16 Best Clarinet Book Reviews 2021 (Best Books to Learn Clarinet)

Best Clarinet Book & Best Book to Learn Clarinet

Best Clarinet Book & Best Book to Learn Clarinet

The clarinet is a challenging instrument, and not everyone can master the art of playing it. To learn this instrument and to gain command over its playability, you need to be dedicated and passionate about music.

You will also need a comprehensive guidebook for enhanced and easy learning. Specifically, if you are planning to buy a clarinet for your child, it is essential that you get her an easy to read and easy to understand playing guide.

There are several options of clarinet books available out there in the market. Many of these are also accessible online. Buying these can be highly beneficial for the new and young players. Not only you will get to understand the basics, but also you would be able to become a pro if you keep on practicing regularly.

What are the Best Clarinet Books to Buy?

2) Accent on Achievement,B flat Clarinet Book 1 

  • Colorful pages arouse interest
  • Brilliant collection of world music and classics
  • Easy to grasp information
  • Budget-friendly price

1) Essential Elements 2000,Comprehensive Band Method

  • Smooth and improved playability
  • Famous Songs
  • Exclusively designed exercises
  • Affordable Price

3) Rubank Elementary Method Clarinet

  • Basic course for individual class instruction
  • Cover a wide variety of topics
  • Beneficial and practical information

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Another benefit of choosing the right book is that it will provide you step by step guidelines that will make the learning easier. Even if you have never played the clarinet or any other musical instrument before, if you purchase a good guidebook, it will help you and make the whole learning process easier and quicker than your imagination.

These books are not only suitable for kids, the grownups and intermediate players may also take assistance from the books. Different guides are designed for players of different levels. Therefore, you should check that first before buying one. For instance, the one written for kids and beginners usually starts with basic terminology. It usually contains the necessary information about the structure so that you can know well about the instrument.

Similarly, the clarinet book that is written for adults provides more useful information about the technical aspects and playing techniques. Many guidebooks also contain several essential practice lessons that can help in efficient learning.

If you are planning to play the clarinet, first you should study it. Selection of the right book as per your level of playing capabilities and age is essential. For easy and quick learning, you should choose a book that features detailed information that you need to for playing well.

For your assistance, we have come up with a list of some highly valuable clarinet books. All of these can be very helpful to you. Let’s take a quick look at their reviews. These will help you to decide which one best suits your needs.

16 Best Clarinet Book Reviews

1) Essential Elements 2000: Comprehensive Band Method: B Flat Clarinet Book 1

Here is a fantastic option for the clarinet players by Tim Lautzenheiser. He is a renowned author and a well-recognized name in the world of music education. His books on music are considered masterpieces and are preferred all over the world.

The Essential Elements 2000 is designed to be comprehensive to help you understand the essential elements required for smooth and improved playability. You might have an idea that clarinet playing is not easy at all.

However, using this guidebook comprising the necessary information about the essential elements, you can get to learn how to play effortlessly and give a stunning performance. The book is directed to help you have a smooth start of your musical journey.

Besides, it includes both the famous songs and exclusively designed exercises for practice. By following the instructions and putting efforts to practice the exercises mentioned, the new players will be able to play well. The price is also very economical. So if you want to learn quickly and need a pocket-friendly clarinet book, this one best meets your needs.

2) Accent on Achievement, B flat Clarinet Book 1

The Accent on Achievement authored by John O Reilly and Mark Williams is a marvelous guide created to help the clarinet students. It is among the best-selling and most widely used the band methods designed to assist the students in a fun-filled way. The colorful pages will arouse your interest, and you will love the brilliant collection of world music and classics.

The book mentioned here is among the most recommended ones because of easy to grasp information, highly useful practical lessons and budget-friendly price. It includes rest and scale exercises, chorales, rhythms and about 11 complete band arrangements.

The best thing about this book is that it aims to generate productive outcomes. Unlike most of the other books available at similar prices, this one is designed to equip the players with the right skills needed to deliver excellent performance.

Moreover, a complimentary CD is also included which will enable the players to learn fast. Buy the Accent on Achievement, practice the included exercises with consistency and you will soon become an excellent player.

3) Rubank Elementary Method Clarinet (Rubank Educational Library)

This is among the most widely used and most recommended clarinet books. It comprises the basic course for individual class instruction. The book content is designed carefully to cover a wide variety of topics. The series provides rich information regarding all the critical aspects including arpeggios, scales, musicianship studies, technical studies, articulation studies, duets and solos.

