3 Most Common D Tuna Problems Troubleshooting

d tuna problems
d tuna problems

With numerous guitar brands out there, there are also some accessories and other instruments that prove to be highly effective and efficient and you get to enjoy just the perfect experience with them that you can possibly seek.

Most popular among these accessories that you might be getting your hands on out there in order to enjoy the better guitar playing experience and of course the right tunes that you might be seeking on your Guitar. Yet, there are certain important factors that you must know about and tuners are some of the major components that you can get out there.

These tuners tend to serve you perfectly fine if you know how to use them, but if you are not an expert with these tuners, they can also be problematic for you and that is certainly something you wouldn’t want to have on any of the guitars that you might be looking to play.

D Tuna from EVH is one such Drop D tuning system that is great to have your hands on, yet at times it can also be problematic. There are certainly a few common problems that you might have to face with the D Tuna and a few such notable problems that you might come across and how you can fix them are:

D Tuna Problems

1. Intonation Problems

Most of the time, the most common problem that you can come across on your D Tuna is the intonation problem. It is pretty simple and you need to keep in perspective the bridge positioning, have to use the fine tuner in the right manner and a lot more to ensure that you can perfectly tune your guitar with the D Tuna or otherwise you are likely to face tons of problems with the intonation that is not something you would want.

Certainly, it takes a lot to take care of all these things and keep them all in perspective and the best way for you to go around this problem is to ensure that you are only getting the D Tuna if you know how to deal with the bridge positioning and are proficient with the fine tuner. That will help you to solve all such problems that you might be facing with the intonation on your guitar and are not likely to get into any trouble while you are using your guitar with the D Tuna Drop D Tuning System.

2. Durability

Another thing that you will need to be careful about is the durability of this setup and since the chords can be a bit fragile, that is certainly not something you would like to have on your guitar. It can not only cause you problems with the buttons on the D Tuna EVH Drop D tuning system, but sometimes it can also damage your chords and that would be certainly an inconvenience no one would like to face. So, naturally, it would be better if you are avoiding all such problems and not go for the D Tuna.

However, if you are still considering going for it and want it for your guitar, you will need to ensure that you are aware of all such durability problems that you might be facing and that will be simply the best thing for you to enjoy across the board.

3. Stabilization

Stabilization is certainly a concern for everyone who is using the D Tuna since you cannot tune down the E to a D unless you are stabilizing the bridge perfectly and that is pretty much a hassle for most of the guitarists out there who are looking to make it work for any sort of needs that they might have in the mind. Yet, you will need to ensure that you are picking up the right tunes and for that, you will need to stabilize the bridge.

Not only stabilizing the bridge would get the job done for you, but there is a lot more that you will need to care about. For that, you will need to block the bridge off as well once you stabilize it so the tension doesn’t change after you are losing a string while tuning the guitar and that will enhance the overall experience for you certainly.

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