13 Websites To Learn Cajon Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Learn Cajon Lessons Online

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A Cajon is shaped like a box, which is where it gets its name. It was invented during the 18th century in Peru. Players actually have to sit on top of the Cajon in order to play it.

A variety of sounds can be created using the instrument by slapping its front and back sides. Players can choose to either slap using their bare hands or with materials such as sticks and brushes. The Cajon isn’t a very popular instrument when compared to other instruments. It is mainly used to play Afro-Peruvian music.

It is also becoming more popular in jazz, funk, blues and more music categories. The Cajon is actually quite a simple instrument to learn. Players can fully master the instrument in under a year with the right amount of practice. There are also many online lessons and tutors to make learning the instrument even easier.

All these online lessons are provided by very experienced and qualified percussionists. Anyone from beginner to expert can learn how to get better at the Cajon using these lessons.

13 Websites To Learn Cajon Lessons Online Review

1) Artistworks

Artistworks Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Artist Works is a website that focuses on providing people from anywhere in the world with lessons. The sites lessons are mostly provided by professionals that are known by many. Artist Works was created in 2008 to cover the lack of good music tutors in the world.

Artist Works helps aspiring musicians in more than a few ways. The site can help learners by providing them feedback using their video exchange technology. This video exchange technology allows learners to ask questions. These questions are then answered by the experts on Artist Works.

Students can submit videos of themselves playing instruments. Experts will then contact these students to tell them about the things they need to focus on. Learners can use this feature to identify their own weaknesses and become better players.

All their courses are provided by widely known professionals, as mentioned. This is also the case for their Cajon courses, which are provided by Luis Conte. Luis Conte is a very famous percussionist that has mastered the Cajon. He’ll be telling students about different techniques and more in these lessons. Students can use these to become better percussionists.

2) Udemy

Udemy Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Udemy is one of the leading platforms that supply lessons to learners on the internet. The organization is famed for multiple reasons. One of these reasons is the vast amount of topics that their lessons can help learners with. It was formed in 2010 with the goal of helping students pursue their dreams.

Udemy helps students achieve their dreams by allowing them to learn. Learners can pursue career interests with these lessons or learn things for general knowledge. Their lessons can help anyone with a number of important and fun topics.

Udemy also attempts to provide its users with a good learning environment. The site is easily accessible and features lessons in many different languages. Even some of their lessons taught in English feature subtitles in other languages. This provides anyone in the world with the chance to learn, even if English isn’t their native language.

The Cajon lessons on Udemy are also available in multiple different languages. There are many Cajon lessons on the site. Most of these lessons are meant for beginners. These beginner lessons can help learners get introduced to the Cajon or percussion instruments in general.

3) SkillShare

Skillshare Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Skill Share can help people with many things through its lessons. Learners on the site can use its lessons to find new interests or study about existing interests. Skill Share also provides people with the inspiration they need to learn new things.

The site has made all of its lessons to suit every ones daily needs. It doesn’t matter if a person is busy for a few weeks. Skill Share allows anyone to take their courses at any time of the day. This allows learners to study while not having to change their routines.

Skill Share also allows users to take online lessons when not at home. Anyone can download their app and access their courses from any part of the world. All students need is a smartphone with an internet connection and they can get started.

There are many video courses on Skill Share which can teach people how to play the Cajon. These video lessons are cut into multiple different parts. Each of these parts teaches an entirely new topic. These lessons provide learners with clear instructions. This ensures that learners can understand any topic with comfort.

4) LessonFace

Lessonface Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Lesson Face has helped many students by providing them with good quality online tutoring. The platform was founded in New York during 2013. The site has a learning community environment that can help people of all ages and levels.

Lesson Face helps people by connecting them good tutors from around the world. Each of these tutors has their own unique areas of expertise. This means that they can help learners with many different topics. Anyone can take a lesson on a certain topic with Lesson Face’s teachers and learn more about it.

Lesson Face trusts the quality of their tutors so much that it offers a money back guarantee for all learners. Anyone that didn’t find their classes helpful can contact Lesson Face and ask for a full refund. Lesson Face also has other helpful features for students. For example, students can learn more about any upcoming camps or classes on the site.