If you are planning to learn to play the clarinet, this book is undoubtedly a fantastic choice. Majority of the teachers use this book for helping students to enjoy a smooth learning experience. It offers beneficial and practical information that can enhance your playing skills in addition to providing the basics of the instrument.

The book is designed to maximize your knowledge regarding clarinet playability. The book has about 8 pages, and each page is a valuable lesson for you. Go slow with the book, keep on practicing and you will soon become a good player even if you have never tried playing the clarinet before. The helpful exercises added in the book are worth trying, and these will assist you to develop the basic learning skills.

Lastly, the Rubank Elementary Method Clarinet has been used as a standard book for learning this instrument. Buy it now so that you can take a trouble-free start.

4) W61CL – Tradition of Excellence Book 1 – Bb Clarinet

It is often said that learning music is an ongoing process which does not stop ever. That’s quite right. Once you learn the fundamentals of clarinet playing, you need to keep on practicing for becoming a pro. For all such growing players who wish to gain excellence as a clarinet player, this book can be very fruitful.

Composed by Bruce Pearson and Ryan Nowlin, the Tradition of Excellence Book 1 is an innovative guidebook which is designed by keeping the needs of learning students in mind. Often the music teachers recommend this one for efficient learning.

In addition to intermediate players, the new ones will also find the book helpful. The diverse content covers notes, fingering and some other important aspects to enhances your playing skills. Interestingly, it comes complete with a CD for your assistance.

Purchase it now and prepare yourself to become a professional clarinet player. The easy affordability, precious information and practical lessons make the book worth a try.

5) Clarinet For Dummies

Here is another economical option for passionate learners who want to master the art of clarinet playing. Without consistent efforts and dedicated practice, you cannot become a pro. Therefore, you need this guidebook to help you learn the major playing techniques.

Even the new players who have never tried their hands on any musical instrument will find the book useful. It is an appropriate pick for the budding players who want to learn the correct posture and right finger placement for comfy play.

The book includes valuable lessons and useful information that can equip you with the essential techniques using which you can definitely improve your playing skills.

The Clarinet for Dummies is a perfect choice featuring a detailed introduction to playing the clarinet. The book begins with the guidance about the proper holding of the instrument. It also includes step-by-step and detailed instructions about finger positioning.

Lastly, you will get a complimentary CD with play-along recordings for all the exercises added in the book. By playing along with the recordings, you will get to learn quickly. Whether you want to play solo or in large groups, the Clarinet For Dummies has got you covered.

6) PW21CL – Standard of Excellence Enhanced Book 1 – Clarinet

The Standard of Excellence Enhanced Book 1 proudly stands among the most selling clarinet books because of its helpful content, easy exercise and practical lessons. It features a super comprehensive band method.

Not only the book makes the whole learning procedure easy and exciting, but the book also assists the player to have fun while playing. Whether you know the basics or not, here is the most suitable pick.

The book features tailored access to flashcards, accompaniment recordings and fully functional recording studio. Even the novice players will start playing impressively within a few weeks with the help of this workbook. With daily practice, you can reach the pro level within a very short time.

For all the players including those who have been practicing the instrument for some time and the new ones, the book contains practical lessons and wonderful playing techniques.

If you want to bring the best in you as a clarinet player, this book will be of great help. It offers a fun-filled effective and complete band method for your ease which his indeed very beneficial for the beginners. Purchase the book and move ahead to become a brilliant player.

7) Sound Innovations for Concert Band, Bk 2: A Revolutionary Method for Early-Intermediate Musicians (B-flat Clarinet), Book & Online Media

For those who want to master the art of playing the clarinet, here is a fantastic book. Studying an instrument is as important as playing it. If you want to become a pro, you need this instructional book along with consistent practice.

Book 2 includes a detailed review of book one for allowing you to enjoy a smooth musical journey. It covers multiple aspects in a comprehensive manner, and the exercise includes are designed to help in developing and enhancing your playing skills. The segmented of unique concepts add value to this book.

Moreover, ensemble playing is also introduced. The easy to follow suggestion and tips encourage the struggling players to perform better. For reinforcing every lesson added, multiple performances and practice opportunities are also included

The content of the book is designed to provide each player with a blend of technical information and proven strategies for enjoying a pleasant learning experience. It is available at a very reasonable price and offers high value for your investment. Lastly, the added DVD and online media content are also provided to make playing more comfortable and interesting.

