15 Websites To Learn Dance Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

Learn Dance Lessons Online

Learn Dance Lessons Online

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Everyone loves to show their best moves on the dance floor but some of us aren’t sure how to “move,” right? Be it the high school prom dance or your first dance with the love of your life, dancing is important to make the days more memorable.

But if you don’t know how to dance, opting for dance lessons is the perfect way to move forward, you know with moves!In modern world, dancing is a popular way of staying fit and active and it can be seen by popularity of fitness clubs offering dance classes.

For dance learning, one can easily choose the preferred dance style as per your preferences. If you are feminine, ballet is good while for your clubbing, hip-hop or jazz will work.

Ranging from jazz to hip-hop, ballroom dancing to ballet, belly dancing or salsa, and tap dancing or square dancing, dance lessons are available for every person. The preferred dancing style depends on your fitness level, need for improvement in flexibility, or if you are going to participate in dance competitions.

According to research, dancing helps strengthening muscles and bones, while helping to maintain blood cholesterol, heart disease, and blood pressure. Even more, it makes dancer flexible and boosts the memory by strengthening brain power.

In this article, we have shared multiple dance lessons which can be taken online if you don’t want to join the physical classes. So, dig in and let those moves coming!

15 Websites To Learn Dance Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Dance Lessons Online

If you happen to be from a lively family, there are high chances that you have watched your parents dance on tunes while cooking the pancakes for you. Well, if you want to create a similar experience, these hip hop dance classes can be a good way to start.

No matter if you don’t need have any experience in dancing; this course is suitable for beginners.There are twelve dancing routines online, so you don’t need to worry about commute.

There are over ten thousand students enrolled in the course. With this course, you can learn basic eight counts while performing the hip hop choreography. The students can learn to perform while creating engaging and capturing expressions.

In other words, you will enjoy the dance!The dance lessons can be used for customizing your wedding dances, while learning the footo work, grooves, and movements. To take this course, you need a room for dancing practice, along with a determination to practice.

It is advised to wear comfortable clothes and you need to be open in first few lessons.If you are a Ariana Grande fan, you can learn dancing on the Greedy song. You will learn different textures and learn how to dance to moves.

2) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Dance Lessons Online

There are many beginners who love to dance but hesitate because they don’t think they are good enough. This course has been designed for such beginners who want to learn the viral dance moves.

Not so long ago, people were always dancing to Beyoncé’s favorite song Single Ladies which got you thinking that being viral is real fun.With every passing day, there are trending dance movies on social media platform and you wonder if you can move like that.

With this class, you can learn the viral moves and the instructors will teach you how to bring out your inner diva while hitting the dance floor. You can play the video lessons in your free and in first few videos, you can learn running man, shoot dance, and Harlem shake.

There are online choreography sessions available and at the end of the course, you can show your learned moves while creating the video. You can simply upload this video and gain the certificate. You can learn the shoot moves, steps, and Harlem shake.

With this course, the learning experience will be enhanced you will gain the skills enough to plan a live performance.

3) Reed

Reed Learn Dance Lessons Online

If you have been looking for online classes to coin the dancing skills, this accredited course will be an apt choice. This course can be accessed any minute the day, so whenever you are free, you can play the video lessons and enjoy.

There is lifetime access available in one end. The course is designed of 40 hours and over forty students have acquired for this course.Be it jazz or ballet and flamenco, you can learn anything from this course as a beginner.

This means you can become the dancing model of your high school while standing around in the living room. This course helps in improving the emotional healthy while enhancing the brain memory. The students can learn on their own pace through laptop or a mobile.

Once you complete 40 hours of dance learning, you can download the certificate and it’s certified by CPD as well. There are ten different dance styles available to learn and you will be able to express yourself from the moves.

The courses have a good combination of texts, photos, and videos which mean proper illustrations are available. The best part is that you don’t need previous knowledge for enrolling this dancing course!

4) Study

Study Learn Dance Lessons Online

No matter what type of course you want, this platform is available to meet your learning needs and preferences. There are engaging and highly brief dance teaching lessons available.

The students can learn about the performing arts which is suitable for enhancing the skills. With Study.com, you can choose a lesson.When it comes to dancing lessons, there are multiple choreographers available through which you can learn perfect ballet dancing and sharpen the skills for ballet movements.

The video lessons are designed based on personal experiences in addition to graphics and animations for enhancing the learning experience.If you are a beginner, you can become the advanced dancer.

The best part is that there are multiple quizzes available in the course through which you can test your skills and check your progress. If you need additional help, the instructors are readily available to answer your queries and help you hone the skills.

With this course, the students can learn at their own pace which happens to be the plus point as there are school-like feels. There are short lessons comprising over only few minutes to help you stay engaged and is taught by experts, so the results are ensured!

5) iDance

Idance Learn Dance Lessons Online

This has to be one the most effective platform for learning the dance moves. The dancing styles are literally unlimited and when on the website, you can search for the lessons based on instructor or dance style.

