8 Pieces Of Funny Songs About Friends

Funny Songs About Friends
Funny Songs About Friends

Comedy songs about friends often capture the inherent happiness and absurdity spawned when spending time with those who understand and love you inside and out.

From songs about lad culture to tracks about growing old and senile together, our playlist of funny songs about friends crosses the genres and covers it all.

Funny Songs About Friends

1. Key & Peele – My Best Friend

Key & Peele’s in-film song, My Best Friend, parodies the corny nature of sentimental music and the inadvertently strange, non-relatable lyrics found within it.

This short, Disney-style acapella piece is styled around a man expressing emotional adoration for his friend’s achievements, in a way which hilariously fails to line up with reality;

“Wally, I’m so proud of you, you know you’ve taken all of my advice (wait, what advice?), you’ve done everything I’ve asked of you and you never, ever question twice (what are you talking about?)”

2. Leatherface – Friends With No Faces

This macabre country track parodies the movie lore of Texas Chainsaw Massacre serial killer, Leatherface, its artist dressing like the fictitious madman whilst singing melodiously of his horrific crimes;

“My kin use bones for decor… and I’ll throw your corpse to the floor, hey I didn’t mean to cut out your spleen, I just felt very threatened, well I’ll see you cry while your boyfriend dies, now I’m wearing his skin.”

Friends With No Faces harvests its comedy from the past-time of killing friends, carving their skin and sewing it onto your own face (eew!); “Yeah, I’m real big, I wear leather faces, think I’ll saw them down on a daily basis, oh, I got no friends, cause I wear their faces.”

3. Offbeat – Friends Like These

Offbeat’s rap track exposes the funny truth behind British swearing culture and heartfelt mockery within friendship groups, detailing that friends who call each other c***s are closer than friends who simply ask each other how their day is going;

“We could get all along, but taking the piss is so much more appealing, the irony is that the closer we are, the harsher the jokes and remarks that we’re making.”

Vocalised in an overly posh accent rather than adopting the youthful attitude you’d expect, this quirky piece of cringe-comedy is backlit by a strong message of love and mutual lad-style support;

“My friends all draw on my face when I pass out, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve woken up in the morning covered in graffiti… But at least when I go to bars and try to meet some girls my friends are there to help me.”

4. Andrew Allen & Josh Bogert – My Friends

Andrew Allen & Josh Bogert’s contemporary pop collab, My Friends, uses humour as an antidote to its downcast verse lyrics, fashioning his track around surmounting heartbreak by creating happier, memory-replacing moments with your friends;

“And if you’re moving on with someone else, don’t think I’ll be crying to myself, ’cause I got my friends, they laugh when I’m not that funny, don’t try to make me be somebody, ba da ba ba ba da ba.”

This upbeat piece hosts an innately warm ambience reflecting the joy of supportive and ever-understanding friends who lift you naturally from your misery; “Don’t care if I’m flying first class, or if I got a brand new bus pass, ’cause if they did then they’re not my friends.”

5. Marshmello & Anne-Marie – Friends

Marshmello & Anne-Marie’s pop collab, Friends, blends mesmerising Latin influences into a synth-flushed club anthem, focused around the comedic concept of placing someone who likes you firmly in the friendzone;

“You say you love me, I say you crazy, we’re nothing more than friends, you’re not my lover, more like a brother, I know you since we were like ten.”

This addictively catchy track finds humour in the narrator’s unashamed confidence in rejecting a potential relationship, its lyrics composed as if to an enemy rather than someone that might have a crush on you;

“Don’t mess it up, talking that shit, only gonna push me away, that’s it … Haven’t I made it obvious? Haven’t I made it clear? Want me to spell it out for you? F-R-I-E-N-D-S.”

6. Miles Betterman – The Dickhead Song

This quirky, vintage-style piano track by Miles Betterman dedicates itself to ex-friends and lovers who did nothing but drag you down, revealing hysterical extents of hatred and undying resentment towards friends turned into enemies;

“The way you behaved was a total disgrace, I’d never grow tired of punching your face, you think that putting me down lifts you higher, I wouldn’t p*** on you if you were on fire.”

The Dickhead Song is a piece of pure revenge, its humour elevated by its strange style of voice acting and antique, broken pub piano aesthetic.

7. Rozzi – Best Friend Song

Rozzi’s vibrant pop hit, Best Friend Song, interweaves a youthful array of realistic, relatable and comedic anecdotes throughout its lyrics to exhibit a friendship built on pure elements such as trust and love.

Capturing the bright-skied feeling of lifelong friendship through its happy melodies and summer ambience, Best Friend Song is a sleek piece inspired by sharing peace, positivity and honesty with your best friends;

“If you say you wanna do some mushrooms, I’d take what you give me cause I trust you … If I was ever gonna get a tattoo, I’d wanna get a half a heart to match you … There’s no one else I’d rather waste my time with.”

8. StoweGood – New Friends

StoweGood’s retro-inspired pop track, New Friends, is a comedy piece inclined towards older friends whose friendship has outlasted the decades.

Composed from the perspective of two ageing ladies, this track refuses to recollect too much on the past, their lyrics looking to the future with a refreshing sense of optimism, no matter how bleak the reality might be for them;

“New friends are silver, old friends are gold, we must be platinum, sisters of the soul… We’ll be friends until we’re old and senile, then we’ll be new friends.”

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