10 Best Comedy Lessons for Beginners Review 2022

Comedy Lessons for Beginners

Comedy Lessons for Beginners

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Comedy is an art; it comes from within and there are seldom ways that can help you learn comedy. Making other people laugh with your words and actions is no easy task and it is a form of performing arts that have received more recognition than anything else in this industry.

However, with the growth of other genres like action, drama, and suspense, comedy is felt to be going in the shadows and becoming underrated with each passing day. This leaves lesser room for newcomers in the industry to make it count towards a successful career.

Nevertheless, the comedy still attracts a lot of new and aspiring actors and they are getting attracted more and more towards it. That is one of the main reasons that one would want to learn comedy. You might have several and different goals set for you like having a career as a performing artist for stage or you might want to learn a joke or two for the parties.

Whatever your reasons might be, there are multiple ways that you can choose to learn comedy. You can join an acting school for starters but that might be too much trouble for some. So, there are some cool websites that can help you learn comedy online. These websites have multiple lessons listed online that can make the whole process much easier and fun for you.

10 Best Comedy Lessons for Beginners Review

1) MasterClass: Judd Apatow Comedy Lesson

MasterClass Judd Apatow Comedy Lessons for Beginner

We all know Judd Apatow, his sense of humor is not only impeccable but have made millions of people laugh with his work. His whole life has been about comedy. At a mere age of 15, he took a dishwasher's job at a comedy club to watch the acts. He is the comedy genius today, behind some of the most famous comedy movies we have watched. He even won an Emmy Award for his work in the field. This course is all about his life's work and how you can learn comedy from the genius himself.

This course got an elaborative explanation of Judd's life struggle and how he became what he is now. With this lesson, you can get some elaborative insights on performing different comedy genres. From writing stand-up comedy to performing it and going through different comedy niches. Everything that you can ever need to learn comedy is embedded in this course of 31 video lessons spanning over a good 6h 34 min course. These lessons create a complete image of the field including directing and editing so you can even start your comedy career and carve your niche in the field.

2) MasterClass: Steve Martin Comedy Lesson

MasterClass Steven Martin Comedy Lessons for Beginners

Steve Martin is the legend who has given 50 years of his life to comedy. Over his 50-years career of comedy, he definitely has tons of experiences and events to share that would make you a master at the art. Making someone laugh is no joke at all, but if you have the right skill set, you can explain anything in a manner that makes it funny. That is exactly what Steve is teaching in this course and that is the reason you should be trying this once to get an idea.

The sample class is good enough for you to have the right approach towards comedy and learn it first handedly from the right expert. There are 25 video lessons in the course making it a perfect and elaborative option for anyone out there. He has done some of the blockbuster films and has taught some of the most renowned comedians around the world.

The course covers plenty of important topics such as getting started in comedy, gathering the right material, finding your comedic voice, building the right persona, and lots more. This would be a perfect choice for you if you are taking it seriously and don't want to mess around things. This can take your comedy writing to the next level in no time at all.

3) Udemy: Faster & Funnier: Stand-Up comedy program – Comedy Writing

Udemy 1 Comedy Lessons for Beginners

Stand-up comedy is probably the first but most important stage of the career for any comedy writer. It entails everything out there about comedy and how you can make someone laugh. From your actions to comedy voice, writing the right content, and making it into jokes that can make people laugh. The whole process is a subtle art that you will need to master. With the help of this course, designed by Jared Volle, you can have all the resources needed to master that art.

This course on Udemy.com is a quick go through about every little thing that is out there about comedy. You will learn the major performing key tricks about stand-up comedy in these 5 hours of the course. The lesson has lifetime access for you so you can not only learn from it but have the ability to revise at your own comfortable pace as well.

You need this lesson to refine your content to receive the maximum laughter. You can learn strategies to come up with fresh-brand new material and ideas of your own that would be enough for anyone to make them laugh. This course helps you understand quality punchlines as well and to deliver them in the perfect manner.

4) Udemy: Ultimate Beginner's Class to Learn to Stand Up Comedy

Udemy 2 Comedy Lessons for Beginners

Stand-up comedy comes in handy whether you are looking to perform at your school, office, or some party or you want to be a part of some comedy club to spread happiness for people. Nevertheless, it is a perfect way to get started with comedy. This course by Phillipe Schafer is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to get yourself in the field of comedy.

The course contains 2 hours of video lessons that would enable you to have the right confidence to perform in front of a live audience. Not only that, but you will also be able to write uniquely funny jokes on your own that are creative in your own style.

You can make an audience of complete strangers laugh if you have the right skills for it and that is what this course is about. You don't need any prior skills to start this course. All you are going to need is a sense of humor, an amazing work ethic, and the right curiosity.

The course will teach you some of the best ways that would help you make your audience laugh. You will also get to learn some amazing public speaking skills that will enable you just the right amount of confidence to speak not only for stand-up comedy but anywhere when you need it.

5) Udemy: Legends of Comedy: English Workshop

Udemy 3 Comedy Lessons for Beginners

Who is not familiar with the great James Sutton? He has certainly made a name out of his great comedy skills and is one of the most renowned comedians across the world. This course however is not just about comedy. The course is about making comedy in English. You will develop your English listening skills greatly with this course.

Language can be fun if you know how to use in the proper context and have the right vocabulary for it. That is what this course will help you learn so you can make any conversation fun if you are up for it. The course is relatively short with just 2 hours of video lesson but each bit is worth the time you are going to spend on this course. You can get your hands on the English conversation with the right hint of intelligence so you can enlighten any conversation with your sense of humor and be approachable at all times.

