14 Websites To Learn Boxing Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Boxing is not just an ordinary sport. The history of boxing goes way beyond the times of our known civilization and it is believed to be originated in the early days of men, where there were no other sports at the time.

We all have heard the fables of Rome, their great arenas, and the deadly fights of men for their lives on those sands.

Boxing is a violent sport that is played in a controlled environment. Such sports are seen as a great way to help people vent out their energies in a positive direction and for those who love boxing, they know that it is much more than punching some loose fists in the air.

Boxing has a certain set of rules that every player must be aware of and follow to ensure that the game is fair and does not cause any fatal damage to their opponent.

In addition to these rules and regulations that make boxing a safe competition of power and stamina, there are years of training behind each player, and such training is required to make sure that each player is physically and mentally fit to carry the game rules and dignity of sports.

While you might think that it is not possible to learn boxing online at home, that is just a false concept.

For those who are truly into the sport and want to take their game to next level don't stop at anything and to facilitate such people, there are some great websites offering assistance for those who want to learn golf online. Some of these websites are as follow

14 Websites To Learn Boxing Lessons Online Review

1) Udemy

Udemy Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Udemy is one of the most renowned names in the world of online teaching and with their highly skilled methods of online teaching, they live up to it.

Udemy is all about the convenience and accessibility of courses to those who cannot afford to join a real classroom or don't have time at hand to attend a class.

They are making virtual learning the future of all traditional learning processes with their highly skilled instructors and course materials that will allow everyone to have access to their favorite subject.

Keeping that in view, there are hundreds of courses on martial arts and boxing available on the website. You have the liberty to sign-up on the website for free and choose the course you think would be right for your learning needs.

Also, there are no monthly subscriptions so you only have to purchase a course once and then you can access it whenever you want at your convenience.

This allows you the opportunity to learn at your own pace and at your own leisure without any pressure. Some top features of Udemy are:

• Lifetime access to course materials

• No monthly subscription

• Certifications

• Self-paced training module

2) SkillShare

SkillShare Learn Boxing Lessons Online

SkillShare is another great online learning platform that evens out the opportunity for all. If you are good at anything and want to provide others with the opportunity to learn, you can post your video lessons on the website and those who are willing to learn a new skill can have access to these video lessons that will help them grow their skills by sitting at home.

SkillShare has hundreds of courses on boxing listed online from some of the top boxers and boxing instructors that you can have the opportunity to learn from anywhere in the world.

They offer self-paced and guided learning modules that you can choose from according to your convenience and you get unlimited access to all the courses listed on the website.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account and pay for the course you want to learn. There are also some highly informative free courses available on the website. They offer some great advantages including:

• You can access multiple courses at one time

• Get a chance to learn from expert boxing instructors

• Great website support services

• Different learning modules for your convenience

3) TakeLessons

TakeLessons Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Take Lessons is changing the world of online learning through their highly interactive platform and innovative skills that they have to offer.

With TakeLessons.com, you don't have to learn from pre-recorded classes and don't have the opportunity to ask the questions if they arise in your mind. This website provides you with an opportunity to learn from the experts in each field including boxing remotely.

You won't have to pay any monthly subscription fee or any sign-up fees at all. This is probably the best thing about using Take lessons. You just need to sign up for a free account and that will give to some of the best boxing instructors online.

You only need to pay for what you will learn and each instructor has a different hourly rate of teaching listed on the website. There are no obligations or contracts and you will make each penny that you pay for learning worth it, using TakeLessons.com.

Some of the top advantages of using them are

• No Pre-recorded lesson

• Pay for each hour that you are learning

• Learn live from experts online

• Highly interactive teaching methods

4) Study

Study Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Study.com is much more than an ordinary online teaching website. This is a revolution in the world of education as they are partnered with numerous reputable institutes that allow you the opportunity to learn the curriculum online that is listed on Study.com and have the opportunity to earn the certificate from these institutes directly.

Also, there are some great ways to increase your credit hours by taking lessons on the website online. Study.com provides you with the right opportunity to learn the depths of boxing and what factors are involved to learn the game rules.

They also have some highly insightful and comprehensive courses ranging from learning the basics of the game to making it count and some advanced level tips that will help you improve your game. 

This website doesn't cease to amaze and they have excellent support service of a knowledgeable and friendly team that is always there to help you with any issues you might face in the course material or using the interface of the website.

