9 Websites To Learn Dulcimer Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn dulcimer lessons online

learn dulcimer lessons online

Music has a huge scope, which has a wide range of musical instruments. One such musical instrument is a dulcimer which belongs to the zither family. 

These strings create diatonic music, and it was rolled out at the start of the 19th century. The musical instruments were first called out by Scotch-Irish immigrants of the Appalachian mountains.

Well, history is pretty rich, which is why it’s known as the folk instrument. The dulcimers are usually constructed from wood. However, the fretboard and main areas (such as the neck, sides, and back) are designed with different types of wood. But the modern dulcimers are constructed from apple, cherry, oak, or walnut wood.

Dulcimer has made its mark in the American music industry in experimental and popular styles. But over the years, this musical instrument has become popular among youngsters as they have discovered the charms.

Similarly, there are multiple variants of dulcimer, in terms of material, body shape, size, number of strings, and music range.

Learning this musical instrument will help you connect with a rich history. Playing this musical instrument will improve coordination skills and enhance communication skills as well.

Overall, the comprehension and reading skills improve as players read the tabs and music sheets. Last but not least, playing dulcimer will spark creativity.

So, if you are ready to play tunes with dulcimer, this article will help you out. The article will help you access the websites to learn dulcimer lessons online.

These websites have online dulcimer courses and lessons for students of every skill set. So, take that dulcimer out and create your own tunes like never before!

9 Websites To Learn Dulcimer Lessons Online Review

1) LessonFace

lessonface learn dulcimer lessons online

The dulcimer is surely an interesting string musical instrument, and if you want to master the skills, online courses are the right choice. But these courses provide fruitful results only if the instructor has the right experience and skills.

So, Lessonface.com will connect students with their desired instructors. The website has numerous dulcimer instructors on board with years of experience.

The students can filter out the results based on the price range and the instructor’s availability. Lessonface.com screens the instructors and train them for online sessions. The website offers group and one-on-one lessons for interactive learning.

The students can set their respective time zone, and the instructor's list will be offered accordingly.

Lessonface.com takes payment from PayPal and other credit cards. However, the website offers a free trial before students pay for the course.

The payment can be made on per lesson basis, and monthly payments are offered as well. However, registration on the website is free. If students have any queries, they can contact the teachers through private messages.

The video lessons are held online through Zoom. Overall, the reviews of all dulcimer instructors are positive, but students are advised to read them before signing up for the classes. So, scroll down and choose the instructor that suits your needs and skillset.

2) TakeLessons

takelessons learn dulcimer lessons online

If you want to learn how to play dulcimer but don’t want to sign up for studio classes, online courses will serve the purpose. But one needs to be considerate about choosing the right instructor.

This is why we are talking about TakeLessons.com as it connects students with the instructors. All the instructors on this website have their backgrounds checked, promising secure learning.

Students can filter out the instructors based on location. For instance, instructors can be chosen on the basis of online classes, student’s home, and instructor’s studio. Also, one can check the instructor's availability and choose the instructors based on their price range. Some instructors also provide regular discounts.

All the online sessions are held through Zoom and Skype meetings. It is advised to have a robust internet connection and device with a perfect microphone. The website has hired counselors.

These counselors will help students find their desired instructors. The students are advised to check the instructor’s reviews before signing up for the classes.

With this website, students will be able to harness the beginner skills such as different playing styles. In addition, some instructors will teach the chords and scales to provide pro skills.

3) LearnDulcimerSchool

learndulcimerschool learn dulcimer lessons online

If you want to learn dulcimer from the best, this website has some amazing instructors on board. The students can access unlimited video lessons on the website irrespective of the device.

Once you sign up on the website through the email, the website sends over the free dulcimer lessons. This free lesson provides insights into dulcimer courses available on Learn.

DulcimerSchool.comThe website has over 1,400 lessons available, and lessons are updated regularly. Once the lesson is updated, students get the update through email. The website offers beginners and advanced dulcimer courses.

All the courses and lessons are self-paced so that students can learn the techniques during their free time.

The courses are designed with video lessons. These videos can be paused and rewound, so students can watch the lessons and gain the skills.

The website has a specialized commenting system, so students can communicate with each other through texts, photos, and videos. The website offers free monthly payments with which students can access the entire lessons library.

The video lessons can be accessed through multiple operating systems. The supported Android version is 4.0, and iOS version of 6.0 or higher. As for the payment, multiple credit cards are accepted, and students can cancel anytime they want!

4) DulcimerCrossing

dulcimercrossing learn dulcimer lessons online

Learning dulcimer can be pretty interesting, and this website is a well-integrated solution for everyone. The website has video lessons for students of every age, skillset, and specified needs.

With this website, the students will learn how to use the right dulcimer. DulcimerCrossing.com has a specified section through which students can access their skill level and choose the course accordingly.

The website offers sample lessons for everyone, as it provides insights to dulcimer crossing. The students can access the PDF handouts. These handouts will teach how to read music sheets and tabs. Also, the website teaches techniques for organizing the practicing sessions. DulcimerCrossing.com offers music theory workshops as well.

The website accepts multiple payment methods, promising easy access for everyone. For instance, PayPal and credit card payments are accepted.