8) WF85 – 32 Rose Etudes for Clarinet Book

Here comes an incredibly designed etude book that every student must buy. Playing the clarinet is not easy. But with this book, you can learn quickly and develop the right skills needed to play well. It is an excellent exercise book for clarinet.

The advanced players will find the book very useful. Besides, the content has beautifully covered several technical aspects. If you want to enjoy easy practice and expressive performance, this one is worth a try.

Moreover, it is an economical option that contains precious information and fantastic practice lessons for the players. The new players will find the book a bit challenging, but with the guidance of your teacher and dedicated practice, you would be able to get the most out of the book.

Often the clarinet instructors recommend this book. Simply put, the beginners will find the book tough, but for the intermediate level players and the pros, the32 Rose Etudes for Clarinet is a fantastic choice. Lastly, the book is easy to read and well-organized.

9) Measures of Success Clarinet Book 1

Here is a fantastic learning opportunity presented by FJH Music Company. It is a renowned family-owned company that was established in 1988. The brand gained massive popularity right in the start because of producing a diverse range of sheet music in the industry. It has encompassed a wide variety of musical instruments including clarinet.

Book 1 of Measures of Success Clarinet is a part of a series that is exclusively designed to enhance the development via incredible musical content. The book comprises of six chapters and a one-page assessment at the end of each one. Every exercise added in the book is made to promote quick and easy learning. Particular attention is paid to titles for encouraging student imagination.

Besides musicianship challenges are integrated to stimulate more expressive play. The critical concepts including the phrasing are discussed in detail to help the students understand easily. Moreover, the performance-based unique methods let the students know more about music history, conducting, composing and critical listening.

Grab this book and enjoy original and amazing compositions along with full band arrangements by the reputed composers including Robert Sheldon and Brian Balmages.

10) The Beginning Band Fun Book (Clarinet): for Elementary Students

For those who are looking for a comprehensive, informative, easy to follow and economic clarinet book for the elementary students, here is the most appropriate option. The book by Mr Larry E. Newman is designed by keeping in mind the needs of elementary students.

The author himself is a famous band teacher, and his experience and exceptional capabilities are well-reflected in the book. It is a fun-filled way that leads to fast learning. The graphics added are designed to make the kids understand conveniently. Easy to follow instructions and practice lessons make the book an excellent choice for quick learning.

If you want your child to learn reading the music in addition to learning clarinet playing, this book can do wonders. It will provide your child with all the information needed to understand the instrument. Get it for your beginners, and they will have a smooth start for sure.

11) Learn to Play the Clarinet! Book 1: A Carefully Graded Method That Develops Well-Rounded Musicianship

Take a look at this wonderfully designed clarinet book written by Frederic Jacobs who is a renowned instrumental specialist. The book features smartly graded methods for enabling the players to enjoy easy playability.

The content of the book is designed with particular attention to efficient tone production. It will help you to develop an impressive rhythmic sense as well. Many of the music teachers suggest parents get this book for their kids so that they can learn effortlessly and enjoy practice in a fun way.

The book is easy to read, and the young players would be pleased to follow the practical instructions for delivering a good performance. It is an appropriate pick for new players.

So if your kid wants to play the clarinet, get him this book and let him know more about the instrument and playing features. It features a detailed introduction to clarinet and offers multiple famous tones that you can play.

Thus, whether you want to learn about the finger placement for easy play or need some guidance about better playing techniques, the Learn to Play Clarinet Book 1 has got you covered.

12) 416 Progressive Daily Studies for the Clarinet – Book I

If you want a help-book that can assist in making you a fast learner and a good clarinet player, this daily study book is a highly suitable choice. Purchase this superb clarinet book and learn amazing playing techniques along with accurate fingering.

Most of the pieces added are short so that you can complete them in less time. Like most of the recommended options, it also includes scale-type exercises for better learning. All the activities added in the book either focus on some technical aspect or a particular pattern.

The beginners will find the content difficult to understand, but those who know the basics and have some experience of playing the clarinet will make the best use of this book.

If you are an intermediate player, use it to enhance your playing skills, and you will find the lessons very supportive. Remember that practice is the key. Go through all the exercise, and you will feel the difference.

Usually, the instructors suggest the book 1 to growing and advanced learners. You should also give this book a try. The best part is, it will not cost you much.

13) Clarinet Lessons for Beginners: Teach Yourself How to Play the Clarinet

The players who are about to start their musical journey with clarinet, a comprehensive and easy to grasp set of instructions is needed. The book mentioned here covers the beginners’ needs amazingly. The easy to follow lessons are included, and newbies will love it for sure.