Some of their top features are:

• Professional certifications

• Hundreds of courses on boxing

• Comprehensive learning material

5) boxNburnacademy

BoxNBurnAcademy-learn-boxing-lessons-onlineboxnburnacademy Learn Boxing Lessons Online

The name pretty much gives you an idea about what this website is and what they do. They live up to the name and provide you with an opportunity to learn boxing and stay fit.

Boxing is a highly physical sport that requires your whole-body involvement. That is why it is considered one of the best ways to burn all those excessive fats and calories.

While there are websites that teach you the basics of boxing and how you can improve your game for a competition. This website is dedicated to helping you learn how you can use boxing to burn all those excessive fats and calories in your body.

The websites allow you access to highly informative and easy to understand course materials in the form of videos that you can use to learn boxing and to stay healthy and fit.Some great features they offer are:

• No obligations at all

• Learn at your own pace, according to your own terms

• Achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle

• Learn the fundamentals of boxing and use them to your advantage

6) BoxingandBarbells

BoxingAndBarbells Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Boxing and Barbells is a heaven for all the boxing enthusiasts who cannot have enough of the game and want to learn online.

This website simply is a diverse website that offers you numerous teaching methods including pre-recorded courses, live courses, assistance from instructors, courses on demand, and much more.

That is not all, there are some highly useful home boxing gear and apparel available on the website that you can choose to take your boxing learning lessons online to the next level and have the right sense of achievement with each move you make.

They also offer on-site courses that you can join at your leisure to learn boxing from top instructors. They also offer a great feature that allows you to find the right class for your needs. Some salient features of the website are:

• Dedicated sports-based website

• Focus on your weaknesses

• Help you improve where you lack

• Goal-based training

• Multiple training methods

• Boxing gear available

7) WorkTrainFight

WorkTrainFight Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Work Train Fight or most commonly known as WTF is a club-based website that is built by true boxing enthusiasts for simply one purpose.

They love boxing and they want to spread the art and knowledge of boxing to all those who are willing to learn. The website offers some great features like Equipment rentals, WTF fight night that is a great way to watch the best players at their game and learn from them online.

They are also offering you to personalize your boxing with customized apparel that you can order form the website and have a sense of attachment to your game.

In addition to all these, there are free online videos available that will help you step-by-step in your online boxing learning journey.

These videos can be accessed by anyone, and they believe in spreading the knowledge free of cost.

These videos include tips on how you need to work out on your body, how you can train to be the best version of yourself, and how you can fight a boxing match fairly. Their salient features would be:

• Dedicated club-based website

• Customized apparel

• Free video material to learn

8) HeadonBoxing

HeadOnBoxing Learn Boxing Lessons Online

If you have a prior interest in boxing and have managed to gather some knowledge, you must be aware that there are several styles of boxing and head on boxing is one of them.

While there are multiple websites that offer boxing lessons based on the difficulty level and what you want to learn about boxing, this website is dedicated to learning head-on boxing online and on-site.

This website is a great help for all those who want to dive deep into the world of head-on boxing. Head-on boxing is considered the most intensive boxing style and requires hard training to ensure that you are up to the par of this style.

The website offers free pre-recorded classes on head-on boxing in addition to live classes that you can join to learn the best head-on boxing lessons from some of the top boxers of this style.

They have categorized their lessons further for your convenience so you can decide which lesson would be best for you. Some great features they offer are:

• Dedicated style training

• Free pre-recorded lessons

• Online classes

• Flexible membership plans

9) Hattonboxing

HattonBoxing Learn Boxing Lessons Online

You have read the reviews above that are about learning the fundamentals of boxing or improving your game as a professional boxer.

While those websites are about teaching stuff to the players, Hatton boxing is about teaching the instructors on some top techniques and trips that will enable them to have the best boxing teaching experience.

This website is based on the world-famous Hatton learning program that has successfully enabled thousands of trainers to teach the aspirants to learn boxing successfully.

They have taken advantage of technology and taken their online teaching program to the instructors. If you plan on becoming a boxing instructor and teach the students online, this website will serve the right purpose for you.