There are many tutors on the website that can help students interested in the Cajon. Lesson Face features Cajon tutors that are expert percussionists. Students can learn more about each of these tutors from their profiles.

5) Study

Study Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Study can help students in multiple different ways. The platform and its entire team believe that education is the easiest path to a better future. This is why it provides learners with lessons that they can use to learn about any topic. All their lessons follow a specially designed curriculum.

Study also aids learners with different things. School students can use the sites lessons to gain college credit. This credit is added to a student’s account whenever they complete a course. This credit can be used to join a number of famous colleges around the world.

The site offers learners to study any subject efficiently. All their courses allow students to learn at their own pace. Students can also choose their preferred method of learning. This will allow the site to provide said students with lessons that match their preferences.

There aren’t that many Cajon lessons on Study. The few Cajon lessons that they feature can help students with a number of things. Anyone can use these courses to learn how to get better at playing the instrument. Some courses on Study can teach students about the instrument’s history too.

6) SuperProf

Superprof Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Superprof feature a very wide array of online tutors. The platform is one of the largest when it comes to the amount of tutors available. These tutors can help people with anything, from academic studies to sports. It was created in 2013 and has become quite popular since then.

Superprof started in France but is now a global organization. It has offices and tutors all around the world ready to help others learn. There are both online and offline tutors available for students. Their online tutors are from many different countries around the world.

The website’s tutors are all suited to teaching specific skill levels. The site uses its feature to help people find tutors that are suited to their skill level. There is also more information regarding each specific tutor in their profile. This information includes where a teacher is from and what languages they speak.

There is a good amount of Cajon tutors on Superprof. Each of these tutors is from different parts of the world and has their own method of teaching. Some teachers even allow students to test them out with a free one-on-one video class.

7) OnlineLessons

Onlinelessons Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Online Lessons is a platform that focuses on music courses. These music courses are meant for starters, experts and everyone in between. Anyone can learn more about their favorite instrument on the site no matter how good they already are.

Online Lessons are aware of the fact that every single student has their own unique needs. This is why they have many courses to help people in different ways. There are lessons for people looking to pass the time with an instrument or people looking to become professionals. There are also daily blogs for learners on the site.

One of the best features that Online Lessons offers is its lesson plans. There are plans on the site suited to each individual learner. This makes learning easier for each student. Online Lessons also provides a feedback feature for students to improve their skills.

Their ‘’Getting Started with Cajon’’ course can help any beginner get better at the instrument. This lesson focuses on teaching beginners starting concepts such as playing positions and rhythms. The lesson covers a few different topics. Each of these topics is taught step-by-step in separate, short videos.

8) Bmusician

Bmusician Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Bmusician focuses on music, which is obvious from its name. There are many people around the world that are interested in playing new instruments. The site aims to help all these people by combining technology with knowledge.

Bmusician combines the knowledge of many experienced musicians and shares it to the world. The site focuses on teaching instruments from over 6 different categories of music. This category features classical and jazz instruments as well as more, including percussion instruments. There are multiple different courses available on the website.

The site’s courses are mostly meant to help people that have no prior experience with an instrument. These courses allow anyone to study and improve. The site also has its own shop. This shop features products such as instrument related accessories and instruments.

Their Cajon course can help anyone interested in the instrument. This course has a section for beginners, intermediates and one for advanced percussionists. Each of these sections focuses on helpful Cajon playing techniques. The beginner section will teach learners all they need to know in order to get started. This includes patterns, positioning and other fundamentals of playing the Cajon.

9) CajonBox

Cajonbox Learn Cajon Lessons Online

It is easy to guess from its name that Cajon Box is a Cajon related platform. The site provides live online classes that anyone can watch. These live classes can be used by students to follow along as they play. Multiple helpful techniques are discussed in these classes.

Heidi Joubert is a professional singer, composer and Cajon player. She has been playing the Cajon and some other percussion instruments for a long time. She has performed many concerts and has also been part of many professional bands.

The live video courses are taught in 5 weeks. There are multiple classes in each week with every class being centered on a new topic. These live lessons are very easy to access and anyone can take them. All students have to do is contact the site and book their spot in a class. All learners will need is Skype, a webcam and microphone.

