Fender DG 8 NAT Acoustic Guitar Review: Is It a Good Guitar?

fender dg 8 nat
fender dg 8 nat

Fender Guitars are popular all over the world for their exceptional build-quality, a wide range of features, and a lot more that will be helping you to enjoy the right edge of perfection that you might be seeking and not only that, but you will also be getting the best possible working mechanism on them with durability and utility that one could get on any guitar. That is why everyone simply loves the fender guitars.

The best thing about fender guitars is that they have a really wide inventory that allows you to get your hands on the guitar of your choice and you will never have to worry about a thing for any performance needs that you might be seeking a new guitar for. With all that being said, you will need to know and understand that each model is different.

You should be effective considering the decision if you are looking for a new guitar for yourself among the Fender inventory. Fender DG 8 Nat is one such guitar that allows you to enjoy the authentic nodes and tunes of a natural acoustic guitar with the perfection and a few things that you will need to know about this guitar if you are looking to get it for yourself and enjoy the best edge of perfection would be:

Fender DG 8 Nat Acoustic Guitar Review


The first thing that you might notice on a guitar is the design and Fender DG 8 Nat gets the best of it. It is a dreadnought-shaped acoustic guitar with the right use of woodwork and that will be ensuring you enjoy the perfect sense of classic acoustic guitar that you might need to go with any performance let it be a jamming session in your studio.

The light texture on the front of this guitar goes perfectly well with the tan finish on the fretboard that compliments not only the signature design aesthetics offender but will also be allowing you to enjoy the perfect edge of enhanced vibes from the guitar that you might be seeking.

Materials Used

The guitar comes with a solid spruce top with mahogany on the back and sides that would be certainly great for not only the durability but also the efficiency of this guitar and you are certain to know that you will be getting the right tones and resonance on this guitar that you can get on any of the acoustic guitars out there.

The best thing is rosewood on the fingerboard that is soft on touch and has the right elasticity in it to maintain the perfectly balanced tension between the strings to not mess up with the intonation on your guitar while at the same time ensuring you to be enjoying the right edge oof comfort and you can play the guitar in the right manner.


Fender has discontinued the production of this guitar and that is why you might not be able to get your hands on this one from their inventory. So, if you are considering getting a brand-new guitar, this would not be the best option for you to have.

Although, you can find several Fender DG 8 Nat listed online on different forums that are slightly used in great condition. Or you can simply get to choose them from music studios where some of these guitars might be listed for selling.


The guitar is a bit old and that allows you to be able to avail yourself the unique opportunity to get your hands on this guitar in the market at a slightly low price and that is a great thing for you if you are looking for a guitar that gets the job done exceptionally well and is also affordable for you.

The guitar is simply perfect and that allows you to be enjoying the perfect sense of comfort, utility, and all the other features on this guitar that you might be seeking to have and enjoy on any acoustic guitar out there. The maintenance and spares are also pretty affordable as compared to some of the other options available out there in the market.

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