PAF vs Humbucker Guitar: The Main Differences

paf vs humbucker
paf vs humbucker

Guitar tones are not just about the genre, but it depends a lot on the tuning, materials being used in the guitar, and what tools are present on the guitar to get the perfect tunes that you might be seeking. The picking styles and how you manage to play with those strings depend a lot on the guitar pickup that you are using.

You will certainly need to ensure that you are conducting your due research and ensuring that you are getting just the perfect experience that you might be seeking. While you are studying those guitar tunes, you might come across PAF and Humbucker phenomenon very often and it can get you confused at times.

Especially while choosing the guitar pickup, this is something that should be considered thoroughly to ensure that you are having the just-right experience to make it through. Yet, there are certain things that you will need to know to make it all work for you. A few key differences between the PAF and Humbucker that you will need to know to make the right decision are:

Comparing the PAF vs Humbucker Guitar

PAF Guitar

PAF is an earlier model of the guitar pickup that is somehow the early humbucker guitar pickup that was invented back in 1955 by Seth Lover. It began to gain popularity when Gibson started using the PAF on the higher model of guitars and had their version of a refined PAF pickup which they had the patent to as well.

While many people think of PAF as some old version of the humbucker guitar pickup, PAF has certain differences from the modern humbuckers pickups and their essential tonal characteristics are certainly different than the humbucker. The application is certainly different, and while you might be able to find the PAF on some rare electric guitar models, it was mostly used on the acoustic or semi-acoustic ones.

It had various changes in the tones and output. This fluctuation in the output and tones of each PAF was certainly a problem as you cannot set a standard and for those guitarists who did not have sufficient experience to identify these tones or those who were learning to play the guitar, PAF was not the optimal option to have on their guitars as primary pickup.

The tuning on PAF was also a little bit more complicated since each PDF pickup had its tones and characteristics and it was not something that you can do out of a textbook approach. All these problems led to the innovation of humbucker as the primary pickup for electric guitars. However, PAF remains to be the most favorite for those who love vintage guitars and would like to have a customized experience on it.

Humbucker Guitar

The humbucker is certainly the best thing that you can get out there on these electric guitars. The Humbucker pickup that you are getting out there uses two-wire coils to cancel out the noisy interference picked up by the coil. At times Humbucker also offers dynamic microphones that are the best thing to cancel electromagnetic hum.

The humbucker pickup started back in 1934 and has been improved ever since to ensure that you are getting the right picking experience on your guitar. The humbucker is certainly the best thing for ensuring the best tuning since it has been designed for perfection.

Humbucker pickups will not get you any sort of tuning problems either and you just have to tune it once to make it certain that you are not getting any problems at all. The guitar is unlikely to get out of tune even if you are keeping it for a few hours or even days. Humbucker pickups are also widely popular due to their standard tones and intonation.

So, you can be certain that you are picking just the right humbucker pickup and will be getting the experience that you can seek out of your humbucker pickup. Humbucker pickups are also some of the most durable guitar pickups available out there in the market, and you will never have to worry about scratches or wear and tear.


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