Did Lady Gaga Sing The National Anthem like a Dramatic Soprano?

Last Sunday, Golden-Globe winner and Academy Award nominee Lady Gaga appeared clad in a red power-suit (was she channeling Hillary Clinton?) to sing the United States National Anthem before the kickoff of the 50th SuperBowl.

While audiences are familiar with Lady Gaga’s more commercial successes, for which she uses a heavily synthesized voice, we cannot forget that she wowed millions of viewers last year with her rendition of “The Sound of Music,” where she displayed a vocal strength of a classically-trained real mezzo-soprano.

Classic FM’s presenter Catherine Bott, a professional soprano, praised Lady Gaga’s version of Star-Spangled Banner, this time upgrading Gaga’s voice to “dramatic soprano”–she was the one who identified her as a “mezzo” after last year’s Oscars performance.

“There’s no doubt about it: Lady Gaga has a powerful, well-produced dramatic soprano voice, and admirable breath control, both of which were essential in the less-than-ideal surroundings of a giant stadium,” she commented on Classic FM.

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