Johnson Guitars Review: Is It Worth The Price?

johnson guitars review
johnson guitars review

Whenever a person feels a fondness for music, they are likely to start with the guitars, but this isn’t an easy niche, especially when there are too many guitars available – all of them with different features and sound quality. However, the Johnsons Guitar brand has been around for a while, and everyone seems to be talking about but are they worth it? Let’s check out the Johnson Guitars review to find out!

Johnson Guitars Review – Are They Any Good?

When we want to know more about the guitars, it’s critical to have background information on Johnson Guitars. Having said that, Johnson Guitars is a well-known musical instrument manufacturer in Arizona, and it’s been in the industry since 1986.

The company was launched by Rick Johnson back in San Diego when he started designing and manufacturing the semi-acoustic and solid body guitars and basses. The majority of their musical instruments are their personal designs. However, they also create the guitar versions for other leading guitar brands, including Gibson and Fender.

The most liked fact about their guitars is the excellent (wouldn’t be wrong to call it premium either) without taking away the factor of affordability. All their guitars are extremely affordable, which makes a reliable and more accessible option for beginners while the quality captures the attention of veteran musicians.


When it concerns guitars, construction, and design matter the most since they are the ultimate foundations for a guitar. Overall, the guitars are a promising build on the body as well as on the neck. In addition, the finish quality is amazing. Some of their guitars are also made with solid rosewood on the sides and back, which makes those the sturdier choices.

As for the electronics, they are extremely sturdy, so even if the guitar dies down, take the electronics out. However, many guitarists have complained about the bridge since it’s mediocre quality and budget. Also, the tuners could be better. Still, the price they are offered at, the guitars are still a steal!

Sound Quality

The second factor of consideration is the tuning since that’s what makes a guitar a “musical” instrument. If we are being honest, the tuning is not good at all. First of all, tuning these guitars is an absolute pain, and even if you do, the tuning doesn’t stay in place. In addition, the tuners tend to break down after a month or two.

However, there is a silver lining because their Carolina series acoustic guitars are much better when the tuning is concerned. Not to forget, you can also check out others with bigger archtops, and the delta rose guitars. Last but not least, some of the guitars have a gruff, throaty edge, but it varies with the model, so it’s best to try one in the shop before purchasing.

Playability & Pick

The guitars are known for their affordability, but the right quality makes them a promising choice for better playability. For instance, the hardware works fine, and the action is on point, which makes playability a reliable avenue.

As far as the pickups are concerned, they are a bit of a problem (they aren’t bad but are mediocre). So, if you are particular about the pickup, switching to a new one will surely lead to better performance.


If you have been playing guitar for a long time, you would know the direct and immediate impact of plugging on the overall sound quality. With Johnsons Guitars, it’s suggested to use them plugged as they are really nice.

However, they might sound dead when used unplugged. So, if you are someone who uses the guitars unplugged, it’s better to give Johnsons a pass. On the other hand, with plugged version, you can get great amplification.


Since we are talking about the Johnsons Guitars, it’s important to talk about the range of the guitar offered by the company. So, if you like having multiple options at an affordable range, Johnsons is your ultimate option. This is because they have electric guitars with hollow body and bass, acoustic guitars (it has five series and every series have four to five guitars), and resonators.

To summarize, the guitars have a promising build and durability, but the quality is not good enough for the pros. So, if you are a beginner, it’s a fine choice but otherwise, give it a pass!

2 thoughts on “Johnson Guitars Review: Is It Worth The Price?”

  1. I’m 74, realized I have lefty Johnson three pickup hollow body, needs a new nut or I have to flide something in there because its broken off at the low E

    Selector switrch mjay need a shot of contact cleaner, going to fix the nut and then see if the action is good enough to worry about cleaning up or replacing the electronics. I gwenerally play an accoustic sometimes with a pickup . . .


  2. I am 79 and picked up a Johnson left hand guitar. It looks my age getting a snobish high priced guitar just because i can. To lord it over my friends does on impress me.
    I played for years right handed with another cheap end guitars a Wasburn D 100 (skoff) there was blind picker in the center i was at barrow my guitar.
    After playing several amazing songs he called me over . And asked if i would trade him my Washburn for his Gibson and Fender two for one. I asked why? He said being blind his hearing was far sharper then most .and my ol cheap Washburn put hid high end to shame.
    JUST SAYING big bucks does not impress me . So due to injuries i am switching to left handed

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