14 Websites To Learn Massage Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn massage lessons online

learn massage lessons online

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The modern world is pretty hectic because people are always busy working. Even when at home, chores and responsibilities can be a handful. In such situations, getting a massage can be pretty relaxing. It’s needless to say that massage calms down the tensed nerves. But have you always to book massages? Nope, you can become the massage therapist or masseuse as well!

Many people don’t consider this, but massage therapy training can be pretty career-focused. Once you complete the training, there are the right career opportunities. While providing the massages, you feel a sense of satisfaction for helping the clients. The improvement in the client’s mood before and after the massage promotes satisfaction, and you start feeling good.

The best thing about being a massage therapist is that you earn while being flexible. That’s because masseuses have flexible hours and schedules. The massage therapists can set their preferred working hours while being your own boss. The massage therapists can be their own bosses, and don’t we all love that?

Now, this might sound surprising, but massage therapists can stay in good active. Being a massage therapist demands to be on foot all the time, and they get enough exercise on the upper body. All in all, massage therapy training is pretty productive, and now, you can get trained online. In this article, we have added a website to learn massage lessons online for the massaging enthusiasts. So, have a look!

14 Websites To Learn Massage Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

udemy learn massage lessons online

Massage is a very rewarding thing out there, and if you want to learn how to give massages, there are online trainings available. Udemy.com has developed multiple massage learning courses available. The website is aimed at transforming the lives of people with learning. You name it, and Udemy.com has courses for you.

Udemy.com offers a 30-days moneyback guarantee for students. This means that you can get your money back within 30 days if you aren’t satisfied with the course. The courses are designed with video lessons, so students can learn the techniques easily. Udemy.com offers on-demand videos for students who need focused learning.

Also, there are downloadable resources for students who want to learn offline. Once students buy the course, the website offers full lifetime access, empowering students to learn and revise. The courses can be accessed on TV as well as mobile if you are connected to the internet. Udemy.com offers a completion certificate as well (a great thing to hang in your main office!)

Udemy.com is offering beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert courses. The expert courses are available as professional training, so students can start their masseuse startup. Be it the deep tissue massage or shiatsu massage, Udemy.com has courses for everyone.

2) SkillShare

skillshare learn massage- essons online

Learning new skills in life is important and online learning has made things easy for everyone. Skillshare.com is an amazing website for everyone who wants to learn new skills through online platforms. Similarly, the website offers massage courses as well. These massage courses are perfect for everything who wants to follow the masseuse career.

Skillshare.com has a fair share of free and premium courses onboard. The free courses basically teach basic techniques. The basic techniques will help students learn how to find the tensed nerves and how to soothe them. Also, there are filters through which students can find the courses that meet their schedule (students can set the lesson duration).

There is an Android and iOS app available for providing easy access to the courses. Also, the app can be helpful in going through the reviews and instructors’ profile. If you’ve a good track record, Skillshare.com has designed scholarship programs. Also, if you intend to create a massage facility, the website offers team plans. With team plans, you can provide massage trainings to the employees.

Skillshare.com has a huge variety of massage training courses available. These courses are designed with video lessons. However, the students can interact with instructors on a video call and get their questions answered. On top of everything, the website has an intuitive interface that makes courses accessible and easy to find!

3) Reed

reed learn massage lessons online

Massage is a pretty diverse field as it has multiple types of massages available. Reed.co.uk has different types of massage courses available for everyone out there. The students can learn different massaging skills based on current needs and long-term goals. The website offers online as well as in-person courses.

The online courses are perfect for everyone who wants to learn the massage skills but don’t have time for physical classes. Also, there are in-person courses (massage training is better, in-person!). The students can finalize the in-person training location with the instructors. The website has a private message option available for students and instructors.

Reed.co.uk has free courses where students can understand the broader aspect of massage without investing money. The website has A-level, NVQ, and care certificates available for students with different learning goals. With a price filter, the students can custom price ranges that meet the budget. Reed.co.uk offers robust tutor support for students who want to sort out the concepts.

All the courses on Reed.co.uk have self-paced features, so students can learn whenever they want. Also, there are certificates of completion by the end of each course. So, learn the tips and techniques and kick-start your professional journey as a masseuse.

4) LearnDirect

learndirect learn massage lessons online

If you want to learn how to provide massages, online courses are suitably available for everyone. Multiple websites are offering online massage courses, and LearnDirect.com is one of them. This website is one of the most leading UK’s online learning platforms. Also, the students can learn to sign up on the website to access the newsletter.

The website has a YouTube channel as well where students can learn basic tips and techniques. As for the payment, LearnDirect.com offers monthly payments. With monthly payments, students can access as many lessons as they want. Still, if you cannot afford a one-time course payment, the website has a convenient installment and loan plan.

All these courses are available online and have guided video lessons. LearnDirect.com has an active internet connection required for accessing the courses. Also, the module system is used on this website, so students can learn on a step-by-step basis. LearnDirect.com offers tutor assessments where the instructors will focus on your progress and design the future lessons accordingly.

