Gemeinhardt 1SP Flute Reviews 2021

Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute Review

Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute Review

Gemeinhardt 1SP Flute

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The Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute is a quality musical instrument from one of best manufacturers of good quality flutes regardless of the level that you are looking for. Their sound engineers are some of the best in the business to get the best sound out of instruments that they are able to charge much less than their competition. In their case budget is not a knock on them, it is actually something that they take as a compliment.

The 1SP Student Flute is just as the name says, it is designed specifically to be used by students and some intermediate users. Everything about it screams quality and yet the moderate price tag says “budget is best”. The sound engineers do an awesome job at drawing out great tones out of this flute in order to allow the young users to get a great experience every time they play it.

The secret to the great intonation and beautiful looks is the combination of silver plate, silver alloy and nickel silver plating that goes into constructing the body, Headjoint, and Footjoint. The .016″ thickness of the walls which helps the flute to deliver the most beautiful, smooth tones that will surprise everyone.

According to the engineers the closed key (plateau} style keys were chosen mainly because they will benefit from easier to use a type of keys. It also features an Offset G keys and Y-Arm key arm type and nickel silver plated lip plate for a comfortable fit.

Gemeinhardt is pretty proud of all of their musical instruments and they are quite certain with their manufacturing processes and the workmanship that goes into each and every one of the flutes and other instruments and that is why they feel comfortable enough to offer an amazing 3-year warranty.

Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute Review

The Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute also comes with a convenient soft-sided carrying case. The carrying case features a heavily padded interior that is segmented in order to fit each of the three main pieces of the flute. It also has room for carrying the cleaning rod inside the case.

Along with two carrying handles, there is a convenient shoulder strap that attaches on both ends of the carrying case. The soft-sided case features a heavy-duty nylon zipper that is designed to handle the multiple opening and closing which is typical of the use by a student. There is also an oversized pull attached to the zipper to make it easier to open and close for little hands.

Who is the target for the Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute

The Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute has been engineered to provide exceptional intonation for a flute that is generally considered to be a budget flute beginner level student musician. The design with the key position and style are set up with a young student musician in mind as well. This makes it easier for them to be able to get the best sound and makes it easier to make the necessary improvements.

Key Features of the Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute

  • High-polished silver plated finish
  • Nickel Silver plate finish on Headjoint
  • The silver plated lip plate
  • Plateau style closed keyholes
  • Offset G key design
  • Standard C-Footjoint
  • Y-Arm key style
  • Includes a black soft-sided nylon carry case w/zipper closure
  • 3-year warranty

Pros of the Gemeinhardt 1SP Flute

    • The well-engineered flute that is sturdy and delivers high-quality intonation
    • The soft-sided nylon carrying case and it also includes a convenient shoulder strap
    • The design engineers did an awesome job creating an instrument perfect for young players

Cons of the Gemeinhardt 1SP Flute

  • A bit on the pricey side for an instrument designed for a young student

Is Gemeinhardt 1SP Flute Good?

The Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute is designed with beginning students in mind, but it can actually be used by intermediate users as well. Gemeinhardt is the well-known manufacturer of many different types of musical instruments for schools, intermediate and for professional level flutists. They put extra attention to how the ISP Flute sounds even though it is considered a beginner level instrument.

What is really impressive about this flute is that it is considered a budget musical instrument, but it appears that someone forgot to tell that to the engineers. They appeared to go all out and delivered an instrument that delivers an exceptional tone range that is clearly comparable with a much more expensive flute. This makes it a far better value than a more expensive flute that does not deliver the best sound.

One of the keys to the quality of the 1SP Student Flute is the overall construction of the flute with its silver-nickel alloy with gives it extra sturdy feel and helps to deliver the desired tones. The Headjoint, Footjoint, and body all feature a silver nickel plate finish that gives it the beautiful shiny finish. It also has a comfortable silver plated lip plate for ease of playing.

One of the main reasons why the Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute makes such a good option for parents on a budget and it does not just because of its lower price, it also has to do with the unique offset G style key, plateau (closed key) style keys which make it much easier for younger players to get the best results. The resulting amazing tones are as beautiful sounding as its appearance.

The final touch of the Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute is the inclusion of a lightweight and durable nylon, soft-sided carrying bag that is really convenient for small kids to handle and still be perfectly set up to hold all three separate parts of the flute and plastic cleaning rod.

If you really like what you see, just click here and you find more information and to see where you can get one for your child.

Gemeinhardt 1SP Flute