14 Websites To Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

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Music is the greatest thing that ever happened to human beings. But preparing the rehearsals and music scores is the real thing that creates the magic. This is ensured by music conducting, and the role is usually played by the music directors. Their music conducting skills determine the path for a song. The music conducting skills are responsible for taking the songs to the next level.

Music conducting improves flexibility because conductors need to work in different locations. These skills clearly make a person self-sufficient as they make opportunities for themselves. It’s needless to say conductors/directors are good at reading and playing music, but with music conducting, they learn music score interpretation.

Also, they start understanding music theories (crucial for making music, right?). In other words, music conducting empowers musicians to improve the performance and style of music techniques. With right music conducting skills, conductors will learn mentorship skills. On top of everything, they turn the bands into teams.

All these benefits clearly define the importance of music conducting. If you are ready to learn music conducting, online courses are the best way. The online courses will help you learn from the comfort of your home, without compromising on your schedule. To help you all out, we have added the websites to learn music conducting lessons online in this article. So, let’s begin the fun!

14 Websites To Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Udemy.com is one of the leading online learning platforms. They have thousands of courses on the website, belonging to different subjects and niches. However, you are here for music conducting lessons, and this website has everything to cover your needs. The website offers a wide range of music conducting lessons that meet every musician’s skillset.

Udemy.com promises that you will learn and master the music conducting skills. That’s because all the courses are well-designed, and instructors are experienced as well. With Udemy.com, the musicians will be able to interpret the phrases and scoring. The website offers courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced musicians.

The website has designed the courses with video lessons as they are easy to learn from. In addition, the students can ask for on-demand videos that address their special needs. Udemy.com ensures that all the courses are well-priced, promising accessibility for everyone. Also, there is a downloadable resource available that helps students learn the music theories.

However, if students aren’t satisfied with the course, Udemy.com has a 30 days money-back guarantee. The best part is that all the courses are displayed with ratings, so students are comfortable in making a choice. All in all, Udemy.com is an authentic website with proven results!

2) Coursera

Coursera Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Online courses are designed for convenience, so students can learn from the comfort of their own home. If you want to learn music conducting online, Coursera.org is the perfect place to start with. The website has an introductory video that shares the fundamentals. With the introductory video, the musicians will learn how to ensemble music.

Coursera.org makes sure that students learn practical strategies. The ensembles learned from this website are applicable to bands, orchestras, and chamber groups. The website has designed multiple modules through which students learn different techniques. With Coursera.org, the students will learn the music conducting the concept of macro-micro-macro.

Once you sign up for the course, you will be able to access personalized lessons. The personalized lessons are designed while keeping in mind the student’s skills and learning needs. Be it the ending pieces or the ending pieces, Coursera.org will teach it all. Once you have completed the course, one can earn the certificate of completion as well.

The website only demands enthusiasm to learn, and students will be able to master the music conducting skills. All the lessons are held online and take only four to six weeks. In addition to these courses, there are legit degrees offered on this website as well.

3) iMusicSchool

iMusicschool Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

What can be the better place to learn music conducting than from music school, right? This is an online music school that helps music enthusiasts learn musicianship skills. iMusic-School.com offers well-designed music conducting lessons. They have adopted a structured learning approach that helps them learn and improve new skills.

All the instructors on iMusic-School.com are experienced and are taken on board after background checks. The students can access multiple learning supports with this website. iMusic-School.com offers extensive content. This content will help learn the basics and advanced skills with one platform. The lessons are tailor-made to help students learn according to their skill level.

Once you sign up on iMusic-School.com, the students will have a teaching team to support them at all times. The website has a special forum through which they can talk to other students and share their experiences. This forum has shown proven results in improving the learning experience. iMusic-School.com offers a self-paced course, so students can learn at their will.

There are masterclasses on this website that helps students become the professional music conductor. Still, if students aren’t satisfied with the course, iMusic-School.com has a full refund policy. The website is pretty user-friendly, promising positive user experience.

4) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Online learning can be difficult because people aren’t used to this learning method. But when you are using the right platform, the learning experience will improve. Even more, the instructor will improve your skills like never before. So, Lessonface.com will connect you with instructors. The website has hundreds of teachers onboard.

Lessonface.com empowers the students to filter the courses based on the price range. Also, you can check the teacher’s availability to ensure you take the lessons when you are free. Lessonface.com offers instructors profile, so you can gain an idea about the instructors before signing up for the course. The ratings and reviews are also available that speaks of the outcome.

However, before you sign up, you can book the trial lesson. The trial lessons will help students access the course’s functionality. The majority of instructors offer online video lessons, but some of them are available for studio sessions as well (you can discuss the location with the teacher!). As for the payment, multiple payment methods are available.