The courses comprise of study material where students can learn the theories and concepts. LearnDirect.com has optional diploma options available as well. So, just go through the student testimonials and choose the course based on your needs!

5) Study

study learn massage lessons online

For everyone who wants to harness new skills, online learning is an easy option. People can just connect their devices with the internet and start learning from the comfort of your home. So, Study.com has optimal massage courses available. This website has massage courses available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced people.

Study.com has developed multiple features for productive results and convenient learning experience. This website offers multiple learning tools around the clock. The best thing about Study.com is that they have made the skills easy to learn. There are five-minute video clips, providing precise information. Even more, the tutors are available 24/7, helping you learn new skills.

The website has a well-designed library where students can find answers to the common questions regarding massage. Study.com has an Android and iOS app available for easy access to lessons, library, and tutors. There are hundreds of flashcards available on Study.com with which students can learn massage techniques quickly.

When you opt for premium courses, the students can take quizzes and practice tests. These tests and quizzes help assess the progress and focus on lagging points. So, sign up today and start learning how to give a massage!

6) MassageAroundTheWorld

massagearoundtheworld learn massage lessons online

Well, around the world, there are hundreds of types of massages available. These massages are there to help people calm their nerves and get rid of tiredness. So, if you want to learn them all, MassageAroundTheWorld has a wide range of massage courses available. These courses are perfect for physical therapists, spa operators, and massage therapists.

With this website, the students will be able to learn massage skills from the comfort of their homes. The students can learn anytime they want with the website’s self-paced features. Once you pay for the course, you can access the demonstration videos that enhance the learning experience. The best thing about this website is that students can learn from different instructors at one time.

The multiple instructor feature helps to learn massage techniques with different perspectives. MassageAroundTheWorld.com offers newsletter subscriptions to every student. The newsletter subscription provides robust information about new courses, video lessons, and more. MassageAroundTheWorld.com specializes in providing Tibetan and Ayurvedic massage techniques.

In addition to these massage techniques, the students can access the spa consulting and training sessions. These sessions are suitable for people who intend to start their own spa or massage clinic.

7) TheBeautyAcademy

thebeautyacademy learn massage lessons online

Spa and massage clinics are everyone’s favorite who want to free up the tensed muscles. To be honest, the market is huge, and if you learn how to give massages, you can make a rewarding career. With TheBeautyAcademy.org, you can learn different massage types and techniques from the comfort of your home.

The students can access the courses on tablets, mobile phones, and iPads with internet connectivity. The website has more than 25 years of experience in teaching spa and massage techniques. There are independent instructors available on this website. Also, there are diplomas for people who intend to open the massage institutes or spas.

TheBeautyAcademy.org provides video lessons for easy learning. In addition, there is extra study material that helps students understand the core concepts of massage. However, students can access in-person sessions, as well. All you need to do is enter the postcode and find the nearest training location. As far as the payments are concerned, students can buy the course and access them anytime.

There are multiple payment methods available inclusive of Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, Maestro, and more. TheBeautyAcademy.org is offering short-term beauty and massage training since 1990. So, there are no compromises on the productivity of the courses!

8) QAcademy

qacademy learn massage lessons online

Virtual and online learning trends have increased exponentially over the past years. The prime reason is that people can learn new skills from the comfort of their homes. So, if you want to become the massage therapist, QAcademy.com.au is an amazing platform. The website is RTP-focused that helps students learn new skills in an interactive manner.

QAcademy.com.au has a Resit and Refresh feature through which students can revise the course whenever they want (no time restrictions!). The courses are designed by professionals who have insights and deep information about massage therapies. These instructors have shared their experience and knowledge with the students.

In contrast to online courses, this virtual institution offers in-person training as well. The students can use the campus locator to check if there are instructors available near your location. However, the massage therapy courses and training on this website are pretty expensive. So, to help out the students, QAcademy.com.au has VET student loan HLS Subsidy.

The courses are self-paced, so students can learn whenever they want. Still, if you have any questions, you can access the information by talking to the instructors. Also, there is active chat support available on the website as well!

9) NetQAcademy

netqacademy learn massage lessons online

Online learning can be productive and rewarding if you are learning from the right platform. While looking for online learning platforms, it’s advised to choose the certified platforms. So, NetQAcademy.com.au is one of the most suitable online learning platforms. With this website, the students can learn massage therapy and remedial massage.

These massage therapy trainings are certified. The courses are developed with high-quality video lessons and supporting material. With online learning opportunities, students have access to flexible learning opportunities. Also, the students can gain control over their learning curve. All the videos are designed for over five to ten minutes.

The video length not only ensures positive results but is engaging as well. NetQAcademy.com.au offers one-to-one support with coaches, so students can clarify their concepts. Once you sign up for the course, you can access the dashboard. Through the dashboard, students can assess reference material. All in all, students can assess every information at their fingertips.

The website offers self-paced learning opportunities for everyone. NetQAcademy.com.au has designed massage courses with different modules. These modules cover the basic techniques and advanced tips to help ace the massage therapist career. As for the payment, the students need to pay upfront, but loans and government subsidies are available as well.