This website has top-notch customer service for students who need an answer to their queries. However, the students can cancel anytime if they aren’t satisfied with the lessons.

There are regular events hosted by the websites. These events are designed for promising insights of the musical world. So, choose from basic and premium monthly subscriptions, so sign up and start practicing right away!

5) LarryConger

larryconger learn dulcimer lessons online

If you want to kick-start your music career with dulcimer, now is the right time to start because you don’t have to stick with studio classes. That’s because LarryConger.com is offering online courses.

The online dulcimer sessions are hosted on Zoom video conferences. The instructors are readily available to help students clear their concepts and sharpen up their skills.

The website has beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses. The beginner courses lay down the foundations, and students learn the culture and history behind the dulcimer. Besides, there are practicing sessions that ensure optimal outcomes.

The website charges for the sessions on per hour basis. However, the payments are accepted by PayPal and Patreon.

The students can book either 30-minutes or one-hour lessons. The website offers tab books through which students learn how to read the tabs and create their own tunes. Also, specified sheet music is provided to the students as well. Once you sign up, you can access the audio tracks and get the CDs delivered to your address for offline learning.

LarryConger.com hosts regular workshops and events for assessing the music theory lessons. Besides, if you aren’t satisfied with the lessons, they can simply cancel the lessons anytime they want!

6) SongBirdHD

songbirdhd learn dulcimer lessons online

If you are ready to learn dulcimer from the comfort of your home, SongBirdHD.com offers a wide range of video lessons. The website is handled by two dulcimer instructors.

The instructors have designed their own video lessons. These video lessons work on fundamentals, as well as advanced skills. The videos are available on YouTube as well, but they aren’t detailed enough.

The website offers multiple payment plans to help students learn according to their budget. Also, the website has its own book, which can be bought through credit card payments.

This book will help improve the dulcimer playing skills. The students will learn how to interpret the sheet music and tabs. The students will be able to read music and create tunes accordingly.

In addition to lessons and dulcimer courses, you can even buy the dulcimer from this website. It’s needless to say that this website is a pretty integrated option. SongBirdHD.com offers guaranteed learning, and also, the musical instruments are top-notch as well.

However, if someone has some questions, students can clear up the queries through call and website chat support.

On top of everything, the website offers special offers regularly. So, sign up on the website, buy the perfect dulcimer, and watch the instructional videos that help learn the skills!

7) BradleyLaird

bradleylaird learn dulcimer lessons online

If you want to get started with dulcimer playing, this website is an amazing website to start with. The best thing about this website is that it offers free online courses that help play the dulcimer.

To be honest, playing dulcimer is easy, and people of every age can learn how to play dulcimer with this website. The website has been designed with ten lessons.

These ten lessons will not only cover the basics but provides advanced techniques as well. The students can learn picking, strums, fret layout, how to read the tablature, and tune in the audio tracks. BradleyLaird.com offers a comprehensive course that covers everything that helps ace the dulcimer skills.

The website is regularly updated with lessons and extra helping material. In addition, there are PDF files available to help learn holding techniques. All in all, there are video lessons, free eBooks, tabs, and chord charts.

The reading material can be downloaded for offline practice sessions. On top of everything, students will learn how to play ten songs with dulcimer with this website.

8) Maxzt

maxzt learn dulcimer lessons online

Dulcimer might look like a complicated musical instrument, but learning it can be pretty easy. But for learning, one needs the right guidelines and courses.

That’s why Maxzt.com is offering online dulcimer courses for easy and interactive learning. There are individual, and lesson packs available online. However, the courses are paid.

The students can access live video lessons, but there are recordings available as well. As a student, you can access the recordings to learn the jams and songs. The website is designed and handled by Max ZT, who is also the instructor.

Besides, students can sign up for updates through their email address. The website has multiple audio tracks and video lessons planned.

The website hosts multiple shows as well. If the students show exceptional progress, Max ZT allows them to participate in shows and show their impressive skills.

These shows are hosted to provide exposure to students. The website has an active social media platform as well through which students can gain insights into lessons and overall reputation.

9) JessicaComeau

jessicacomeau learn dulcimer lessons online

Online learning is different yet interactive and engaging. So, if you want to learn dulcimer, JessicaComeau.com offers online and studio lessons at the same time. The online sessions are hosted through Skype lessons.

The students can schedule the lessons as well according to the timing that suits them. The students are advised to check out the beginner videos before signing up for the courses. The website has been designed with free course material and tablature on the website.

Skype lessons can be accessed through website and app as well. The website has a lenient payment policy, empowering students to pay easily and cancel anytime as well.

However, the positive results are promised with guaranteed lessons and also, multiple skills and styles can be harnessed.

Choosing The Best Dulcimer Lesson Online

If you want to enhance the music skills, the dulcimer is the perfect musical instrument to start with. This instrument teaches culture, history, and modern tunes in one place.

With this article, you can learn how to play dulcimer through online courses and lessons. So, get yourself a dulcimer and start picking up right away!


  1. I am looking for The Stick Dulcimer lessons and song books with the DAD tablature.
    I am a beginner and not to familiar with chords and music terms and how it all works.
    Any recommendations?


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