4 Ways To Fix Garageband Record Button Not Working

garageband record button not working
garageband record button not working

Garageband is the best software that you can get if you have a thing for music. It is for the music composers, artists, and enthusiasts that offer a wide range of options to be used in order to create music or podcasts.

The software is available on macOS, iPad, and iOS devices and is developed by Apple. It is certainly great and there are hardly any problems that you will have to face with the application while using the features or creating music with it.

However, at times the problem with the record button not working is faced. A few things that you will need to do in order to make sure that you can get rid of that problem efficiently are:

How to Fix Garageband Record Button Not Working?

1. Check Permissions

The first thing that you will need to take care of is the permissions. You should first ensure that the mic is enabled and the Garageband app has the right permissions to access the mic as well.

That is going to help you out perfectly with the issue most of the time and after you have enabled all the permissions required for the mic to be accessed by Garageband, you will only need to restart it once and that will enable the record button for you on the app.

2. Check System Preferences

Another thing that you will need to make sure of is that the system is recognizing the mic that you have connected with your device. You will need to see the mic, line-in, and external interface and then get to the input signal tab.

Here you will be able to find out if your mic is working fine and that should be enough to get you going with the process. You just have to make sure that your mic is able to be detected by the system as well and that it is working fine. You can also try different sensitivity levels on your mic to ensure a better working experience with the mic.

3. Check some other application

Now, you will need to check the working of the mic and if your mic is fine. The best way to get that sorted out is to ensure that you are checking the mic on some other application. That will essentially be the best thing for you as you will be getting the right insight on the problem.

If the mic is not working with some other application as well, you will need to change the mic and that will be sorting out the problem for you. However, if the mic works fine on some other application, then you will need to uninstall the application and install it again.

4. Reinstall

Reinstalling is pretty simple and you don’t need to do much about it. All you will need to figure out is deleting the application from your device and then restarting the device once.

After the restart, you can proceed with installing the application again and that will be working out perfectly for you without causing you any further problems.


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