Harmonica Accessories: 5 Best Cool Parts and Accessories for Harmonica

Best Cool and Essential Harmonica Accessories & Harmonica Parts

Best Cool and Essential Harmonica Accessories & Harmonica Parts

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Harmonica, commonly known as Mouth organ or French harp is small, simple and beautiful musical instrument. It is extensively used in multiple genres including classical, country, jazz, rock and roll, American Folk Music and Blues. Besides, harmonicas come in several types including octave, chromatic, and diatonic, etc.

Playing this instrument is not much difficult, but you need dedication, patience and a lot of practice to deliver excellent performance. You just need to learn how to use your tongue and lips appropriately to let the air enter and escape from one or several holes of the instrument.

At the back of each hole, there is a chamber having a minimum of one reed. For those who don’t know, harmonica reed is an elongated, flat spring which is made of stainless steel, brass or bronze.

The parts of harmonica include:

  • Reed Plates
  • Reed Covers
  • Comb
  • Windsavers
  • Mouthpiece

Along with these parts, there are several commonly used Harmonica accessories which are readily available in the markets and in online stores.

Why do you need to buy Harmonica accessories?

Several harmonica accessories are extensively used by the Harmonica players for an improved, hassle-free and pleasant experience. The purpose of using different supporting accessories is to deliver exceptional performance. Some accessories are used to enhance the sound output while some are used for adding convenience. Similarly, some are often preferred for making the portability easier and effortless.

If you are a harmonica player and want to enjoy an excellent musical experience, you must buy some helpful accessories. Along with the playing skills and practice, these accessories will also help you to enjoy a phenomenal playing time.

Selection of suitable accessories for your harmonica is not easy at all. The reason is, there is so much variety out there, and you may get confused. Everything from tube amplifiers to effects units is gaining popularity. But, if you are in the initial stages, you must define your playing needs first. In order to make your musical journey comfortable and memorable, you must choose the suitable harmonica accessories wisely.

For your assistance, we have prepared a brief list of mostly used harmonica accessories. Take a look at how important these are and why you should invest in them.

5 Best Cool and Essential Harmonica Accessories

1) Harmonica Cases & Gig Bags

The harmonica carry case is the first and foremost accessory that you should buy for this little instrument. Just like for any other valuable instrument, it is crucial to purchase a case for your harmonica as well.


The primary function of the case is to help in easy storage and secure portability. In addition to harmonica, you can keep some extras like mic chords and mics in the case as well. Besides, if you are carrying a lot of luggage during a journey, it may take plenty of time to find your harmonica from the stuff if you don’t have a case.

Why you need a harmonica case?

By putting your harmonica in a case, you can get rid of additional fear of causing any damage to your instrument during the travel. Besides keeping your harp in a case looks stylish. Many of the carry cases available are pocket-friendly and facilitate the carrying of your instrument in your pocket. If you like keeping your instruments in the right place, you must purchase a good-quality harmonica carry case.

2) Harmonica Belt

Many pro players use harmonica belt for comfortably carrying the instrument around the waist. Investing in a good-quality and solidly structured harmonica belt can be helpful to you in the long run.


The primary function of the harmonica belt is to allow the players to carry multiple mouth organs together in a convenient manner, around their waist. If you want to use more than one French Harps during a play, using the belt can be very helpful.

Why you need a harmonica Belt?

If you play multiple harmonicas during your performance and want quick, hassle-free and easy access to each of the required ones, wearing a harmonica belt is the best solution possible. These belts are available in several styles and designs, and you can select as per your personal choice.

3) Harmonica Holder

A harmonica holder is commonly known as a neck rack. Using the rack for holding your harmonica during your performance can really be challenging, but with practice, you can manage to keep the instrument in place while you play.


The function of a rack is to hold the harmonica in place so that you can play it with your guitar.

Why you need a Harmonica Holder?

If you are a guitarist and want to incorporate harmonica in your performance, it is crucial to use a harmonica holder. These are also available in multiple styles and at different prices. Explore various options before buying a neck rack for your harmonica.

4) Harmonica Reed Plates

A reed plate comprises multiple reeds in one housing. It is usually constructed using brass. However, Aluminium, steel or plastic versions are also available. Among numerous accessories that often harmonica players buy, reeds plates are the most prominent ones.


Using new reed plates for your old and worn out harmonica can bring it back to life. The primary purpose of the replaceable reed plates is to install them when the older ones get out of tune due to extensive usage, for maintaining the functional efficiency of the harmonica.

Why you need Reed Plates?

If your instrument’s one or more reed plates are not functional enough to help you deliver a flawless performance, you can replace them with the need reed plates instead of buying a new harmonica.

5) Harmonica Cleaning Maintenance Kit

As the name indicates, the kit is no less than an essential element for keeping your harmonica clean and dust-free. A kit usually contains a good quality and non-toxic disinfectant or cleaner, a brush for proper cleaning and one polishing cloth.


By using the cleaning kit, you can easily keep your precious instrument clean and tidy. The basic function of the kit is to assist you in taking great care of your French Harp.

Why you need a Cleaning Maintenance Kit?

The cleaning kits contain the required tools for efficient cleaning of the instrument for keeping it fully functional. If you want your instrument to deliver its best, it is vital to remove all the grime and keep it clean. For this purpose, you need a kit.

Choosing the Best Harmonica Parts

For ensuring a smooth learning and comfortable playing experience, players often need to buy some related accessories. Just like for every other instrument, when you plan to play Harmonica, remember that you will have to invest in some accessories too. The most preferred kinds of accessories which the harmonica players use are mentioned-above.

Make sure your purchase them as and when needed and remember not to compromise on quality. All these accessories are available in multiple budget ranges. Many known brands of musical instruments produce a variety of harmonica accessories as well. You should consider a reliable brand for ensuring that you get a good quality model that can offer high value for your money.

Whether you want to buy a cheap holder for temporary use or you wish to purchase a high-quality carry case for long term use, you are covered. Each of these 5 is accessible for low-budget players, moderate-budget learners, and high budget players.

Remember that investing in these accessories will improve your playing experience. You should identify your budget first and then look for the desired harmonica accessories. It will make things easier for you as limiting the budget will narrow down your research and save your time.

Grab these accessories and enjoy a pleasant playing experience.