11 Websites to Learn Chess Lesson Online (Free and Paid Chess Courses)

Learn Chess Lesson Online

Learn Chess Lesson Online

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Chess is the oldest and one of the most beautiful games in the world. It has been popular for hundreds of years and if you think fewer people are learning and playing in the 21st century due to video games and popular culture, think again.

Online Chess has become a sensation.

There are millions of people studying chess because of the knowledge and resources which can be found online. Now from the comfort of your own home you can study and learn from some of the best teachers in real-time. Or watch the games of the legends who came before you, analyzing their every move.

There are countless websites and platforms out there to learn chess online. But we have focused on popular sites which offer different styles of learning. From online lectures, tutorials, lectures and lesson books.

However, you like to learn, whether from a one on one setting with an experienced teacher, or home alone watching a lecture and practicing on your board which you watch. The following sites have all of the options available to you.

Let’s have a look at the best sites to learn chess online.

11 Websites to Learn Chess Lesson Online Reviews

1) Masterclass.com

MasterClass Learn Chess Lessons Online

Masterclass only offers classes from some of the most well-respected people in their given industry. And the chess master call is no different. If you want to jump up to the elite go check out Masterclass.com and enjoy this incredible Chess lesson package with your teacher, the legendary and previous World Chess Champion, Garry Kasparov.

Masterclass offers a wonderfully produced lesson package that includes lesson books 29 lessons each 12 minutes long. One lesson is 100 dollars, or you can buy the subscription to Masterclass for 17 dollars per month.

From such a prestigious company you must expect the best quality in every sense of the word. I like these lessons before he is not only teaching you the viewer but also 3 students at different levels. So, you get to watch how others are learning along the way as well as your improvements.

It is rather expensive, but you are paying for a world champion as a teacher. And this class is worth every penny.

2) Udemy.com

Udemy Learn Chess Lessons Online

Udemy is a wonderful platform and boasts over 30 million students and 50,000 teachers. There is a wide array of topics and lessons you can order and the same goes for online chess tutorials.

There are some brilliant courses to choose from for different levels and prices. You will be able to buy whichever product and service which fits your needs. Many large companies have spent a lot of money on producing high-quality lectures and courses some having over 30 lessons in a 20-dollar package.

This is a wonderful platform for those who want to sit back and watch in their own time and go through the lessons alone. If you are looking for a more personal website with a teacher going through the moves and tactics with you, this is not the service you need.

I like this service and I was impressed with the quality of the lectures and the standard of the teacher. They have very talented and experienced teachers you also look and sound great on video. The production levels are very high quality and I learned a lot when using this platform.

3) Takelessons.com

Takelessons Learn Chess Lessons Online

This is a wonderful platform to look for amateur or professional teachers online. You will find countless teachers who offer prices from 20 dollars per chess lesson.

Again, you will have to do your research to see which teacher if perfect for you. Some of them will only teach advanced students or certain age groups. Many offer services for any age and any level.

A cool add on to Takelessons.com is the fact that the teachers can also offer their backgrounds check and professional teaching history. The profiles show each individual and what they have to offer and why you should choose them and pay their fees.

This site is designed for live lessons unlike paying for books, videos or other teaching materials. This is a huge plus because you have your teacher on your screen and will get personal interactivity teaching unlike reading a book or watching a video. Tailored for you and will answer your questions and see your progress.

4) Fiverr.com

Fiverr Learn Chess Lessons Online

If you’re looking for chess lessons online Fiverr is an option but has many pros and cons. Fiverr is a platform where you can almost buy any service, you can imagine. From website design, content for your blog or wanted a postcard mailed from Paris. There will be a gig on there for you to order someone’s product or service.

So, many sellers on Fiverr offer chess lessons or advice. You must do your research and check their reviews, ratings and see what they are offering for the price. Fiverr’s website name comes from the fact that many of the gigs and services you can order start at 5 dollars.

Depending on your level and budget will determine how much you are willing to spend. If I was going to look for chess lessons online, Fiver would not be my first choice, however, I would check it out as you can find some very professional sellers who are very good at the service they offer.

5) Superprof.com

Superprof Learn Chess Lessons Online

This is a wonderful website to learn and master your game as long as you can find the right teacher and professional. This site is not as popular as some of the big websites however it is growing and getting more teachers and students signing up. You can learn the game of chess face to face online lessons for as little at £25 per hour.

