How To Learn Flute Without Teacher

How To Learn Flute Without Teacher
How To Learn Flute Without Teacher

The flute is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments out there, and it is also one of the trickiest ones to learn. A flute requires extreme precision in finger movements and flute blowing skills if you intend to master it.

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Becoming an expert at playing it certainly isn’t an easy thing to do, but it is very much possible. What’s even better is that it is definitely possible without the help of a teacher. Down below, we’ve given a few different ways that you can learn how to play the flute without the help of a teacher.

How To Learn Flute Without Teacher

1. Online Flute Lessons

Whether you’re just looking to learn the ropes or become an expert at the instrument, there are lots of online flute lessons out there that can help you achieve all of your goals. Its popularity has made it so that there are thousands of online courses for the flute, and a lot of these are very helpful to try out.

They all teach you different things depending on your own capabilities, and they help you learn expert techniques that speed up the process. One of said very helpful online flute lessons is further talked about below.

Flute with Jeffrey Khaner

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This is an online violin lesson available to take on ArtistWorks. The website has many courses for many different musical instruments, and this is one of the best ones. It is taught by Jeffrey Khaner, who is a very popular flutist. With all his experience at playing it, Jeffrey has prepared this course about the flute.

It allows beginners and intermediate players alike to learn some great techniques which help a lot down the line. There are some very helpful insights on the basics of playing the flute, as well as all of the more advanced tricks which you can learn more about once you’re done with the basics.

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2. Self-Teaching

The main method of learning how to do anything without the help of a teacher or any person that can give you guidelines is of course self-teaching. As the name suggests, this method is all about teaching yourself how to play the flute and gradually improve upon it. The first that will obviously come to mind is that you can’t teach yourself how to play because you don’t know much about the flute at all. This is a common concern, but it isn’t a troublesome one.

Even a complete beginner can teach themselves how to get much better at playing the flute in just a few ways. The first thing that you need to do in order to teach your own self is to of course develop an understanding of the flute itself.

That includes everything about its structure, the working of the specific type of flute you’re playing, and more steps of a similar kind. But that isn’t all that you need to learn, as it is also important to study in detail the way that you should be learning.

First of all, decide what kind of technique and style of playing it is that you wish to take on. There are many different ways that one can play the flute, and it is recommended that you figure out your approach as soon as possible so you can start teaching yourself.

Once all of this is done, you just need to study a little more about the different ways you can learn. This includes setting up a proper schedule, learning from mistakes, identifying problems, etc.

3. Copy Other Players

Once you have an understanding of how the flute works, another great way of becoming much better at the instrument is to follow the actions of other flutists. Turn on a video of any flutist playing the instrument, and then copy their exact actions and techniques. This obviously won’t work straight away, but if you have at least a little experience with the flute and have enough patience, it is a great way of learning.

This method is especially great for learning specific songs or tunes that you may be a fan of. Copying actions of other, more experienced players, also lets you easily identify what you’re doing wrong when you play without an example. In simpler words, you can use this method as a great means of removing the most common mistakes you make while playing the flute.

4. Flute Books

If you do some research about them and learn how to read them as well, the flute books are another great means of learning any instrument, including the flute. There are all kinds of said sheets available online and you can get them from local music stores as well if you prefer that. Either way, they are another great way of learning specific songs or playing the instrument as a whole.

Flute books give you detailed info on exactly what sounds and techniques you should go for and which ones you need to avoid at all costs. Because of this very reason, using them is another great method of learning how to play the flute without the help of a teacher.

Another great thing about them is that once you own a music sheet, you have it around you whenever you want. This allows you to practice at your own pace, picking up the flute to learn whenever you have time rather than having to mess with your schedule.

The Bottom Line

Learning a flute by yourself without a teacher is much easier once you know the right ways to do it. Telling you all about some of the said right ways is exactly why we’ve created this list of methods.

If you choose to use any of them to learn, you’ll notice that they’re all very effective in their own way. It is recommended that you try all of them out so that you know which one works the best for you.

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