The practice exercises added are designed to assist you in progressive learning stages. All the fundamentals including assembly of clarinets parts and accurate finger positioning are all included. Also, the book is suitable for all the age groups and all kinds of clarinets.

It comes with free access to online clarinet videos and audio demonstrations of all the examples. These will help you to understand how every lesson should be played and then practice by playing along. The book has made clarinet learning incredibility easy.

Use the book to get all the essential information required for performing the clarinet at your best. Just stated, Progressive Beginner Clarinet by Peter Gilling is a recommended option for novice players.

14) Hal Leonard The Big Book Of Clarinet Songs

The big book of clarinet songs is presented by Hal Leonard Corporation which is a highly acclaimed music publishing company of United States of America. It was established in 1947 and all these years have added to their credibility.

This clarinet songbook is an amazing collection of 130 clarinet songs. These songs notes will guide you to play well and enhance your playing skills by making the learning process comfortable.

For those who are looking for an easy solution to enhance their clarinet playing capabilities, this easy to follow songbook is all they need. The content is designed with special attention to comfortable learning.

The songs include some of the very famous ones such as ‘Like a rock, Satin Doll, Breaking Free, Fun Fun Fun, You Raise Me, Imagine, Clocks, Beauty and the Beast, Heart and Soul, I will Remember You, God Bless the USA, Any Dream Will Do, Bad Day, Another One Bites The Dust’ and many more.

Grab the book and practice the added songs and it will prove to be very helpful in enhancing the playing skills.

15) The Ultimate Clarinet Book for Beginners

The Ultimate Clarinet book is a must-read for all the clarinet beginners. The author Maggie-Gray has written with utmost dedication to assisting the young and new players. She is a renowned London-based performer and a highly experienced woodwind instruments teacher.

The book reflects her expertise as a player as every piece of information added in the book is so easy to comprehend, and it will definitely prepare you to take a hassle-free start of your musical journey.

The book is all about how to play the clarinet. If you want to know exactly how this beautiful instrument works and how to handle clarinet easily, this book is all that you need. It will provide you with not only the basics but also with detailed information about how to play skillfully.

The content of the book will literate you about the music and assist you in becoming an apt musician. It features comprehensive information about the fundamental playing techniques as well. Grab the book now and learn how to energize your performance.

16) Absolute Beginners Clarinet (Bk/Cd)

You might have heard that a picture is worth 1000 words. It is rightly said, and the author Ned Bennet might have taken the quote very seriously. His book named Absolute Beginners Clarinet is an excellent picture guide designed to help the entry-level players. If you are a beginner and looking for an easy to follow instruction guide, here is what you need.

It features everything that you need for learning to play the clarinet. No need to read lengthy explanations, just look at the pictures and learn to play. If you are trying your hands on a clarinet for the very first time, you might have no idea how to hold it properly and how to handle the instrument for a comfortable play.

The book enables you to learn the fundamentals and proper handling of the instrument through pictorial representation. The initial level players must go through this book, and it will definitely make a difference.

The book comes complete with a play-along CD with professional level backing tracks for your assistance.

Choosing the Best Book to Learn Clarinet

All the books mentioned above are the best ones that are currently available for learning the clarinet. First, identify your playing needs. Whether you are a new player or an intermediate one, you will find some suitable options here. If you are planning to learn the basics first before buying any clarinet, these are some of the most recommended and preferred beginner’s guides for you.

2) Accent on Achievement,B flat Clarinet Book 1 

  • Colorful pages arouse interest
  • Brilliant collection of world music and classics
  • Easy to grasp information
  • Budget-friendly price

1) Essential Elements 2000,Comprehensive Band Method

  • Smooth and improved playability
  • Famous Songs
  • Exclusively designed exercises
  • Affordable Price

3) Rubank Elementary Method Clarinet

  • Basic course for individual class instruction
  • Cover a wide variety of topics
  • Beneficial and practical information

These will help you to learn about different parts of the instrument in detail. You will also learn how to place fingers for easy play. Once you get to know the instrument, you can easily take a smooth start. For the growing players, many books with added video lessons are also available.

The CDs added with the books contain important recordings that can polish your playing skills as you play along with them. These will help you to practice well which will enhance your playing skills. Lastly, most of the books included here are very economical. Buy the one that addresses your playing needs, and enjoy playing the clarinet.