Death Metal Guitarist Sam Meador Does Acoustic Avicii Cover

Off the top, the styling here for Sam Meador is reminiscent of Andy McKee, only he’s added vocals to the repertoire. For the death metal guitarist, finger-stylings are much more than just modes and scales. There are harmonic elements that are not as common in other music, except of course from a few acoustic guitarists.

Covering a song from Avicii, the original version of Wake Me Up is a cross between Americana melodies and guitar with EDM and electronica sound textures. As a death metal guitarist, Meador’s reinterpretation grabs the musical essence and finds a new voice for it, transforming many of the electronic elements into acoustic harmonies and percussion all through the same instrument in real time.

It’s worth also noting that Meador has a pretty impressive voice, despite the assumptions made about death metal as far as a vocalist may be concerned. Sam Meador is the guitarist for the death metal band Xanthochroid.

This style of guitar playing is a transformative interpretation of classical guitar, adding percussion to traditional finger-picking and harmonic strum patterns.

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