The website is not the most professional or trendy site out there, but it will get better with time as the platform becomes more and more popular with users. I recommend this platform for beginners who are looking to learn the basics of the game and then maybe transition to a different site.

If you find a teacher who can take you higher and higher then stay with that teacher. But it seems to be more geared towards novice players.

6) SkillShare.com

SkillShare Learn Chess Lessons Online

Imagine a Youtube for learning and learning chess. This platform allows teachers to upload videos and audio to create courses which you can unlock by signing up and paying for your course.

There are thousands of videos and courses available on this platform for all levels. You can watch a sample of courses to see if you like their style of teaching and knowledge before you purchase for a course

I have never heard of Skillshare.com until recently and I was impressed with the wide and diverse levels of courses they offer in chess and many other different subjects.

The teachers seem to be very knowledgeable and also the production level is very good for these courses. I recommend this platform if you prefer to learn and watch the courses instead of learning from an online teacher.

7) PrivateChess.com

PrivateChess Learn Chess Lessons Online

True innovation is chess websites. They have managed to create a platform for people to play chess against anyone in the world and choose to take or give coaching lessons from teachers all over the world. The first website of it’s kind in the chess genre.

After using the site and signing up. I played some games and enjoyed the interactive level at the site. And knowing I could take lessons from thousands of different Grandmasters was a fantastic feeling, I wanted to learn and grow more as a player and student of the game. I could already see and feel myself gaining more confidence in the game of chess.

I wish this website existed 15 years ago, I think all chess players should be a member, I recommend this service to every chess loving person out there, No matter your age, level of experience you can find what you need here and have the ability to grow.

8) Nurtr.com

Nurtr Learn Chess Lessons Online

R.B Ramesh is known as the super chess coach of India. He has won the British Chess Championship and a Commonwealth Games Championship With these and many more prestigious awards it is impressive to see that he is a very talented coach too.

With an Academy in India that has already produced 10 Grand Masters, his students are now becoming world-beaters.

nurtr.com Chess Dream Room is an online platform designed by an incredible Grandmaster.

He will take you on a journey from a complete novice up to Grand Master level if you have what it takes and the discipline to learn.

No other online chess course has content and lessons like this that will tailor from the bottom to the top. All of the content has been created by him and some of the best coaches in the world and the main course consists of over 40 hours of chess content.

9) Chess Trainer.com

Chess Trainer Learn Chess Lessons Online

Dhanesh Shrikhande has been an incredible player through University and as a youth. He has coached all around the world and won many major tournaments as a player and a coach.

You will receive direct training from a coach who will talk you through the game and the moves. Different tactics and openings.

This means you will get real-time coaching in our online classroom where a student is trained by a coach.

10) ChessTutor.com

ChessTutor Learn Chess Lessons Online

ChessTutor.com used skype to have video lessons. They allow you to sign up and have a free demi lesson and then you can start to buy 1 to 4 hours of lessons within one day of signing up to the website.

They use a special chess software to play and coach the students. You will also have access to thousands of chess books as well as online video classes.

The teachers were very good and professional, the software is smooth and easy to use. Most people have a skype account and if not you can download it for free.

11) Chess-Game-Strategies.com

Chess-Game-Strategies Learn Chess Lessons Online

Chess Game Strategies is a good website for resources on learning chess when it comes to articles and videos.

It is not the best website for learning from a teacher or playing other players. It allows you to play against the computer with the Spark Chess feature. This is not the best website to learn the game but they do have some interesting videos and articles to read.

Choosing the Best Chess Lesson Online

You are spoilt for choice when it comes down to choosing where you want to learn the game of chess online. Each one of the above websites is perfect to learn the best game there is. Like everything they have their positives and negative aspects, but nothing is stopping you trying each service and finding which one is best for you. We all learn in our way.

The content, lectures, teachers, and videos will keep growing and getting better. You will never have enough time to learn all these teachings and obtain all this knowledge, but you can give it a good shot. Now, get online and start your journey to get to a grandmaster and beat your teacher. Good luck.

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  1. All these websites are good, but they’re missing some high-quality sites like chess.com, chessbase, chessmood. This is where most professionals hangout and they have awesome tools for anyone looking to improve their game.

  2. When it comes to chess learning, I can definitely recommend the website from Chessfactor. Their guided learning paths are in my eyes the best way to learn and improve in chess. In contast to other websites they are very cheap and they have impressive instructors!

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