Mick Jagger Gives Advice To Younger Bands: Make Every Show Count

Instead of looking to health magazines and blogs on how you can eat better to live longer, why not take a page out of a different playbook. According to Mick Jagger, the 71 year old rock icon and frontman for The Rolling Stones, rock and roll may be the key to eternal youth.

mick jagger rolling stones
Mick Jagger (Photo: Marty Melville, Getty Images)

Jagger is no stranger to the spotlight. In a little over a month, the Stones will embark on a 24 stop tour through North America and Canada beginning in San Diego. Touring has been an integral part of the band’s history, as is with nearly every commercially successful music act. Touring also comes with a price for most bands, both physically and mentally. Jagger’s advice to younger bands looking to be successful in music: make every show count.

“Every night the audience is like a challenge for me. Every time you go out there it’s different. You think it’s the same show, but it’s a different show, different place, different audience,” said Jagger. “For a younger band, you got to bring a sense of uniqueness to every show you do and you got to sort of try somehow to forgot — even though it appears to everyone it’s the same show — but to yourself it’s always got something different and special about it.”

Preparation for any tour involves more than just a good pep talk. The Stones still facilitate a steady mental, psychological and physical regime prior to and during their tours to be able to perform at optimum capacity.

Continuing to write new music, Mick Jagger and The Stones are treating music like they did in their early days, despite their 50 year history in music. Tickets for their upcoming Zip Code Tour are on sale now.

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