Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute Reviews 2020

Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute Review

Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute Review

Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute

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The Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute is a high-quality intermediate level flute that is designed to be a step up for the beginner and professional level flutist. The Gemeinhardt company was started by Kurt Gemeinhardt, who was a fourth generation flute maker. To this day, many of the techniques used by the craftsman at Gemeinhardt were developed by Kurt and are blended in with newer techniques of today’s technology to produce quality instruments.

The 3OB Flute is filled with a number of features and constructed of only the highest quality materials in order for it to produce the best quality sound. The flute is quite a bit longer than other flutes due to the B Footjoint, but that is what gives it the ability to reach the higher B register notes. It features an open hole design, which is also known as the French style. It uses Y arm style keys which are silver plated just like the rest of the flute. This includes the Headjoint, Footjoint, and body of the flute.

It also features an offset G configuration and open style tones have a unique embouchure to them which is exclusive to Gemeinhardt flutes. This is said that special hole design and pads on the keycaps help to produce the best quality tone possible across all registers.

Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute Review

The B Footjoint portion of the flute is fitted with a special key called a Gizmo key, when closed it covers only the low B tone hole and leaves open the low C tone hole. This allows the hearing of the fourth octave of C. It was believed that the Gizmo key was invented to quell the complaints that the B Footjoint was too long and that it affected the flutes ability to hit the higher notes.

Gemeinhardt created a great little package with the cleaning rod that fits neatly inside the hard shell case that is fully padded to protect all three segments of the flute when it is broken down after each session. Once the flute is packed snuggly into the case it slips nicely into the soft-sided, durable nylon bag. The large, sturdy nylon zipper makes it easy to open and close the bag. It also features a nylon webbing shoulder strap.

What is the target for the Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute

The Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute is one of the most highly recommended intermediate flute on the market. More music teachers and instructors recommend it as a next level flute when the time is right for their students. The amazing tones that are generated through all of the musical registers make it well worth the higher cost of the 3OB flute. The extra length that comes with B footjoint is also offset from the rest of the keys which makes definitely above the comfort level of a beginner.

Key Features of the Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute

  • High-quality silver plated construction in the body, Headjoint, and Footjoint
  • Open hole configuration, French-style keys
  • Y-Arm style Key Arms
  • Exclusive embouchure hole design for the production of an extraordinary tone
  • Offset G key with Gizmo key
  • Soft-sided, sturdy nylon case cover with shoulder strap
  • Exclusive four-post B Footjoint for extra strength
  • 5-year limited warranty

Pros of the Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute

  • The extra length of the flute that comes from the low B Footjoint helps it to be able to reach the higher registers
  • The beauty of the 3OB comes from its shiny silver plated finish
  • The hard shell case keeps the flute safe and the sturdy nylon bag with a shoulder strap

Cons of the Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute

  • The flute is definitely a bit on the expensive side

Is Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute Good?

The Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute is an exquisitely crafted musical instrument that is made by a company that was founded by a fourth generation flute maker named Kurt Gemeinhardt. Today, the craftsman at Gemeinhardt embody the same sense of workmanship that Kurt himself had to make today’s generation of flutes which are even more technologically advanced. Along with sounding fantastic, the silver plating of the Headjoint, Body, keys, and B Footjoint give it that beautiful, shiny look.

Only the highest-quality materials went into constructing the 3OB Flute and it is this strength and sturdiness, which included the exclusive four-post construction of the B Footjoint. The combination, while added a bit of length to the flute, it actually improved the overall sound quality across all registers. This also meant it was able to reach the much higher B tones which are the purpose of using the B Footjoint in the first place.

The total package also includes a cleaning rod that makes it possible to keep the inside of the flute clear of any debris so that it does not affect the ability to produce beautiful sounds. The rod fits neatly inside the case along with flute. The hardshell case that comes with the package was designed specifically to keep the 3OB safe and sound while it is being carried around. The extra padded compartments were created to hold each piece of the flute and the cleaning rod in place.

The package is topped off with a soft-sided cover made from heavy-duty nylon which makes it extremely lightweight and durable. There is a sturdy, heavy-duty nylon zipper that runs the full length of the bag to make it easier to slip the case inside of it. There is also a nylon web style shoulder strap that is attached on both ends.

If you are looking for the next level up from your beginner flute or for that of your child who is advancing onto the next level. The Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute would be a phenomenal choice for a number of reasons. To see more information and to find out where to get one, just click here.

Gemeinhardt 3OB Flute