10) NewSkillAcademy

newskillacademy learn massage lessons online

For everyone who wants to learn massage skills and techniques, online learning is an apt choice. With NewSkillAcademy.co.uk offers online massage therapy courses available. This website empowers the students to learn from the comfort of their homes. The website has designed an International Massage Diploma that provides a complete overview of massage therapies.

The course is designed with twenty hours of video lessons that cover the core concepts and fundamentals. The website has a self-paced feature through which students can learn whenever they want. The courses are designed with multiple modules to ensure a step-by-step learning experience. The course and modules are available on every device with internet connectivity.

Once you sign up for the course, students can interact with instructors as well. The instructor is available online, so students can clear their queries easily. The best thing about NewSkillAcademy.co.uk is that there are no entry prerequisites because anyone can join the course and learn. At the end of the course, students can take a multiple choice quiz that helps access the progress.

After passing the quiz, the students can print the certificate of completion. As for the payments, NewSkillAcademy.co.uk accepts payments via PayPal, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. So, start studying, and you’ll become the qualified massage therapist in no time!

11) USCareerInstitute

uscareerinstitute learn massage lessons online

If you want to learn massage therapies, you must be aware that it’s one of the most flexible careers out there. The best part is that people can learn massage therapies online at the comfort of your home. U.S.CareerInstatute.com has online massage therapy courses available for massage enthusiasts. By learning from this website, you will become a part of this growing industry and earn significantly.

With this website, you will be able to earn an associate degree and watch opportunities pouring. There are no schedule restrictions because U.S.CareerInstitute.com has self-paced features. This means that students can learn whenever they want. Also, there is all-time instructor support available for students who want to clear their concepts.

In addition to HS diplomas and massage therapy courses, students can access personalized courses. These courses are designed, keeping in mind the student’s learning needs. They have a proper YouTube channel where you can learn the basic tips and techniques for massage therapies. The website provides hands-on training; you learn practical techniques.

There is an eGift card option available from which students can access discounts on courses. In addition, the students can access military and government benefits. Overall, the website is pretty suitable as there is something for every skill set!

12) eLearningMarketPlace

elearningmarketplace learn massage lessons online

If you want to learn how to give massages, there are online opportunities available. If you’ve been looking for a platform that provides online massage therapy lessons, eLearningMarketplace.co.uk is an amazing option. This website has more than two thousand courses available from where students can learn every possible skill.

eLearningMarketplace.co.uk is available in more than thirty countries, making it accessible and convenient for everyone. To be honest, this website is suitable for top-notch eLearning experience. This website has won multiple awards over the past few years, speaking volumes about the positive results. The students can sign up for a newsletter on the website and receive regular updates.

Once you sign up on the website, you will be able to access the courses immediately. In addition, eLearningMarketplace.co.uk offers downloadable resources, as well. The downloadable resources are pretty detailed, so everyone can learn the core concepts. All the courses on this website are endorsed and accredited.

On top of everything, there is a free learning management system for people who want team learning. If students have some doubts and queries, the website has an active customer chat support. Also, if you buy multiple courses, you might even get some discounts!

13) ICIEducation

icieducation learn massage lessons online

If you want to start learning massage therapies online, you can opt for an online course. ICIEducation.com offers well-designed massage therapy and training courses. This website makes sure that students can learn how to conduct massage therapies from the comfort of your own home.

The course is certified and accredited by IAPCC, which speaks of positive outcome and productivity. These courses are designed with real-time performance, and also, students will be able to learn theories and concepts. All the courses are well-structured to optimize effective learning.

In addition, ICIEducation.com offers course notes and reading material. Also, there are assignment projects through which students can show their progress. These assignments are assessed by tutors, and they provide robust feedback as well.

Once the instructors provide feedback, students can focus on the lagging points. Besides, instructors will design personalized video lessons. At the end of the lessons, you can take the exam and earn a completion certificate.

14) StoneBridge

stonebridge learn massage lessons online

Massage has been an integral part of the ancient cultures of Egypt and China. Massages provide relaxation to tensed muscles and nerves. So, if you want to learn how to give massages, StoneBridge.uk.com has a good reputation for online massage therapy courses.

This course is an all-in-one option because beginners can take this course and harness advanced skills. With this website, the students will be able to learn deep tissue techniques and get rid of muscle tension. The course is designed over multiple modules and 200 hours of video lessons.

In addition to video lessons, StoneBridge.uk.com offers reading material. The reading material teaches the anatomy of the body. Even more, the students get the robust admin and tutor support. The students can gain feedback from the tutors and work on weak areas.

There are regular promotions and discounts available to students. These discounts enhance the accessibility of the course. So, if you’ve any more questions, you can get them clarified with robust customer care support!

Choosing The Best Massage Lesson Online

Long gone the times when engineering and medicine were the only careers because there is an increasing trend of vocational careers. Similarly, if you want to become a massage therapist or masseuse, this article has websites to learn massage lessons online. These websites help students learn new massage skills conveniently. Best of luck with your new career path!

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