There is a new topic in each class, as mentioned. The first live class focuses on introduction to Heidi and the instrument. After this introductory class, students will be learning about all sorts of helpful Cajon playing tricks.

10) LearnByCam

Learnbycam Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Learn by Cam is a site based in the United Kingdom. It is owned by 'Zoot Allures Limited', a company in the UK. The site features tutors available for booking at any time. Learners can use the site from anywhere as long as they’re connected to the internet.

Their tutors are experienced and suited to teaching any student. Every student prefers to learn in their own way. Most of Learn by Cam’s tutors are skilled enough to help students in ways suited to them. These tutors can create specifically tailored lessons for all their pupils. This makes learning much easier for said pupils.

Most of the site’s tutors also provide a ‘try before you buy’ option. This allows learners to take a class with a tutor without having to spend any money. This makes deciding on a tutor much easier as learners can test each tutor out.

There are quite a lot of music related tutors on Learn by Cam. A lot of these tutors can help learners interested in the Cajon. The site’s teachers provide information on a lot of fundamentals. These include grooves, rudiments and more.

11) PlayCajon

Playcajon Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Anyone in the world can learn how to play the Cajon on Play Cajon. The site features detailed video lessons to help students with all their needs. The site provides many video lessons. These video lessons can be accessed from the site at any time.

Play Cajon focuses on helping both the people that are beginners and those that are a bit experienced. The site’s courses are both easy to understand and comprehensive. They can teach students about all the little details of playing the Cajon step by step.

All the lessons on Play Cajon are taught by Paul Jennings. Paul Jennings is a very skilled and experienced percussionist. He has been playing the Cajon on a professional basis since 1999. He has performed with many different and popular bands in many different countries. Paul has also been providing online lessons since 2006.

There are both paid and free courses on Play Cajon. Almost all of these free lessons are meant to help beginners get started with the instrument. The lessons on the website can also teach students how to play music from different musical categories on the instrument.

12) CajonMaster

Cajonmaster Learn Cajon Lessons Online

Cajon Master is another online platform that is entirely focused on the Cajon. The site features many video courses for the instrument. The site is a platform that provides resources for all Cajon players to learn about the instrument.

These resources include detailed lessons and other helpful things. The site can actually help Cajon players in more ways than one. There are buyer’s guides and product reviews for people interested in buying a new Cajon. There are also interviews and factory tours made in partnership with some top Cajon manufacturers.

All these interviews, reviews and lessons are provided by Felipe Fagundes. Fagundes has been a Cajon player since the age of 12. He formed a band with his brothers at a very young age in 1994. Their band has traveled many places in Europe and Brazil since then.

Felipe Fagundes is a very experienced Cajon player. He has worked hard to provide learners with many useful lessons on his site. There are both free and paid lessons on Cajon Master. Some of the free lessons on the website are for beginners while some are meant to help experts improve.

13) LearnCajon

Learncajon Learn Cajon Lessons Online

The name of the site should be enough for anyone to figure out what Learn Cajon is about. The site was created by a group of people who were inspired by the Cajon. This group has played the Cajon for a long time and wants to help others learn how to do the same.

The team at Learn Cajon has worked hard to provide effective lessons to students. They worked on their Cajon courses for over 18 months and even tested them on students. Their courses are all to the liking of most learners and can help both beginners and experts.

Learn Cajon looks to help anyone learn more about the instrument. This is why it has lessons for everyone, whether kids, beginners, experts, intermediates. Learn Cajon has also created a community for everyone interested in the instrument. Cajon players from around the world can come together and talk on the site.

The site has beginner courses that can be taken at any time. These beginner courses can help all inexperienced Cajon players develop a strong foundation. Learners can both stream or download their lessons from Learn Cajon’s website.

Choosing The Best Cajon Lesson Online

The Cajon may isn’t the most famous instrument, but it is becoming more and more popular. More and more people have started to gain instrument in the instrument. The Cajon is very fun to play. It isn’t too demanding and can carried anywhere with ease. It doesn’t take that long to master it.

The tutors and lessons on the list above can help make the journey even easier. All these sites feature a combination of great tutors and lessons. Some of the listed websites even let students try these tutors or lessons out for free. Anyone can completely master the instrument under a year or two using the lessons on these websites.

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