How Hard Is It to Learn Clarinet? (Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips)

How Hard Is It To Learn Clarinet

How Hard Is It To Learn Clarinet

There is not a whole lot of musical instruments in the world that a person can simply pick up and know exactly how to play it immediately. This is definitely true of the clarinet, you need to be able to learn a lot of things about how it works before you get started.

How Hard Is It to Learn Clarinet?

Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips

In this day and age, not everyone has the amount of time in their busy schedule to be able to set aside the time to learn how to play the clarinet. Further, along with time, it can also be quite expensive to pay an instructor to teach a student how to play the clarinet.

Fortunately, today’s technology has evolved to a level that not only makes it convenient to learn, but it also can be relatively inexpensive depending on the method you chose. In this article, we put together 5 easy to use methods that all can be used to learn the clarinet online and on your busy schedule.

5 Methods For Learning How To Play The Clarinet For Beginners

Clarinet with Ricardo Morales

When it comes to learning how to play a musical instrument it tends to be much easier to learn from someone that is respected in the industry. There is actually a way that you can have access to music lessons for learning how to play the clarinet in your own home by Ricardo Morales. As it turns our Ricardo is one of the foremost clarinet players in the US and has been a part of some of the most well-known philharmonic orchestras in the country.

ArtistWorks is an online repository for video-based musical instrument lessons that have been created by one of the collections of hundreds of well-known musicians. Each of the lessons is uploaded to the massive library created by ArtistWorks. All of the lessons are available to all paid members to the website. By simply typing clarinet into the search box you will be given a result page with a number of musicians like Ricardo Morales.

2) Udemy Clarinet Online Lessons

Udemy Clarinet

Udemy is an online resource that offers college and university like training courses online. The Udemy website features a massive library that is filled with training courses that cover a wide range of topics and subjects. Each subject or topic is fully searchable and when you enter a keyword like a clarinet you will receive a search result page that contains several training courses for you to choose from.

All of the training course materials are presented in video format and are fully accessible to all paid students. The lessons are all taught by subject matter experts and in the case of musical instruments like the clarinet, the instructors are usually well-recognized musicians that are well-known for playing the clarinet. All course material is available 24-7 and the only real requirement is that you will need to have a reliable Internet connection.

3) How-To Videos on

YouTube has become synonymous with learning how to do just about anything that a person can ever want to do for themselves. With more than a billion video clips having been uploaded into its massive video library you can easily find helpful “how-to” videos on how to get started playing the clarinet. These video clips that are uploaded online come from a wide range of people who are looking to help others teach themselves how to play the clarinet regardless of your skill level.

By searching, you will be given thousands of videos to choose from that covers a full spectrum of topics for the learning to play the clarinet. Since is free to access, it is by far the cheapest method for learning how to play the clarinet. The only cost you will have is the actual cost of your Internet connection that you will be using to access the videos.

4) Digital Instruction Guides Online

Thousands and thousands of clarinet books have been written over the past several hundred years about musical instruments. One of the reasons why they have been so popular is because they contain a wide range of information that makes them a really good resource no matter what your skill level is.

The books are available in both hardcover and or paperback versions and they contain a number of different types of information including charts, diagrams, full-color pictures, and text that cover a wide range of topics including step by step instructions. With today’s advanced digital technology it is easy to find downloadable versions of these instructional guides online. These online digital ebooks have all of the same valuable information that the old fashion hardcover or softcover books, but can be viewed anytime using a smartphone or computer.

5) One on One Online Tutoring

By far tutoring by a highly qualified person that has knowledge of what you were looking to learn is the most preferred method. For hundreds of years, people have been relying on music teacher’s professional instructors to help them learn how to play the clarinet. Unfortunately, in today’s busy world not everyone has time to find a qualified musical instructor in order to learn how to play the clarinet or any other instrument.

However, the Internet and today’s digital technology has come to the rescue. Using the power of the Internet or a smartphone you can find many tutors who are willing to do one on one tutoring sessions via video chat. For Apple smartphone users can use an app called FaceTime in order to hold tutoring sessions with an instructor who might even be located halfway across the world. For computer users, there is a program called Skype which is also a video chat service that allows for face to face (one on one) connection between two people via an Internet connection.

The Difficulty and Hardness of Learning Clarinet

It can be quite challenging for anyone new to a musical instrument like the clarinet and having options. When it comes to learning how to play the clarinet has several options that are very useful. We put together a good list of methods to use to learn to play the clarinet that can help to minimize the challenges that frequently cause people to give up playing too easy.

With time being one of the biggest obstacles that get in the way of people being able to learn how to play the clarinet at home, the Internet and other technologies have made it much easier to be able to fit in learning time into your busy schedule. We hope that the information that we have included in this article is easy to read and understand.

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