The students can sign up for free and the course is available online. There are subscription and passes available, so you can buy the individual lessons.If you want to focus on details, simply watch the lessons online or for later use, download them in your mobile phone or laptop.

These videos will help you practice that will make you the dancer you have always dreamt of becoming.

If you are interested in Lindy Hop, there are 116 different lesson packs available for you. In addition, there are Argentine Tango lessons with seven packs while the jazz enthusiasts can learn the perfect jazz from 28 different lessons packs.

To make sure there is something and a dance style available for everyone, there is Balboa, Blues, Vintage, Ballroom, Hip Hop, Salsa, Shag, and Tap lessons available. The best thing about this platform is that it offers Bhangra lessons with three lessons packs.

6) DancePlug

Danceplug Learn Dance Lessons Online

There are multiple courses available on this platform but the best one is this. It’s a blend of hip hop dancing style designed with features to help sharpen the movements.

In addition, you can move with speed as compared to traditional hip hop dance without compromising the true essence of hip hop performances.This course is taught by Mariah Spears and she knows how to teach the intermediate dancers like the pros.

She has graduated from Chapman University and has earned the BFA in Dance Performance. Also, she has learned Theatre Technology with which you can learn how to perform in theatre the Right way.

When it comes to her warranty, she has been a participant of Fox Television’s Season 10.

Over the years, she has taught dancing to celebrities like Snoop Dogg which is fancy. With this approach, she has been teaching in the US, Paris, and Australia.

There are easy to watch and easy to access video tutorials available with commentary from the instructors. There is slow motion, rewinding, speed control, captions, and split screen features available to enhance the learning experience.

7) TmillyTV

Tmillytv Learn Dance Lessons Online

There are many people who want to learn dancing but they aren’t sure how to start. Some people don’t dance or learn dancing because they don’t have time to visit the studios.

This is why there has been an increase in popularity of online dancing classes. Multiple platforms are offering online dance classes and with this platform, you can learn to dance with your favorite choreographer.

There are over ninety different video lessons available and to keep up with advanced dancing techniques and moves, new classes are added on weekly basis. All the courses are available for reasonable price, so you can have fun without putting a hole in the bank account.

Through the beginner propping, the students will learn about fundamentals with Marie Poppins.There are beginner hip hop classes available for people who are a little funky while the Jazz Funk allows you to dance on Post That.

With Gustavo Vargas, the students can learn the introduction to Salsa and the basics. Also, there are multiple courses available in heels, hip hop, contemporary, and jazz funk. All the courses and video lessons have been designed keeping in view the beginners.

8) CityDanceCorps

Citydancecorps Learn Dance Lessons Online

Dancing is one of the best ways to stay active and healthy and if you don’t know how to dance, this course will be the perfect option. There are free classes available on this platform and you can learn through Instagram Live.

The best part is that these courses are available for every age group because there is no age for learning, right? There are multiple pricing options available with five different classes pass.

However, you can join the single classes as well. Whenever you get enrolled in the course, there are two drop-in classes for free with one month virtual membership. The virtual classes are easily accessible. As far as you have the membership, you can join the Zoom classes.

Through these classes, you can learn multitudes of dancing styles as there are hundreds of dancing classes held online. There are adult classes which are advised for people above 18 years old.

Even if you are a beginner, you can become the advanced dancer with these courses. The dance styles include Bollywood, ballet, dance hall, contemporary, heels, hip hop, pilates, jazz, house, modern, and power barre.

9) LearnToDance

Learntodance Learn Dance Lessons Online

As the name of the platform suggests, the students can learn how to dance within seven days. This is more of a crash course where you can start as the beginner on first day and come out as the pro dancer on the seventh day.

This course is designed for everyone who feels out of place when there are daces going on and by the end, you will be ready to hit the floor.

The multitudes of video lessons for dancing have been added to the platform which empowers the students to learn dances for social functions, parties, wedding dances, and clubs. In other words, you will become confident to dance in the public.

The videos are designed with step-by-step guide which promises that every student can learn each step with extreme focus.The videos can be downloaded on your phone or laptop as well to make sure you have access to videos even if there is no internet at your end.

When you take this course, it is better to practice continuously in the first seven days as it builds a good foundation for learning. With the day one, you will learn the rhythms and the progressive days will cover loosening the body and learning basic dance moves.

10) Passion4Dancing

Passion4dancing Learn Dance Lessons Online

If you have a passion for dancing, there are high chances that are intimidated by Salsa. Salsa happens to be the romantic and classic moves while you move the body like a goddess.

With this course, you will learn how to do the count, lead, follow, do the man’s steps, and ladies’ steps. There are multiple techniques taught for each move to make sure you have multiple options to learn.

