that I was very excited to check out. In a method unlike most indie performers, Trevor brought us as fans on a journey with him into the making of each song, from the songwriting to the purpose of each track. He marked each of these experiences through individual videos released the week of his album debut. The video here showcases the overall trailer for the album.

The latest release is titled Chapter Of The Forest, and it picks up more along the lines from where his self­ titled album left off. There is a journey Trevor continues to be on, a search for peace, truth, love, and clarity in a world that is filled with so much that isn’t any of these things. His constant trek to not only find love but spread it to everyone on earth is one of the most powerful messages and missions anyone can take on. Reminiscent of Dale Carnegie, Trevor Hall is the songwriter who uplifts your spirit and hope for the world just by surrounding yourself with his songs. Chapter Of The Forest brings back much of his reggae roots, blending some Indian and eastern music seasonings, and raises the human spirit up to new heights. Key tracks include The Green Mountain State, The Promised Land, and Kabir II.


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