You will also be awarded a certificate of completion upon completing the course. The objective of this course is to expand your knowledge and brush up your vocabulary so you can put life to any on-going conversation the right way. You will also get 3 articles and downloadable resources on this course as well that you can use to make it work.

6) Udemy: Creating Comedic Characters & Sketch Comedy

Udemy 4 Comedy Lessons for Beginners

Udemy is one of the largest platforms for any sort of online courses. They are people’s favorite and most popular among tons of people because you get lots and lots of options on every topic, subject, and genre. The same is the case with Comedy as you are getting tons of options on learning comedy listed on Udemy.com.

This course by Joel Berry emphasizes on creating the right topics and characters that would put life to any comedy sketch. No comedy sketch or act can be completed without having the right characters in it, and you will need to learn how to create them correctly.

From sketching a comedy character to making its persona and blowing life to it through your words, everything that you will be needing to make it work is listed on this course. The course is only 1 hour long with just the right information. Joel follows a straightforward approach towards comedy on this course. With the help of this course, you will learn how to create and develop those comedic characters and find the funny in those.

You will get the right approach from Joel to generate the ideas, sketching them correctly, and executing them in the form of comedy on stage or any medium available. On this course, you will also get to know what has worked for Joel and what failed so you don't repeat those same mistakes and follow the step that has led him to success and not a failure.

7) Udemy: Confidence through Comedy

Udemy 5 Comedy Lessons for Beginners

To stand in front of an audience, making them laugh, and keeping the act is one of the toughest parts of comedy. It requires just the right amount of confidence in yourself that would make your personality strengths and have a firm belief in yourself. There are no second thoughts about comedy being the toughest and hardest in all forms of acting. If you can grasp it through, it is certain for you to develop confidence.

This course by Andy Ford is for those who are getting a hard time developing the self-confidence and want an easier way towards it. With the help of this course, you will learn how to gain the right confidence in yourself with the help of comedy.

This unique course will enable you to grow your communication skills, personality, and potential that you can use in your daily routine. You can begin with small talk and loosen out the situation. You will also learn the basics of eye contact, comedy analysis, and much more. You can incite into the world of comedy creation through this course that will gain you just the right amount of confidence.

You will also understand a deeper perspective about how jokes make you laugh and how to control a conversation on any given table. You will grow your natural self-confidence as you get more and more comfortable with your conversation and skills around other people. You will start believing in your own sense of humor at the end of this course and that is what you need to make others laugh in the first place.

8) Udemy: Faster & Funnier: Stand-Up Comedy Performance Mastery

Udemy 6 Comedy Lessons for Beginners

This second course in the world-famous series from Jared Volle is the best thing you can get to get your hands-on Stand-up Comedy. Stand-up comedy is a genre that is deeper than it looks like. You can't just get on a stage in front of an audience full of strangers and start cracking jokes that would make them laugh. You need to brush up your vocabulary, choose a certain topic, and then make it work towards a conversation that would be relatable, full of humor, and make everyone in the audience enjoy it.

Further, you need to be certain about not getting towards any sensitive topic so you might not hurt anyone's feelings unknowingly. This course will enable you to master the skill of having a stand-up comedy performance and acing it.

To start with, you will learn how you can prepare effectively for a live comedy performance. You will need to make a sketch, practice it, write down the comedy and see how it sounds. That is why you need this course in the first place. Not only that, but this course also contains information on how you can find venues to perform across the country, approaching show bookers to get the stage time where you can perform.

To top it all, the course contains key information on how you can recover from a bad joke quickly, capture and retain the audience's attention and handle all the performances that you will manage to get.

9) CreativeLive: Creativity, Comedy and Never Settling

CreativeLive Comedy Lessons for Beginners

Creative Live is a website that contains hundreds of different courses on a wide range of creative subjects. These courses allow you to have all the insight that you need to master these creative arts and perform them out there in the real world. The best part about their courses is that they can be synced offline with iPhone and iPad applications as well so you have nothing to lose if you don't have the internet.

This course Creativity, Comedy, and never settling is prepared by Nate Bargatze and Chase Jarvis. The course contains deep insight into how you can turn your creativity to comedy and never settle on anything less than the best.

The course contains only 1 video lesson of an hour and 37 minutes that will enable you to have the best approach at comedy through creativity. Nate Bargatze is one of the most famous comedians and one of my personal favorites. In this course, you will learn how to channel your creativity to comedy and make the best out of every situation. The course will also help you learn the importance of consistency in the world of comedy and how you can achieve it.

10) StandUpComedyClass.com: Lessons for Beginners

StandUpComedyClass.com Comedy Lessons for Beginners

This is a whole website that Is offering online learning for Stand-up Comedy. Stand-up comedy is being appreciated worldwide these days as you don't have to spend an hour to get some laughter. Most stand up comedy acts are just for a few minutes and these performances can make you laugh. Stand-up comedy is getting widely popular over the internet and in comedy clubs as the audience for it is growing.

The course enables you to learn from the very best stand-up comedians of all times to understand what it feels like to be out there on the stage and capture an audience. You will learn some of the best tricks to create unique content that would make anyone laugh. You can get access to their online classes, have a chance to get guidance from their Alumni on the website or you can read the blog for some extra help in the field.

Choosing the Best Comedy Lessons for Beginners

These are some of the best online lessons that you can get your hands on to learn comedy at the comfort of your home. You can choose from these lessons based on your needs as we have critically reviewed all the factors that these courses are emphasizing on.

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