Some top advantages of using them are:

• Purpose-built course material

• Focused on teaching instructors

• Highly interactive teaching material based on years of experience

10) Digital Boxunion

BoxUnion Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Digital Box Union is about taking the boxing game to next level as they are providing all those who want to learn boxing with a great opportunity to have all the perks of an actual arena at the convenience of their homes.

With Box Union Digital, you don't have to worry about anything as they have a whole buffet of style choices that you can choose to learn from.

The website offers some highly useful features that will offer you to choose the features of each course like duration including crash courses and some full fledge instructions on learning the expert level boxing.

There are also versatile choices on the learning styles that you can opt for on the website.

The website also offers a free-trial period that will allow you to get a better idea of their teaching process so you can decide if it is worth commitment and they will suit you to accompany your needs on the journey.

Also, even after offering a free trial period, their retention rate is pretty good and people who try tend to take the website learning to the next level.

Some great features that they have to offer are but not limited to

• Free Trial period

• Versatile length of videos

• Different boxing modules

• Highly interactive, purpose-built training content

11) SneakPunch

SneakPunch Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Sneakpunch.com is a dedicated website that is devoted to teaching boxing online. They offer a highly interactive interface that presents the students with the best opportunity to learn the fundamentals of boxing and grow their skills step-by-step.

This website segregates each part of the game and takes it slowly so you can gradually move upwards. They run a highly informative blog that has regular insights and information that is posted and updated according to the latest news in the world of boxing.

This website also has technical knowledge on the game that is a great way to ace the perfection in boxing and you can learn that with the guidance of some of the top instructors online.

They have an extensive resource portal with numerous resources that will aid you in your boxing learning journey online. Some of the best features of this website are:

• Personal Trainers with 1-2-1 sessions

• Advice from the very best

• Regularly updated blog

• Technical insights

• Resource portal

• Nutritional Guide

12) Expertboxing

ExpertBoxing Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Expert boxing is another website that allows you with the opportunity to learn boxing online and move your way up to an expert from the beginner.

The website offers some great features including the ability to learn from pre-recorded lessons from the experts and also one-on-one sessions with these experts who will help you to learn and understand the best tips and tricks.

The website also has free resource material available online that you can access without any subscription. The website offers deeply on each aspect including Punching power, body posture, the footwork, and how to brace yourself properly.

There is also a great community that helps you to push yourself and become the best version of yourself in the world of boxing.

This is the website for you if you are not only looking to learn boxing online but also be a part of a highly active online community.

Some great features that they offer are

• Free materials

• Premium course materials that are paid

• Free sign-up

• Highly interactive community

• Informative blogs

13) Myboxingcoach

MyBoxingCoach Learn Boxing Lessons Online

Myboxingcoach.com is about teaching you like a professional coach would in real life. While there are numerous self-paced training courses listed on the internet that are a great help, but they don't provide you the step-by-step guidance and you have to do a lot of homework at your end as well.

This website eliminates that problem with their great initiative as they provide you with complete guidance on maintaining your diet, how to work out to achieve optimal fitness and to learn some of the best tips and tricks to ace the boxing.

The website has boxing lessons, training and insights on the skills that will allow you to feel like being trained by an actual coach while sitting at home.

The best features to be noted about the website are:

• Great insights on the game

• Learn from the best coaches

• Diet-plans and fitness training

• Goal-oriented training

14) Unitedboxing

UnitedBoxing Learn Boxing Lessons Online

The united boxing club is a new and interactive way to learn boxing at the comfort of your home and to help you with losing those fats through boxing exercise.

They offer a 3-week training plan that will help you to loosen up on those carbs and fats and you can feel super active and fit once again.

This website has a highly interactive teaching process and 2 classes for $20 serve as a cherry on top. These classes are a great help so you can get the idea of their teaching process and see if it suits you best.

In addition to boxing training, they offer you a diet plan that will help you stay fit and have the best fitness level to learn boxing.

Some top features are

• Excellent support and guidance

• Carefully structured courses

• Step-by-step guidance

• Guaranteed results in 3 weeks

Choosing The Best Boxing Lesson Online

If you are among those people who want to learn boxing and don't have the time or resources to join a boxing club, there is nothing for you to be worried about.

There are some highly efficient websites that are taking full advantage of technology and providing some top-level boxing lessons online.

We have reviewed these websites based on their top features so you can choose which websites would be the right match for your online boxing learning experience.


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