How Hard Is It to Learn Cello? (Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips)

How hard is it to learn cello?

How hard is it to learn cello?

Music is a huge part of the culture of all places in the world and there are so many different genres of music found throughout the world. Each of the different genres has specific kinds of musical instruments that are used to create the various sounds that make up the music. While many people simply enjoy listening to their favorite music, there is a large number of people who are musically inclined and like to play and perform the music.

For those who are looking to learn how to play a musical instrument and have decided on the cello as the instrument, you should find this article useful. While it is probably unrealistic to expect that you will be able to simply buy a cello and you will know exactly how to play it well enough to perform on stage. There always is going to be certain kinds of challenges for the beginner when it comes to learning how to play the cello.

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How hard is it to learn cello?

Beginners’ Challenges and Useful Tips

Learning how to play the cello as an adult is definitely not the same as learning when you are a child. Even if you had some lessons earlier in life there are still a number of challenges that you will need to take into consideration. There are many challenges that will likely make it more difficult for you to learn to play the cello as an adult.

Below is a short list of some of the most common challenges that have come up for people who have decided to learn to play the cello later in life:

Finding the right instructor – One of the most difficult things that you will find is that while there are plenty of tutors that offer to teach a person how to play a musical instrument like the cello. However, the difficulty begins when you start your search for an instructor that you can feel comfortable working with. Then you have to consider scheduling the lessons either at their studio or in your home.

Very time consuming – Private, one on one lessons can be very time consuming and inconvenient. If you live a busy life, it could be extremely difficult to find the right tutor that can work with you and your busy schedule. Online tutoring may be a better option and we will discuss that a little later in this article.

Lessons can be expensive – Once you find the right tutor that is going to teach you how to play the cello and that can fit into your busy schedule. There is one more thing to consider and that is how much they are going to charge you for each lesson. Depending on the instructor you can expect to pay a lot of money per hour for each lesson. The exact amount will vary depending on where you live and the individual tutor.

Avoid getting discouraged – The last challenge that you could face is how to manage your expectations. For adult beginners, it can be relatively easy to get discouraged when things do not go as quickly as you had hoped. If you are able to better manage disappointment, you might just be successful at learning to play the cello.

How long does it take to learn the cello?

Well, this depend on what method you choose to learn cello. It also depend on your personality, how patience and hardworking you are in practicing the musical instrument.

3 Ways to Learn How To Play the Cello

When it comes to learning how to play the cello there are a number of different ways that you go about learning how to play the cello. Each of the ways definitely has its own share of the unique benefits. You would be wise to look into all three ways in order to see which of them will best your needs.

1) Online Tutoring

The Internet has also made it possible for another group cellist to be able to share their passion and experience with a much wider audience. There are communities that have been established by professional musicians. These communities center around a website and its database of instrument lessons on video. One of the most popular of these websites is called and it features a paid membership format. Each paid member has full access to the video lessons of member professionals.

Online Lessons from Professional Cellist Mike Block

Artistworks Mike Block Cello Lesson Review

Online musical instrument tutoring is one of the fastest ways for anyone to learn how to play the instrument of their choice. For those looking to pick up the cello and learn how to play it, a perfect website for you to look at is They have a whole community of professional cellist who has set up a great number of lessons on video.

Mike Block is one of the top-rated cellist teachers and his library of videos are available to all paid members of the website. Mike’s library of lessons on video contains multiple playing styles in order to reach a wider audience. It also helps to teach a person to be a more well-rounded cellist. This also helps to make it easier for everyone to get the most out of each and every lesson.

The website makes it very easy for everyone to access online musical instrument tutors like Mike Block. The membership format of the website gives a person full access to their entire video lesson library.


2) Private Tutor

One on one tutoring is the best way for most beginners to be able to learn how to play a musical instrument like the cello. There are many, many professional cellists who offer their services to individuals who are willing to pay money in order to learn how to enjoy to play the cello. Whether you are looking to go to their studio or have them come to you in your home. You would need to work out the details with them before you get started to avoid any unfortunate surprises.

3) YouTube Video

Today’s technology and the Internet have made life in general much better in many different facets. When it comes to wanting to learn how to do most anything, all you need to go to and search for a “How to” video. There are millions and millions of videos that have been created by everyday people who like to share their knowledge and experiences with others. Since YouTube is free to access you can actually learn to play the cello without having to pay any extra money.

The Difficulty and Hardness of Learning Cello

Music is one of the most enjoyed of all of the Fine Arts and is an integral part of most cultures all over the world. Most kinds of music feature one or more different types of musical instruments. The cello is a member of the string family of instruments and it is featured prominently in a number of different genres of music. Jazz and Classical music are two of the genres that come to mind that use the cello.

Learning how to play the cello can be challenging, but that does not have to mean you should be scared away. There are a number of ways that you can learn how to play, both online and offline. The costs involved can be rather expensive, but there is also a free option as long as you have reliable Internet access.

So, if you are looking to get started there are a number of different avenues that you can choose to get started.

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