10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Flute

Reasons Learn to Play the Flute
Reasons Learn to Play the Flute

Looking for the reasons why you should learn to play the flute?

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No one ever told you that playing the flute has incredible health and physical benefits- but it does. The flute is one of the most approachable instruments out there because it does not have an intimidating quality to it, like most other wind instruments.

he flute, though tiny, has the capacity to introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities musically and it will allow you to meet some amazing people and see incredible places during your performances.

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If this does not give you the incentive you have been looking for to sign up for flute lessons as soon as possible, you should also know that the flute is a diverse instrument that is virtually found in all corners of the globe.

And among its many health benefits include proper and healthy breathing and core control, which is something that even the most accomplished athletes are after. Here are some more reasons why you should sign up for those flute lessons today:

10 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Play the Flute

  1. The flute is used in many musical genres

If you are looking for an instrument that can give you countless different ensemble options, then you should absolutely sign up for flute lessons. Some of the different ensembles that flutes are used frequently in include concert and jazz bands, orchestra, pit orchestra, flute choirs and more.

  1. Easy to maintain and easy to move around

When deciding to pick an instrument to learn, you should look for one that can be moved easily from place to place, especially if you do not want that you will struggle to haul to and from practice. The flute is one of the smallest instruments available, and the case that it comes with is similarly light and small. Unlike other larger instruments like tuba and trombone, you do not have to worry about things like temperature and humidity- simply assemble it and go.

  1. It is the perfect way to improve your technicality

As you practice and continue to grow, so will you’re your technicality. Learning the flute will improve your coordination from the start as you master different fingering styles and tunes, as you get better, your fingers will be able to move faster and more effectively, which will improve your technical range for other wind instruments.

  1. The flute is an extremely diverse instrument

The flute is one of the oldest instruments and it is also one of the most diverse in the world. The flute, with its various designs, is used in many cultures across the globe. Flutes can be made with a plethora of materials from metal to plastic and this variation and diversity are what makes it so popular.

  1. To improve your respiratory system

The breathing exercises that are needed when first starting to learn the flute will ultimately help to improve your breathing so that you can go about your day to day easily. With improved breathing ability, doing things like exercising or taking the stairs will come naturally to you.

  1. Many opportunities await flutists

The flute is an extremely diverse and versatile instrument that is included in almost all types of ensembles, which is not the case of some instruments. As such, when you choose to learn and master it, the flute will introduce you to a world of new opportunities. There are a lot of flute players out there that make it to honor bands and succeed as professional flute players.

  1. You will be able to easily pick up other instruments

If you do decide that you love the flute and would like to try your hand at another instrument, you can transition easily without a lot of complications. For example, many flute players interested in jazz often transition to instruments that have similar fingerings as the flute such as the alto sax. Should you want to join a marching band, you can also pick up an instrument like the piccolo.

  1. The flute is fun

Simply put, you should sign up for flute lessons because flutes are fun to play. The various types of flutes available all over the world will give you plenty of opportunities to experiment and play around with your sound. Furthermore, practicing and perfecting your flute skills can do wonders for your creativity.

  1. Flutes are available in all shapes and sizes

There is a size and shape of flute to suit your learning style and preferences. Flutes can be played vertically or horizontally and they can be played using an assortment of techniques that are easy to pick up. Flutes can include a single tube like the kind found in concert flutes or have multiple tubes as in panpipes, which gives you great variety within the often-narrow selection of keyed instruments in a symphony orchestra.

  1. Ideal for beginners

Woodwind instruments like the flute come highly recommended for beginners because they are easier to learn compared to say, string instruments. When learning wind instruments like the flute, you can expect to make progress quickly and can learn as many as three notes in your very first lesson- exciting isn’t it? Because of its portability, it also makes a great instrument for young learners.


The flute is one of the oldest instruments out there so you can be sure that when you pick it, the skills that you learn will stay with you for years to come. Learning the flute, like almost all other instruments, requires patience and perseverance, which also happen to be attributes that can make you a great employee and boost your academic performance.

You can find the flute being used regularly in world and jazz music. Best of all, the flute is easy to maintain and even easier to carry around, which means that you have no excuses; sign up and start experiencing the beauty of this diminutive but powerful instrument for yourself.

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