With the beginner course, the students learn about timing, basic steps, side basic steps, the underarm turn, right turn, beginner combination, hesitation move, crossbody lead, basic ending, and spin out ending.

With the intermediate level starting, the students shall learn the inside turn of ladies, wrap out and wrap in, titanic, wrap and bowl, walking and turning combo.

With this course, students will learn shines combo for practice drills, lead tip, while learning the American style twist, cha cha, rumba, swing, waltz, swing, foxtrot, tango, and Viennese waltz.

The options are unlimited and all you need is a willingness to learn, enthusiasm to dance, and a room to practice in. Once you have everything ready, no one can stop you from becoming a dancer!

11) Steezy

Steezy Learn Dance Lessons Online

If you are someone who loves to learn how to dance, you can take this course because there are custom video controls added to this platform. These controls ensure better learning experience as you can practice easily and focus on the details with efficient reviews.

If you are beginner trying to take baby steps or an advance dancer who wants to train once more, this platform is the right choice to make.

By taking this course, you will put yourself near to the dancing goals and achieving them. The students can learn variety of skills and moves because there are popular styles available with different routines.

The dance styles include house, krump, urban dance, hip hop, dancehall, popping, jazz funk, breaking, whacking, and heels.

All the courses has been designed while putting every detail into focus. This has been ensured by asking the help from pioneers of these dancing styles and the choreographers who have years of experience with professional dance trainings.

All in all, it’s a pretty well-designed course and you will not regret investing your time and efforts for dance learning.

12) LinesBallet

Linesballet Learn Dance Lessons Online

Be it the pop-up classes or adult workshops for dancing, this platform has it all. There are master classes but the best part is that it can be attended online, so you can learn everything from the comfort of your own home.

There are virtual dance classes available as there are weekly class sessions. This platform has something for everyone with different dance style needs.There are belly dance, hip hop, ballet, and contemporary dance classes available.

No matter what level of dance you can, there are video lessons for everyone. The classes are held online on Zoom which means all you need is internet and the Zoom app to start learning.

Once you register for the course, opt for a free room where you can move for dancing as dance is all about loosening up. There are multiple fee options available starting from $8 to $25, so you can choose according to your needs.

However, if you need additional support, that’s available at all times. With the adult pop-up classes, you can learn the dancing skills while being on schedule and with more varieties available, you will have fun for sure!

13) DuetDanceStudio

Duetdancestudio Learn Dance Lessons Online

There might be hundreds and thousands of dancing lessons available on the market, but this one will remain at top because it’s an award-winning platform with high-quality and proven dancing lessons.

There are online video lessons but if someone wants to learn in the studio, there is a dance studio is Chicago.The dance instructors have years of experience and have been providing the dance lessons for year.

These are Skype lesson videos through which you can have the interactive and fun learning experience. The introduction videos are long, so create a foundation, while the lesson videos are short to keep them to-the-point and engaging.

The lessons can be shared by two people and if you want to learn wedding dance, that option is available as well.

The dance courses can be customized and the options are wedding dance, latin, and ballroom dance. In addition, the students can learn foxtrot, waltz, salsa, hip hop, and bachata along wth swing. So, what are waiting for?

14) TakeLessons

Duetdancestudio Learn Dance Lessons Online

If you are a student, you can learn to dance and achieve your dreams of dancing like a diva with this course. The courses are designed to ensure optimal results which are why the students can learn dancing as individuals.

This means that every student will get attention required for them to ace the learning.With this course, you will learn different steps that help you move on the dance floor, take part in social dancing, and hitting the stage for dancing on the beats.

Also, you will learn how to understand the music to make better moves and by the end, you will know how to create the movement patterns. The dance lessons are readily available as soon as you sign up!Students can expect to reach all of their goals and much more!

Classes are always tailored to the individual receiving instruction. I go at your pace and I challenge you as much as you need to be challenged in order to promote the fastest growth possible.

You can learn: How to social dance, how to dance on beat, different steps that will help you keep up on the dance floor, how to listen to music, how to create your own movement patterns, and much more.

15) DanceParent101

Danceparent101 Learn Dance Lessons Online

If you are a parent, you must be trying out different ways to keep your ids healthy and active. Well, there is no better way than to encourage them to dance.

Dancing not only ensures healthy but it boosts the memory by posing positive impact on the brain. This can be beneficial for the kid in the long run.

So, on this platform, you will find multiple online dance lessons.All the dance lessons are chosen and added for kids. With these videos, the kids can learn interactively by dancing instead of watching the videos like they watch the cartoons.

There are multiple videos available and the platform has reviewed them as well. Last but not least, there are fitness and movement classes available for the kids as well.

Choosing The Best Dance Lesson Online

You might have thought that dancing as the movements you do at weddings or clubs but let us pop your bubble because dancing is the symbol of life. If you want to live to your fullest, you need to dance it out.

So, with this article, we have tried to put forward different dancing lessons which you can opt for and become the dancing expert!

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