If you aren’t able to find the most suitable teacher, you can enter the skill level, and Lessonface.com will help you connect with a suitable teacher. In contrast, if you’ve any questions, you can use the customer support service to get the answers!

5) TakeLessons

Takelessons Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Over the years, technology has improved, and learning standards have enhanced as well. With this notion, students can start to learn new skills online. But one needs to choose the right platform for online courses. TakeLessons.com is one such website with a wide range of music conducting lesson options.

The website will connect the students will suitable instructors instead of courses. All the teachers are taken on board after extensive background checks. All the instructors have designed courses with video lessons and extra learning material. These lessons will help you learn the music conducting basics and music theories in one place.

TakeLessons.com allows the students to check the availability to find the course. As far as the payments are concerned, students can access the instructors based on different price ranges. On top of everything, the majority of instructors offer regular discounts as well. The website has a private message option that helps students connect and interact with instructors.

Before you sign up for the course, it is advised to check the ratings and reviews. But if you are unable to find a suitable instructor, the student counselor will connect you with the instructors that match your skill level!

6) PlaywithAPro

Playwithapro Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Music is a diverse yet intricate field. Similarly, if you are interested in music conducting, you need to understand that it requires concentration and skills. However, these skills must be learned from the rest. PlayWithAPro.com is a suitable website as you will learn from the pros. If you have an instructor in mind, you can search them up by name.

The best thing about this website is that it matches you with the instructors that match your skill level. The courses are available for beginners to help them learn the basics. In addition, there are intermediate and advanced courses for students who want to learn advanced music conducting skills. PlayWithAPro.com helps students filter out the instructors that match their price range.

PlayWithAPro.com has several teachers on board, and some of them even offer trial sessions. The website hosts numerous where students can show off their skills. Also, there are free masterclass videos available for intermediate and advanced players. The videos provide practical knowledge about music conducting and makes you the professional.

As far as the payments are concerned, the instructors charge on a per hour basis. On top of everything, there are group sessions available, but if you are interested in one-to-one lectures, you can hire a private instructor as well.

7) OnlineConducting

Onlineconducting Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

OnlineConducting.com is a specialized website that is designed to teach the music conducting. This website offers online as well as in-person lessons. However, in-person lessons are only available in Denmark. As for the online lessons, they are pretty well-designed and are promised to offer positive results.

The website empowers the students to schedule the lessons that suit their schedules. The instructors will regularly keep in touch with students to design the lessons that address the lagging areas. With this website, the students will learn the basics of music conducting and help them develop the basic techniques.

In addition, the students will be able to learn how to read and prepare the scores. In the long term, students will be able to develop their own rhythms and forms. On top of everything, students will be able to communicate their ideas and interpretations through music conducting. The website hosts online video sessions on Zoom.

For the beginners and first-timers, the website has a 30-minute free session. This free session will basically answer the frequently asked questions and clear out the queries. All in all, the lessons are pretty educational and help students hone music conducting skills!

8) Curious

Curious Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Music is for the creative and curious souls, and if you want to harness the music conducting, this website will become the ultimate option. When you first sign up on the website, you can take a little interview, which helps the instructors assess your skills and design the course accordingly. The instructors put in extra effort to design the lessons that match the student’s skills.

Curious.com empowers the students to set the monthly goals and design the lessons that help achieve all those goals. The students will be able to conduct basic meters with Curious.com. The website has an introductory video on the main page that helps students gain an idea of the website and lessons. Once you sign up for the course, students will be able to access the library.

The library has a wide range of lessons designed that help students learn the basics. In addition to basics, the video library has multiple lessons that teach professional and advanced techniques. All the lessons are interactive because nobody wants to look at the screen and learn nothing, right?

9) Tutorful

Tutorful Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

If you are interested in music conducting lessons, online courses and lessons can be pretty helpful. Some people aren’t comfortable with online learning because in-person sounds more beneficial for them. So, if you want access to multiple options, Tutorful.co.uk offers online and in-person courses. The courses are designed, keeping in mind the skill level of the students.

It is advised to enter the right skill level because it impacts the instructor choice. Tutorful.co.uk has some instructors onboard that teach music conducting to kids as well. However, if the students aren’t satisfied with the instructor, the website matches them with another instructor for free. Tutorful.co.uk has an Aroid and iOS app available as well.

With this app, the students can not only access the video lessons but find the instructor as well. Tutorful.co.uk has a private message through which students can interact with instructors and discuss things. The chat feature is available in the app as well. The website charges on a per-hour basis, which means students need to pay for the lessons that they take (no extra charges!)

However, if students have some issues, they can call on the telephone number to get their queries answered. Also, there is chat support available on the website, as well!

10) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

For all the people who want to learn music conducting without compromising on the performance, Superprof.com is a suitable website. When you first sign up on the website, you can enter the skill level and find the experienced teachers. All the video lessons are conducted through webcam. Some instructors offer video lessons through Zoom while some of them use Skype.

Superprof.com empowers the students to learn music conducting from the comfort of their homes. There are 56 music conducting instructors onboard. All the instructors on Superprof.com offer the first lesson for free. The first lesson usually covers the basics and fundamental techniques. This lesson help students see if they want to move forward.

The students can go through the instructor profile (check the reviews, experience, and rates). Then, they can interact with teachers and explain their needs. With these discussions, the instructors will customize the lessons that meet the student’s learning needs. Also, the students can schedule the lessons that align with their schedule.

As far as the payment is concerned, the students are responsible for paying the instructors on their own. Also, multiple masterclasses help students learn professional music conducting skills.

11) Wyzant

Wyzant Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

If you are into music conducting, learning from the right platform is essential. This is because music is an intricate field and requires extra concentration and focus. Wyzant.com is one of the most amazing websites with online courses and lessons. But there is a unique factor because this website connects the students with instructors.

There are multiple filters on the website that help students connect with the most suitable instructor. For instance, the students can set the hourly rates that match their skillset. Also, there are day availability features that help students find instructors based on their availability. All the instructors on Wyzant.com are experienced.

Wyzant.com conducts in-depth background research that ensures there are only authentic instructors. The best thing about this website is that students can set gender preferences regarding the instructor. On top of everything, Wyzant.com has instructors to teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced players.

The website has an Instant Book service for students who want to learn music conducting but don’t have time to find the instructor. So, all you need to do is set the timings, and Instant Book will find the instructor for you. Also, there is an iOS and Android app available as well for easy access!

12) TutorHunt

Tutorhunt Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

Hunting for the right online courses is integral because the platform you choose will impact the learning experience. For everyone looking for music conducting lessons, TutorHunt.com is a perfect website out there. The website will find (or we may say hunt down) the suitable instructor. The instructors are offering multiple music conducting lessons.

TutorHunt.com has multiple filters that help find the perfect instructor. The website has online and in-person instructors. These instructors have designed top-notch video lessons for student’s convenience. Also, the students can filter out the instructors based on the price range. On top of everything, you can set the tutor ratings before signing up for the course.

TutorHunt.com has numerous instructors onboard that help students learn from their experience. Most of the instructors offer online lessons, but some of them offer in-person lessons as well. The students can interact with instructors through private message option available on TutorHunt.com. The instructors offer lessons in different lessons for higher accessibility.

On top of everything, students can enter the postcode to hep find nearby instructors. There are feedbacks and testimonials from previous students that reflect on the authenticity. As for the payments, students can pay the instructors via PayPal!

13) Study

Study Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

For everyone who is interested in online learning, multiple websites are offering online courses. This is why we have come up with Study.com that ahs designed with a wide range of courses. These courses are available online. Study.com has an interactive interface that helps students access and navigate the courses easily.

Study.com has courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. With the beginner course, students will learn the basics of music conducting, end pattern, and start pattern as well. They have an Android and iOS app available that makes it easy for the students to access the course. The students can take the video lessons through the app as well.

In addition, Study.com has a YouTube channel that offers free tips and tricks videos. Study.com has designed special school solutions for music schools. The school solution has lessons for groups. The best thing about this website is that they have designed the quizzes. By taking these quizzes, students can check their progress and identify the lagging areas.

The courses are designed with video lessons. However, if the video lessons aren’t answering your queries, you can ask the teachers to design on-demand videos for you. By the end of each course, the students can earn the completion certificate as well (shareable!)

14) Apprentus

Apprentus Learn Music Conducting Lessons Online

If you’ve been looking for the teachers that help you learn the music conducting skills, Apprentus.com is an amazing platform. This website has several teachers on board who are ready to share their experience and knowledge about music conducting with the students.

The instructors provide online lessons and video calls through webcam. As for the software, some of them offer live video sessions on Skype, while some of them use Zoom. With Apprentus.com, you will gain deep knowledge about music and how it works.

The instructors design video lessons based on the student’s skills and goals. These preferences can be shared with the instructors through private messages. Also, students can sign up for the newsletter that offers regular updates regarding courses and new instructors!

Choosing The Best Music Conducting Lesson Online

Music conducting is one of the most important skills for musicians. This is because music conducting skills pose a positive impact on their overall musicianship skills. With this article, we have shared information about websites to learn music conducting lessons online. These websites are perfect for everyone who wants to learn these skills online. So, sign up today and lead the bands like never before!

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